Beware of Nu Xtrax: Review

Nu Xtrax’s website provides no information on who owns or operates the firm. 

On April 2nd, 2021, Nu Xtrax’s website domain (“”) was privately registered. 

BehindMLM evaluated liquid Gold RX in August of this year. Today, a visit to Liquid Gold RX’s website goes to Nu Xtrax’s. 

According to Nu Xtrax’s official Facebook page, the firm was founded in May 2021. The Nu Xtrax domain was registered shortly after. 

The change in the company’s name had no rationale that I could identify. 

As with Liquid Gold RX, Nu Xtrax tries to keep the identities of its owners and executives secret. 

An example of this inaction may be seen in the Nu Xtrax newsletter, which reads as follows: 

The National Call will interview Mr. C., a member of the science team and a co-owner of the products, on Thursday night. Mr. C’s Thursday night show will not be taped, so be sure to invite your friends and family!” 

It’s unclear how much of a role Barnett plays in Nu Xtrax. However, the fact that he’s so close to Mr. C. reveals that he’s more than simply a typical associate. 

Nu Xtrax lists a PO Box in Florida as its company address on its website. 

This brings us to Ernest P. Land’s Liquid Gold RX Inc., a Florida-based company. 

Nu Xtrax Inc. (formed in April 2021) and Wellness Research Group International Inc. are also owned by Land.

I couldn’t locate any other information about Land, but he seems like an excellent candidate for Nu Xtrax ownership. 

If an MLM firm is not transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and turning over any money.

Products by Nu Xtrax 

“Poison neutralizing” aerosol was the product Liquid Gold RX promoted under the brand name LGRX. 

“LGQX works by supplying plant extracts from the Mediterranean mountain ranges that have not been poisoned. Our bodies are constantly being bombarded by contaminated food, water, and air, and these extract combinations allow the body to take a breather and help neutralize these toxins!” 

Nu Xtrax also sells iHerQles, which is an alternative to LGRX. 

This product is marketed as an age-reverser. 

A Doctor's Perspective - What iHeRQles Does For You - YouTube

Herbs suspended in ethanol make up the recipe. 

iHerQles does not reveal the precise quantity of each herb. 

Their goods are said to have been used for 90 years by millionaires, Hollywood stars, and physicians. 

There aren’t any examples given. 

LGRX is priced at $85. iHerQles retails for $99. 

It’s worth noting that the cost for iHerQles is not listed on Nu Xtrax’s website. The figure above is taken directly from their compensation plan. 

The compensation plan specifically mentions LGRX as a component of two auto-ship packages. Nu Xtrax’s core product is the more pricey iHerQles.

Compensation Plan for Nu Xtrax 

Nu Xtrax’s incentive scheme offers commissions on retail sales and affiliate recruitment. 

Additional incentives are also available.

Affiliate Ranks

Nu Xtrax’s compensation structure has six affiliate ranks. 

They are as follows, along with their qualification criteria: 

  • Affiliate – sign up as a Nu Xtrax affiliate;
  • District Activist – earn commissions by referring and maintaining two retail customers with a monthly active order, as well as recruiting two affiliates (placed one on each side of your binary team);
  • Regional Activist – keep two retail customers who place an order monthly and recruit five affiliates;
  • National Activist – keep two retail customers on board with an active monthly order and attract eight affiliates.

Recruited affiliates must be commission-qualified to contribute to rank qualifying. 

Here are the exact words from Nu Xtrax’s Gold National Activist criteria:

“Member obtains two active Participants and BV equivalent to the sale of five 1x or 2x product packages, each with four active on one team and four active on their other team, with a minimum of two active on one team and three active on your other team.” 

Unless I’m misreading it, that’s a convoluted way of stating you need five National Activists in your downline who have purchased a product bundle. 

Those five National Activists must then be distributed 3/5 or 5/3 throughout your binary team. 

I’m not sure because of Nu Xtrax’s terrible language. 

Similarly, the qualification criteria for Platinum National Activist are poorly phrased: 

“Acquire two active Participants and BV equivalent to the sale of ten 1x or 2x product packages with each participant having four active participants on one team and four active participants on their other team, with a minimum of four active participants on one team and six active participants on their other team.” 

Again, I believe this is recruiting 10 National Activists and placing them in a 6/4 or 4/6 distribution among your binary squad. Again, I am not sure.

