Beware of Baccarat: Review  

Baccarat Staking is a multi-level marketing company that specializes in the gaming industry. 

Michael Sander, who goes by “Michi Sander” for whatever reason, is the company’s CEO. 

Sander, who is believed to be a German national, claims that he is now based in Las Vegas, Nevada.


This is consistent with the claim made by Baccarat Staking that it is “organized in Las Vegas, United States.” 

Michael Sander used to run the pro-scam newspaper Obtainer Online. 

BehindMLM initially became aware of Sander through an article on Obtainer Online about ViziNova fraudster Renato Rodriguez. 

Before the debut of Vizinova in 2014, BehindMLM actively monitored Rodriguez’s involvement in WCM777. 

Vizinova and WCM777 were both multi-level marketing Ponzi scams. 

Sander transitioned from aiding frauds in Obtainer Online to assisting Rodriguez in launching Vizinova with the help of Rodriguez. 

Sander joined Vizinova as the company’s “Chief Consultant”:

“ViziNova has enlisted the services of OBTAINER founder Michael Sander, who served as the main consultant in developing the company’s structure and set-ups.” 

Sander defined Vizinova as: 

“a logical, clear, and successful business concept. ViziNova is not a Ponzi scam or a pyramid scheme, since Renato Rodriguez and Gutemberg dos Santos demonstrate transparency from the start.”

Sander distanced himself from Vizinova in early 2015, when the Ponzi scam began to implode. 

The SEC said in March 2017 that it had accused Renato Rodriguez and Gutemberg Dos Santos of fraud, stating that Vizinova was a $5 million Ponzi scheme. 

Rodriguez and Gutemberg pleaded guilty to the allegations brought by the SEC. 

They continued to deceive consumers via AirBit Club, which resulted in their arrests and indictments last year. 

Bonofa was another Ponzi scam that Sander promoted via Obtainer Online. 

In May 2016, the owners of Bonofa were detained in Germany. After a month, what remained of the Ponzi scam was incorporated into OneCoin. 

Sander was advertising B-Epic before releasing Baccarat Staking in early 2021. 

The “staking agreement” of Baccarat Staking is another intriguing link. 

When potential affiliates join, they are provided with the agreement and asked to sign it. 

Fu Leung Antonio Yu and The Baccarat Stacking [sic] Group Inc. are two new names revealed in the staking agreement. Both are said to be based in Macau. 

The agreement was drafted by “Baccarat Service,” which operated from the now-defunct internet domain “” 

A Google search for “Fu Leung Antonio Yu” yields several baccarat-themed websites, including “” and “” These appear to be associated with Sander’s Baccarat Staking Scheme. 

Yu is listed as the General Manager of Baccarat Staking on the “” website: 

US investigators linked Yu, who was previously described as a Hong Kong resident, to the Winsome Investment Trust Ponzi scam in 2011. 

Winsome Investment Trust was a 72 million dollar Ponzi fraud perpetrated by Robert J. Andres, a Texas native. 

Yu is mentioned on page 17 of a Status Report issued by a court-appointed Receiver in 2011:

“On June 14, 2007, Andres was designated as the “personal financial and investment trustee” for Fu Leung Antonio Yu, a rumored Hong Kong resident. Yu signed a “Trust Declaration” granting Andres power over $10,000,000,000.00 of Yu’s wealth.” 

Yu was never held responsible for aiding Andres, to the best of my knowledge. 

In 2016, Andres was sentenced to 56 months in jail. 

Stay tuned for a thorough analysis of Baccarat Staking’s MLM structure.

Baccarat Staking’s Products

Baccarat Staking does not offer any retailable items or services. 

Baccarat Staking affiliates can only promote Baccarat Staking affiliate membership. 

Compensation Plan for Baccarat Staking 

Affiliates of Baccarat Staking spend $500 or more on the promise of a daily return. 

