Beware of Nimbus Platform: Review

We return to Nimbus Platform today for an updated evaluation, as requested by our reader last month.

Nimbus Platform was founded by Andrea Zanon and David Mazaheri. Zanon resigned a while ago and was succeeded by Fernando Martinho.

Martinho’s LinkedIn profile says he’s based in UK, London. Last Monday, Martinho’s name was removed from Nimbus Platform’s website. Here is what it looked like before:

The firm has not publicly addressed this, either on its website or social media channels.

Martinho’s LinkedIn page does not mention Nimbus Platform at all.

Martinho’s appeared in a webinar on December 21st, which was uploaded to Nimbus Platform’s official YouTube channel.

Nimbus Platform’s website does not provide a business address, yet it appears to operate under Nimbus Platform LTD.

Nimbus Platform LTD is a shell company established in Malta.

Nimbus Platform’s Products

Nimbus Platform does not sell products or services to the general public; affiliates are only allowed to promote Nimbus Platform affiliate membership.

Nimbus Platform’s Compensation Plan

Nimbus Platform affiliates invest in NBU tokens with the expectation of a passive return.

Nimbus Platform seizes NBU for 60 days after initial investments. After this time, if an affiliate decides to seize the tokens from Nimbus Platform, a 7% annual ROI should be paid.

A huge monetary return is advertised when an affiliate cashes out NBU tokens through an internal exchange.

Nimbus Platform does not broadcast the current internal value of the NBU token. 

Nimbus Platform pays all returns, commissions, and bonuses in NBU tokens, and NBU tokens are acquired with real money.

Payouts are also promised based on a complex percentage system:

“Rewards will be assigned to you on a daily basis, with each reward locked for two months before being distributed gradually over the course of five months via the smart contract in 20% increments”.

Referral Commissions

Nimbus Platform pays a 10% referral commission on NBU token purchases made by personally recruited affiliates.

10% is paid on any NBU tokens earned by the affiliate after the original deposit.

Swap Reward

Nimbus Platform uses a uni-level compensation model to grant rewards.

In a uni-level compensation structure, an affiliate leads a uni-level team, with each individually recruited affiliate put directly beneath them:

If any level 1 affiliates acquire additional affiliates, the new affiliates are assigned to the original affiliate’s level 2 uni-level team.

The Swap Reward is determined as a percentage of tokens “swapped” for anything else on the Nimbus Platform’s internal market.

The Swap Bonus is limited to six team levels on the Nimbus Platform, which are as follows:

  • Level 1: 0.06 %;
  • Level 2: 0.03 %;
  • Level 3: 0.02 %;
  • Levels 4 and 5: 0.015 %;
  • Level 6: 0.01 %.

Joining Nimbus Platform

The Nimbus Platform affiliate membership rates are not listed on the firm’s website.

We know, however, that an investment in NBU tokens is required to participate in the claimed income opportunity.

No minimum NBU token investments are needed, such as affiliate membership fees.


Nimbus Platform’s original NMBT token Ponzi scheme failed despite the company’s official explanation.

They’ve begun all over again with NBU coins, which would have taken less than two minutes to create on the ERC-20 platform.

The first Nimbus Platform Ponzi scheme is tied to an Avalon trading bot, which appears to have been abandoned for now.

In addition to NBU, they have also created two Ponzi crap tokens, Nimbus Governance Token and STAN.

Nimbus Governance Token (ERC-20 standard) enables voting and the allocation of Nimbus Platform transaction fees to token holders.

STAN is a stablecoin that is one-to-one backed by USD.

It should contribute to the dependability of Nimbus and enable a number of options for users to benefit from. Or so it seems.

Nimbus has taken a step back in terms of compensation, forsaking its fleshed-out referral structure in favor of a counterfeit exchange bonus scheme!

I’m not clear why they’ve gone this route, considering that NBU is free to generate on the Nimbus Platform.

Nimbus Platform, in any case, is not registered to offer securities in Malta, the United Kingdom, or anywhere else.

This suggests that the corporation is engaging in grave securities fraud. Another question mark is the lack of any retail product or service.

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