Commission Qualification

A Nu Xtrax affiliate must be “active” to earn commissions. 

According to Nu Xtrax’s compensation structure, active qualification is as follows: 

“A self-employed representative purchases a single or double product package or recruits six participants (customers). Active implies that the Activist purchases 40 BV every 30 days (auto-ship ensures this) or has two personal active Participants that purchase merchandise.”

Retail Commissions

Affiliates of Nu Xtrax get a $15 commission on retail sales of iHerQles. 

Retail residual commissions are paid upline in the following manner: 

  • The affiliate who recruited the referring affiliate receives $5 (1st upline);
  • Regional Activist- The first upline earns $3; 
  • Nationalist- The first upline earns $2; 
  • National Activist in Gold – A one-time payment of $1 is made to the first upline;
  • National Activist Platinum- A one-time payment of $1 is made to the first upline.

LGRX does not disclose its retail commission rate. Due to the decreased pricing, the LGRX retail commission is expected to be smaller.

Bonuses for a Quick Start

Nu Xtrax offers iHerQles in a variety of “product packages”: 

  • $299 for the iHerQles Family Product Package (4 bottles); 
  • $598 for the Value Product Pack Plus (9 bottles).

You may also reportedly upgrade from the Family Product Package to the Value Product Pack Plus for $349. 

This costs more than two Family Product Packages. Therefore I’m disregarding it. 

The Fast Start Bonus is provided on orders of the Family Product Package and Value Product Pack Plus placed by retail consumers and recruited affiliates. 

  • Platinum National Activist- A Value Product Pack Plus sale generates $100 for the referring affiliate, $60 for the affiliate who recruited them (1st upline), $40 for the first upline Regional Activist, $20 for the first upline National Activist, $10 for the first upline Gold National Activist, and $10 for the first upline.

Residual Commissions

Nu Xtrax has a binary compensation scheme to pay residual commissions. 

In a binary compensation system, an affiliate is placed at the top of a binary team divided into two sides.

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. The binary team’s second level is created by dividing the initial two slots into two more positions each.

As needed, subsequent levels of the binary team are constructed, with each successive level containing twice as many spots as the preceding one. 

Per product purchases and sales, the binary team generates sales volume (BV):

  • iHerQles retail customer purchase = 25 BV affiliate iHerQles monthly autoship = 50 BV;
  • iHerQles retail client monthly autoship = 25 BV; 
  • Three-month affiliate autoship (3 iHerQles bottles) = 150 BV; 
  • Three-month retail autoship (3 iHerQles bottles) = 75 BV a Family Product Package sale = 100 BV a Value Product Pack Plus sale = 220 BV;

Nu Xtrax tallies BV on both sides of the binary team after each week. 

Commissions on residual sales are paid in “cycles.” A cycle ensues when 300 BV on one side of the binary team is matched against 200 BV on the other. 

It makes no difference which side has 500 BV and which side has 200 BV. 

Residual commission rates are established by rank for each produced cycle: 

  • District activists get $20 every cycle, with a weekly ceiling of $500;
  • Regional activists get $22 every cycle, with a weekly ceiling of $1000;
  • National Activists receive $26 every cycle, up to a weekly maximum of $3000; 
  • Gold National Activists receive $30 every cycle, with a weekly limit of $4000; 
  • Platinum National Activists receive $35 every cycle, up to a weekly maximum of $6500.

Additional Bonuses

Should an affiliate make $2000 in weekly residual income, they earn a new binary team position. 

This can potentially be evaded initially by purchasing a $598 Value Product.

Should you purchase a 2x Product Package for $598 with a 220 BV, you now have three dual team centers that allow you to triple your revenue potential while maintaining the same business volume. 

More binary team roles can produce additional revenue streams, but each binary team position can only generate one new revenue stream. 

Please remember that each new residual income job is subject to the weekly residual commission limitations (per position).

Bonus for Matching 

Nu Xtrax matches affiliate commissions earned from personally recruited affiliates. 

  • District Activists receive a 10% Matching Bonus;
  • Regional Activists receive a 20% Matching Bonus;
  • National Activists receive a 30% Matching Bonus.;
  • Gold National Activists receive a 40% Matching Bonus; 
  • Platinum National Activists receive a 50% Matching Bonus. 


