Assure For Life Review: Pay-to-Play Funeral Assistance Scam 

Assure For Life provides no information concerning who owns or runs the firm on their website. 

The website domain (“”) for Assure For Life was first registered in 2016. The registration was most recently updated in May 2019. 

According to LinkedIn, Assure For Life is a “67-year-old multinational product that protects 250,000 families in the Americas.” 

The firm claims to be over 70 years old on their website. 

This is strange given that the firm only existed online until 2016. 

Through an incomplete address in Florida, “Protecciu00F3n Plenitud” is identified as the proprietor of Assure For Life’s website domain. 

This appears to correspond with Assure For Life’s website, which lists a business location in Doral, Florida. 

The address provided on Assure For Life’s website is a Davinci Virtual virtual address. 

I couldn’t figure out what “Protecciu00F3n Plenitud” meant. If you search for the string, it will emerge in strange text files. 

20th October, 2021 – Jon discovered in the comments below that “Proteccion Plenitud” matches Proteccion Plenitud, Inc., a Florida corporation founded in 2005.

The lone executive featured in Assure For Life’s marketing, Sandra Chica, is the company’s Commercial Manager. 

Whether the MLM firm is 67 or six years old, failing to provide executive information is a warning flag. 

If an MLM firm is not transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and turning over any money.

Assure Life’s Products 

Assure For Life is a company that sells “funeral support plans.” 

The advertisement for Assurance For Life mentions a “registration fee.” However, the specific cost amount is not disclosed. 

Funeral aid plans from Assure For Life include: 

  • Transfer of a corpse inside the United States; 
  • Transfer of a body to the country of origin; 
  • Transportation of a body to a “country of destination”;

Coverage includes the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 

When it comes to submitting a claim, Assure For Life gives members three options: 

  • National option – corpse transfer inside the United States, minimal funeral expenditures, cremation, airline ticket to the funeral;
  • Roots option entails basic funeral fees in Latin America, cremation, and a flight ticket to attend the funeral;
  • Return option – shipping of corpse “to the location of the destination within the coverage area,” reception at chosen destination, minimal funeral expenditures, airline ticket to attend the funeral.

It is worth noting that the choices supplied by Assure For Life precisely specify “ticket,” implying that just one plane ticket is granted. 

Compensation Plan

Assure pays funeral Plan commissions For Life on both direct and residual sales. 

Commissions are calculated by Assure For Life depending on the “year value of the plan” sold. There is also a registration cost. 

This implies that commissions are based on the total annual amount of monthly fees paid. 

All Assure For Life affiliates must “make two monthly sales” to qualify for commissions. 

This looks to be a continuing demand for further sales volume. 

Affiliate Ranks

Assure For Life’s compensation structure is divided into nine tiers. 

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria: 

  • Beginner: Become an Assure For Life affiliate and purchase a Family Plan; 
  • Make two sales and four downline sales as a Junior;
  • Senior – earn two more sales and create eight downline sales to a total of six sales;
  • Director – make twenty-five sales (no personal/downline ratio stated), attract and retain two Seniors; 
  • Leader – hire and retain two Directors;
  • Manager – hire and retain two Leaders; 
  • Division Manager – hire and retain two Managers. 
  • Regional Manager – hire and keep two Division Managers. 

Direct Commissions

Assure For Life’s affiliates receive a direct commission on volume created via personal sales. 

  • Beginners receive 35% of the total;
  • Juniors receive 40% of the total;
  • Seniors earn 50% of the total;
  • Directors receive 55% of the total;
  • Leaders receive 60% of the total;
  • Managers earn 65% of the total; 
  • Division Managers earn 70% of the total; 
  • Regional Managers are paid 80% of the total. 

These sales can be made to personal retail consumers or to affiliates who have been recruited.

Senior Residual Commissions

Assure For Life’s residual commissions are dependent on rank, both for the qualifying affiliate and their downline. 