  • Rookie – invest $500 to $4999 and gain 20% of daily profits; 
  • Beginner – invest $5000 to $19,999 and gain 25% of daily profits; 
  • Pro – invest $20,000 to $49,999 and gain 30% of daily profits; 
  • Advanced – invest $50,000 to $99,999 and gain 35% of daily profits; 

VIP membership entitles you to 40% of daily earnings if you spend $100,000 or more.

 Baccarat Staking reflects “daily gains,” 40% of baccarat game profits. 

Baccarat Staking’s MLM aspect is based on the recruiting of affiliate investors.

Affiliate Ranks for Baccarat Staking 

Baccarat Staking’s remuneration plan is divided into six tiers. 

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria: 

  • Prestige: meet the investment conditions for the Beginner category and attract at least five affiliates;
  • Elite: meet the investment conditions for the Beginner tier and attract at least five Prestige level affiliates; 
  • Platinum: meet Pro tier investment requirements and attract at least five Elite ranked affiliates; 
  • Titanium: meet Pro tier investment standards and hire at least three Platinum-ranked affiliates; 
  • Diamond: meet Advanced tier investment standards and hire at least three Titanium affiliates; 
  • Noir: meet VIP tier investment conditions and hire at least one Diamond, two Titaniums, and one Platinum affiliate. 

Commissions for Referrals 

Baccarat Staking affiliates get a 20% daily ROI match on affiliates they recruit manually.

Referral commissions are calculated as the difference between 40% (VIP) and lower-tier affiliates. 

For example, if a VIP affiliate recruits a Rookie, they will get the entire 20% difference in daily ROI payouts as a referral commission. 

If a Pro affiliate recruited a Beginner, they would get 5% of the commission, and so on. 

There is a residual component to referral commissions, with 40% paid out on each affiliate’s daily returns. 

Residual commissions are paid when the full 40% referral commission is still owed. 

After paying the recruiting affiliate the relevant referral commission rate, the system looks upline for a higher-rated affiliate. 

They are given their residual commission after they have been discovered. This method is repeated until a VIP-ranked affiliate is found. 

E.g., A Rookie is recruited by a Pro affiliate. The Pro affiliate earns a ten percent referral commission (30% – 20%). 

This leaves 10% to be paid out, either entirely to a VIP affiliate or 5% to an Advanced and 5% to a VIP affiliate. 

The algorithm looks up until it finds an Advanced or VIP associate. 

If a VIP affiliate is discovered first, they will get an additional 10%. 

If an Advanced affiliate is discovered first, they will get a 5% commission. The algorithm then looks higher upline to see who should receive the remaining 5%.

Commissions on Recurring Sales 

Baccarat Staking deducts 20% of daily company revenue to pay residual commissions. 

A single-level compensation scheme is used to pay residual commissions. 

In a uni-level compensation system, an affiliate is put at the head of a uni-level team, with every individually recruited affiliate placed right under them.

If any level 1 affiliates bring in new members, they are assigned to the original affiliate’s unil-evel team at level 2. 

If any level 2 affiliates bring in new members, they are promoted to level 3.

Residual commissions are paid as a 20% portion of daily gains on money invested throughout the uni-level team’s six levels. 

Affiliates must meet the following requirements:

  • 1st level (30 percent of the 20 percent daily ROI amount generated by personally recruited affiliates);
  • Register as a Baccarat Staking affiliate and invest at least $500 at the level 2 level (10 percent of 20 percent );
  • Maintain a $500 investment and attract four affiliates who have also invested $500 or more at the level 3 (10 percent of 20 percent );
  • Invest $5,000 and recruit eight affiliates who have also invested $500 or more at the level 4 (10 percent of 20 percent );
  • Maintain a $5,000 investment and acquire twelve affiliates who have also invested $500 or more at the level 5 (20 percent of 20 percent );
  • Invest $20,000 and recruit sixteen affiliates who have also invested $500 or more at the level 6 (20 percent of 20 percent );
  • Maintain a $20,000 investment while recruiting twenty affiliates who have invested $500 or more.

