Beware of TronThunder: Review

TronThunder’s official marketing presentation identifies the company’s creator as “JP Rademeyer.” 

According to his LinkedIn page, Jean Pierre Rademeyer is from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. 

Rademeyer has spent the previous few years operating and promoting various cryptocurrency-related schemes, the most recent of which looks to be TronThunder. 

Alexa presently ranks the Netherlands (34 percent) as the most significant traffic source to TronThunder’s website, followed by Russia (11 %). 

Stay tuned for a comprehensive assessment of TronThunder’s multilevel marketing structure. 

TronThunder’s Merchandise 

TronThunder offers no resaleable goods or services. 

Affiliates are only permitted to promote the TronThunder affiliate membership.

TronThunder’s Salary Structure 

Affiliates of TronThunder are compensated in Tron (TRX). In exchange, they are given TTT tokens in a 1:1 ratio. 

  • Silver – for every 400 TRX invested, you will earn 400 TTT;
  • Gold- for every 600 TRX invested, make 600 TTT;
  • Sapphire – for every 800 TRX invested, make 800 TTT; 
  • Emerald – for every 1000 TRX invested, make 1000 TTT; 
  • Ruby – for every 1200 TRX invested, earn1200 TTT.

TronThunder divides tron contributions into direct and indirect recruitment commissions. 

The community commissions are compensated with 40% of the Tron paid in. The remaining 60% is utilized to pay referral commissions and other benefits. 

It should be noted that 50% of withdrawals must be utilized to purchase new TronThunder packages. 

This decreases to 40% for VIP3 and 30% for VIP4. 

Affiliate Positions 

TronThunder’s pay scheme includes eight affiliate ranks. 

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria: 

  • Sign up as a TronThunder affiliate and pay TRX in VIP1 – earn 2500 TRX in commissions;
  • VIP2 – Earn a commission of 10,000 TRX; 
  • VIP3 – Earn 25,000 TRX in commissions while recruiting 10 affiliates; 
  • VIP4 – Earn 100,000 TRX in commissions while recruiting 20 affiliates; 
  • Earn 250,000 TRX in commissions as a VIP5; 
  • Earn 1,000,000 TRX in commissions as a VIP6; 
  • VIP7 – Earn a commission of 2,500,000 TRX.

Community Commissions

TronThunder distributes community commissions using a straight-line downline. 

Everyone who becomes a TronThunder affiliate is put in line. 

After then, positions are filled through direct and indirect recruiting.

Community Commissions are paid as a percentage of TRX earned up to twenty tiers above and below. 

  • Silver-tier TronThunder associates earn Community Commissions at twelve levels above and below them;
  • TronThunder affiliates at the Gold tier earn Community Commissions at fourteen levels above and fourteen levels below them; 
  • TronThunder associates in the Sapphire tier earn Community Commissions at sixteen levels above and sixteen levels below them; 
  • Emerald-tier TronThunder affiliates earn Community Commissions at the eighteen levels above and below them. 

Community Commissions are paid to TronThunder affiliates at the Ruby tier and twenty tiers above and below them.

Referral Commissions

TronThunder has a one-level incentive scheme for referral commissions. 

In a uni-level compensation system, an affiliate is put at the head of a uni-level team, with every individually recruited affiliate placed right under them.

If any level 1 affiliates bring in new members, they are assigned to the original affiliate’s uni-level team at level 2. 

If any level 2 affiliates bring in new members, they are promoted to level 3 for an unlimited number of groups. 

TronThunder sets a limit of seven uni-level team levels for referral commissions. 

Referral commissions are paid as a proportion of the Tron paid at each of the seven tiers. 

The number of tiers on which a TronThunder affiliate gets referral commissions is determined by recruitment: 

  • Recruit one affiliate and receive 20% on level one (personally recruited affiliates) and 5% on levels two through four;
  • Recruit two affiliates and get 20% on level one and 5% on levels two through five; 
  • Recruit three affiliates and collect 20% on level one, 5% on levels two through five, and 10% on level six; 
  • Recruit five affiliates and contain 20% on level one, 5% on levels two through five, and 10% on levels six and seven. 

Thunder Gift Bonuses 

Thunder Gift Rewards compensates affiliates with a “random quantity” of Tron. 

Bonuses for Rank Accomplishment 

Affiliates of TronThunder who qualify at the VIP1 level and above earn the following Rank Achievement Bonuses: 

  • Qualifying at VIP1 earns you 125 TTT;
  • Qualifying at VIP2 earns you 500 TTT;
  • Qualifying at VIP3 earns you 1250 TTT;
  • Qualifying at VIP4 earns you 5000 TTT;
  • Qualifying at VIP5 earns you 12,500 TTT;
  • Qualifying at VIP6 earns you 50,000 TTT;
  • Qualifying at VIP7 earns you 125,000 TTT.

Ruby Royalty Association 

TronThunder utilizes 10% of TRX payments to pay the Ruby Royalty Club. 

The Ruby Royalty Club is a bonus pool shared by affiliates on the Ruby tier.

Joining TronThunder

TronThunder affiliate membership is contingent upon payment of 400 to 1200 TRX. 

The more money a TronThunder affiliate contributes, the greater their earning potential.

Summing Up

TronThunder is an easy-to-understand pyramid scam. 

TronThunder is based on cryptocurrencies, and a smart contract is irrelevant. 

TTT is a straightforward TRC-20 shittoken. These need only a few minutes to put up and are very inexpensive. 

TTT is utilized so that when TronThunder collides, JP Rademeyer will have access to and steal as much TRX as possible. 

Their victims who are still carrying their bags would be stuck with useless TTT tokens. 

When is the case with many MLM pyramid systems, commissions will naturally decline as recruiting slows. 

This will result in the demise of TronThunder, with the bulk of participants losing money.

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