  • Seniors receive 15% of individually recruited Beginner volume and 10% of Junior volume;
  • Directors receive 20% on directly recruited Beginner volume, 15% on Junior volume, and 5% on Senior volume;
  • Leaders receive 25% on directly recruited Beginner volume, 20% on Junior volume, 10% on Senior volume, and 5% on Director volume; 
  • Managers are paid 30% on directly recruited Beginner volume, 25% on Junior volume, 15% on Senior volume, 10% on Director volume, and 5% on Leader volume; 
  • Division Managers are paid 35% on directly recruited Beginner volume, 30% on Junior volume, 20% on Senior volume, 15% on Director volume, 10% on Leader volume, and 5% on Manager volume; 
  • Regional Managers receive 45% on individually recruited Beginner volume, 30% on Junior volume, 25% on Director volume, 20% on Leader volume, 15% on Manager volume, and 10% on Division Manager volume. 

On new sales, the Regional Manager rates are always paid out. 

If a lower-ranked affiliate makes a sale, they earn a percentage of the sale, and the remainder is transferred up through a uni-level pay structure: 

Consider a Manager-ranked affiliate who makes a sale with a personally recruited Director. 

The Manager-ranked affiliate earns 10% of Director sales volume and is compensated accordingly. 

Looking at the Regional Manager rate, we can see that 25% is paid on Director volume. 

This leaves 15% of the total volume to be paid out on that Director’s sale (25 percent minus the 10 percent paid to the Manager). 

The algorithm looks upline in the uni-level team for an affiliate ranked higher than Manager (Division or Regional Manager) to pay this out. 

If a Division Manager is discovered first, they will get a 5% bonus (15 percent minus the 10 percent already paid out). 

The algorithm then searches upline for the first Regional Manager to pay the remaining 10% to (25 percent minus the 15 percent already paid out). 

If a Regional Manager is identified first, they will earn the entire 15%. 

Higher-ranked affiliates receive residual income on the sales of lower-ranked affiliates in this manner. 

Assure For Life Membership 

According to the marketing materials for Assure For Life, affiliate membership is related to the purchase of a Family Plan ($40 to $75 per month). 

There is also an unspecified “registration fee.”

Final Thoughts

Assure For Life appears to be a faceless firm. This is never a good look for a multi-level marketing organization. 

There are certainly some parent company antics going on here, but nothing has been publicized. 

Assure For Life is refreshingly straightforward in this regard concerning the plans themselves. 

According to Assure For Life, they provide “the greatest funeral aid package in the United States.” 

If you’re looking for funeral aid coverage, check around and compare prices. 

Assure For Life’s MLM side is pay to play. This is an exact statement from an official Assure For Life marketing video; 

The activation procedure begins with the purchase of a family plan. 

You will receive a link to the application on our platform from your sponsor. 

Pay to play allows Assure For Life to operate as a pyramid scam. 

Assure On Life, for its side, claims to have “2 million covered members in Latin America and the United States.” 

I doubt the firm has anywhere like that many affiliates, so those numbers appear encouraging on the surface. 

The good news is that determining whether your potential Assure For Life upline is running a pyramid scheme or not is simple for you as a prospective Assure For Life affiliate. 

Every Assure For Life affiliate is expected to produce two new sales each month in order to qualify for commissions. 

Ask your prospective upline how many sales they made in the previous several months and how many of those sales were retail sales. 

Accept no ambiguous responses, and interpret any hesitation as proof of a lack of retail sales — none of which is what you’re searching for. 

If, on the other hand, you’ve discovered Assure For Life’s plans to be competitive, and your possible upline is operating a retail-focused firm – everyone will indeed have to consider funeral expenditures at some point in their lives. 

It may be not easy to market Assure For Life. Nobody wants to worry about their own or their loved ones’ funerals, and insurance tends to put people to sleep. 

I’m still bothered by the lack of corporate transparency. If anyone can figure out who runs Assure For Life or what’s up with the secrecy, please let me know in the comments. 

Best wishes!

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