Staking Reward Pool

Baccarat Staking Reward Pool Staking represents 10% of baccarat earnings and finances six bonus pools. 

  • Prestige Pool – 2%;
  • Elite Pool – 2%;
  • Platinum Pool – 2%;
  • Titanium Pool – 2%;
  • Diamond Pool – 1%;
  • Noir Pool – 1%.

Rank Achievement Bonus 

Baccarat Staking offers the following one-time incentives to affiliates that qualify at Prestige or higher: 

  • Qualify for Prestige and earn a $1000 investment;
  • Qualify for Elite and receive a $2500 investment;
  • Qualify for Platinum and receive $5000 in investment + “Platinum experience Vegas” + a “Titanium travel retreat”;
  • Qualify for Titanium and receive $10,000 in investment + “Titanium experience Vegas” + a “Titanium travel retreat”;
  • Qualify for Diamond and receive $15,000 in investment + “Diamond experience Vegas (including suite, super sports car, and 10,000 casino chips)” + a “Diamond travel retreat”;
  • Qualify for Noir and receive $25,000 in investment + “Noir experience Vegas.”

Investment amounts are added to the current investment balance of a Baccarat Staking affiliate.

Joining Baccarat Staking

Baccarat Staking affiliate membership requires a minimum $500 investment. 

It should be noted that all payments in Baccarat Staking are made in bitcoin.

Summing Up

Michael Sander’s most recent ploy saw him reinventing himself as a baccarat prodigy. 

“THE BACCARAT MASTERMIND Sander is also one of the most successful baccarat strategy inventors in Las Vegas and Macau. Every day, you may learn how simple it is to make money with Baccarat.” 

Sander refocused his efforts on Baccarat Staking when the “Baccarat Academy” collapsed. 

“MICHI SANDER has established a new business category called Baccarat Staking. He plays with the deposited money (Bitcoins) rather than the supporters’ (investors’) money, and we divide the gains 50/50 every day. From the Ba, the funders receive 50%, and Michi Sander gets 50% as well “carat prize money.” 

In a nutshell, you deposit bitcoin, which is converted into worthless MICHI tokens, and Sander operates a daily return Ponzi scheme through these. 

MICHI is a token worth BEP-20. These are manufactured for little to no cost on a binance chain. 

The MLM component of Baccarat Staking functions as a pyramid scheme because nothing is offered or sold to retail customers. 

In a moment, we’ll return to the topic of Baccarat Staking being a Ponzi scam. For the time being, let’s accept Sander at his word and evaluate his business plan:

“Backer will contribute a minimum of USD 500 to the player to be spent for cash games at the chosen [sic] casino. The player will use the Stake to play Baccarat with no side bets. All deposits are done solely with the BEP20-Token $MICHI.” 

Backers, also known as affiliate investors, invest $500 or more with Baccarat Staking, which claims to produce a passive return through baccarat play. 

To create an investment contract per the Howey Test, we must identify “an investment of money in a joint business with the expectation of benefit obtained from the labor of others.”

Sander’s Baccarat Staking securities offering is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Michael Sander, Fu Leung Antonio Yu, and Baccarat Staking were not registered with the SEC at the time of publication. 

This suggests that Sander, Yu, and Baccarat Staking are committing securities fraud at the very least. 

Given Sander’s and Yu’s previous involvement in Ponzi schemes, plus the lack of tangible evidence of Sanders creating baccarat profits to pay daily returns with, Baccarat Staking must be a Ponzi scam as well. 

Other than additional investment, there is no provable source of revenue in Baccarat Staking. 

As with many MLM Ponzi scams, as affiliate recruitment slows, so does new investment. 

This will deprive Baccarat Staking of ROI revenue, eventually ending its demise. 

The mathematics behind Ponzi schemes ensures that the vast majority of participants lose money when they fail.

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