Retail customers and affiliates of Nu Xtrax are eligible for a $45 coupon for referring and maintaining two retail customers and recruited affiliates. 

The coupons are earned when retail consumers or affiliates are recommended and “make a purchase.”

Rank Achievement Bonus

Affiliates of Nu Xtrax who achieve the rank of District Activist earn a one-time $100 Rank Achievement Bonus. 

Joining Nu Xtrax 

Affiliate Membership with Nu Xtrax is contingent upon the purchase of a 

  • Package of Family Products for $299 (4 bottles of iHerQles); 
  • $299 Package of Liquid Gold QX (4 bottles of Liquid Gold QX); 
  • $598 Value Product Pack (9 bottles of iHerQles);
  • $598 2X Liquid Gold QX (9 bottles of Liquid Gold QX); 

It looks like Liquid Gold QX is a rebranding of Liquid Gold RX (LGRX).

Summing Up

For two years, I’ve requested peer-reviewed medical research relevant to the LGRX product in the comments section of BehindMLM’s Liquid Gold RX review. 

Nobody has been able to give them because they do not exist. 

There are no medical studies to support the claim that LGRX (or LGQX) “neutralizes toxins.” 

Similarly, no medical studies support iHerQles’ marketing claims of “biological reversal aging.” 

Nu Xtrax’s iHerQles marketing strategy is based on the concept of “telomeres”:

“Telomere length is critical for healthy aging. Telomeres safeguard DNA in cells. 

Simply said, “when telomers become too short, horrible things occur.” 

To live a healthy life, scientists have developed telomere health standards that include managing stress, eating well, getting enough sleep, avoiding toxins, and lastly, enhancing antioxidant defenses against free radicals and reactive oxygen species. 

iHeRQles is a four-month transformation loading phase consisting of three bottles each month at a dosage of four sprays in the mouth three times daily, 15 minutes before each meal. 

Our loading phase is designed to provide the most significant benefit in the shortest amount of time. 

Following that, one bottle every month is sufficient to increase and sustain biological age reversal potential. 

If you do not continue to use iHeRQles daily, you will revert to your previous biological age.”

Nu Xtrax reverts to “Teloyears” certifications without peer-reviewed proof to support its claims. 

Teloyears was an alleged service for measuring telomer lengths. Telomere Diagnostics provided the service, which is now limited to Covid-19 testing. 

Nonetheless, Nu Xtrax continues to utilize Teloyears numbers in their marketing presentations (given without regard for iHerQles). 

No medical research has established that iHerQles has any effect on telomeres. 

If you’re still not convinced, here’s proof from Nu Xtrax’s marketing materials: 

“The items are ineffective. They make no changes, modifications, enhancements, or manipulations.” 

With that stated, the ability of a handful of plants suspended in ethanol to affect your DNA should have been dubious, to begin with. 

While herbs and ethanol may give nutritional benefits, they will not affect the telomeres on your DNA. 

Moving on to Nu Xtrax’s compensation scheme, the most significant modification starting April 2019 is the need for two retail customers. 

Regrettably, the remainder of the remuneration structure is significantly weighted toward auto-ship recruiting.

This begins with affiliates being penalized for creating retail sales rather than recruiting sales: 

“BV is 25 BV each Participant (consumer) and 50 BV per Activist on auto-shipments.” 

Affiliate auto-ship is also used to determine commission eligibility: 

“It is not necessary to set up an auto-ship order to participate. It does, however, ensure that you never lose your position, accumulated business volume, or commission checks, which cannot be restored if they are lost.” 

The necessity of two retail customers mitigates this somewhat, but not much. 

By rank 2, Regional Activist, you’ve already increased your consumer base from two to five recruited affiliates. And that ratio only worsens as one moves up the ranks. 

Regarding attempting Nu Xtrax’s goods, buyers are screwed if things do not work out. 

“Nu Xtrax, Inc. accepts refund requests within 30 days of the order date and as long as the items have not been consumed.” 

In short, Nu Xtrax is a business managed by individuals hesitant to put their names to it and deliver things they cannot stand behind. 

Then there’s the entire Liquid Gold RX rebranding, which was done solely for marketing purposes, as far as I can tell. 

I determined in 2019 that it was “probably better to ignore” Liquid Gold RX as a multilevel marketing opportunity. 

That holds with Nu Xtrax two and a half years later.

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