Beware of Vidafy: Review

Vidafy is a nutritional supplement MLM company that was founded in 2016. 

Vidafy is situated in Utah, United States. Shane Brady is the company’s founder and CEO.

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Brady’s LinkedIn profile reveals his executive engagement in the multilevel marketing sector, dating back to 1999. 

  • Brady worked for Unicity International as a Marketing Manager from 1999 to 2001; 
  • From 2004 to 2007, he was Director and Manager of Unicity International’s Latin America and US Latino Markets, respectively; 
  • From 2007 to 2012, he worked for Xango as General Manager for Mexico and Colombia; 
  • From 2012 to 2016, he worked for Kyani as Vice President for Latin America and the US Latino Market. 

Vidafy’s marketing reflects Brady’s links to Central and South America. I discovered a lot of Vidafy marketing material aimed at Spanish-speaking customers. 

Continue reading for an in-depth analysis of Vidafy’s MLM structure.

Vidafy’s Products

Curcuma Plus, a tumeric supplement, is Vidafy’s main product. 

Turmeric supplements, according to the company, have a “lipid absorption problem”: 

“Our product overcomes the lipid-absorption problem, significantly increasing curcumin bioavailability in the body at appropriate levels, ensuring guaranteed results. 

VIDAFY CURCUMA PLUS uses patented German biotechnology to form water-soluble micelle structures from curcumin active metabolite extracts on a nanometric scale. 

These molecules mimic the body’s normal function, allowing curcumin to easily enter the bloodstream to perform the functions that Mother Nature intended. 

This patented process is known as BioMS technology, which stands for Biotechnology with Micelle Solubilisates, and it is what distinguishes VIDAFY CURCUMA PLUS in terms of applications and results.”

Vidafy asserts that ten drops of Curcuma Plus are equivalent to twenty-seven turmeric pills.  

Curcuma Plus is available for $60 a bottle. 

Vidafy also sells the following supplements: 

  • Nanofy Curcuma — a turmeric supplement with vitamin D3 – is available for $50 a bottle;
  • Synbiofy – “supplement formulated with prebiotic fiber, probiotics, a herbal blend, and magnesium gluconate,” retails for $30 a box. 

On their website, Vidafy does not list retail prices. Vidafy’s compensation documentation mentions retail pricing, although this information is not available on the company’s website.

On their website, Vidafy does not provide any remuneration information. 

Affiliate Ranks

Vidafy’s compensation scheme is divided into seven levels. 

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria: 

  • Sign up as a Vidafy affiliate and create and maintain 100 PV per month; 
  • Recruit and retain three Entrepreneurs or above, create and maintain 100 PV per month, and generate and maintain 2000 GV per month; 
  • Maintain three personally recruited Entrepreneurs or above, 100 PV per month, and 5000 GV per month as a Senior Entrepreneur;
  • Maintain three personally recruited Entrepreneurs or higher, 100 PV per month, and 10,000 GV per month as a Master Entrepreneur; 
  • Maintain three personally recruited Entrepreneurs or above, 100 PV per month, and 25,000 GV per month as a Premier Business Professional; 
  • Maintain three personally recruited Entrepreneurs or higher, 100 PV per month, and 50,000 GV per month as an Elite Business Professional; 
  • Maintain three personally recruited Entrepreneurs or above, 100 PV per month, and 100,000 GV per month as a Diamond Executive. 

“Personal Volume” is the abbreviation for “Personal Volume.” PV refers to the total sales volume generated by retail orders and affiliate purchases. 

The abbreviation GV stands for “Group Volume.” An affiliate generates PV, and their downline is referred to as GV. 

It’s worth noting that every single uni-level team leg can provide up to 60% of the needed GV. 

Additionally, your third most excellent uni-level team leg must account for at least 10% of the needed GV (by volume).

Retail Commissions

Vidafy affiliates receive commissions on product sales to retail consumers. 

Retail commissions are computed by subtracting the affiliate price from the retail price. 

  • Curcumin Nanofy is sold to affiliates for $25 and retails at $50, yielding a retail commission of $25;
  • Curcuma Plus is sold to affiliates for $30 and retails for $60, generating a retail commission of $30;
  • Synbiofy is sold to affiliates for $20 and retails for $30, with a retail commission of $10.

Hiring Commissions 

Vidafy affiliates are paid a commission for each affiliate that they individually recruit. 

  • Earn $20 for recruiting a Kit 100 Personal tier affiliate;
  • Earn $60 for recruiting a Kit 250 Entrepreneur tier affiliate;
  • Earn $120 for recruiting a Kit 500 Pro tier affiliate.

Commissions on Residuals

Vidafy compensates residual commissions on a one-tier basis. 

A uni-level pay system positions an affiliate at the top of a uni-level team, immediately below whoever they individually recruit: 

If any level 1 affiliates bring in new members, they are automatically put on the level 2 team of the original affiliate. 

If any level 2 affiliates acquire new affiliates, they are automatically promoted to level 3 and down a theoretically limitless number of groups. 

Vidafy imposes a ceiling on residual commissions on its seven uni-level teams. 

Residual commissions are calculated as a proportion of sales volume achieved at each of the following seven levels: 

  • Entrepreneurs receive 5% on the first and second tiers (level 1 is personally recruited affiliates);
  • Pro Entrepreneurs receive 5% on each of the first four levels; 
  • On stages 1 through 5, Master Entrepreneurs earn 5%; 
  • Premier Business Professionals make 5% on levels one through six; 
  • Elite Business Professionals and Diamond Executives get 5% on the first six levels and 2% on the seventh level. 

Generational Bonuses

The Generational Bonus is based on the volume of a single-level team. 

When a Premier Business Professional or above is discovered inside a uni-level team leg, Vidafy identifies a generation. 

Once discovered, that affiliate completes the first generation for that leg, with the second generation starting shortly after. 

If a second Premier Business Professional or above is discovered further in the leg, the second generation is terminated. The third generation follows them immediately. 

Premier Business Professionals and above can earn each uni-level team leg on up to three generations using this generational structure. 

  • Premier Business Professionals earn 1% on the first three generations of Premier Business Professionals or higher per uni-level team leg; 
  • Elite Business Professionals earn 2% on the first three generations of Elite Business Professionals or higher every uni-level team leg;
  • Diamond Executives earn 3% on up to three generations of Diamond Executives every uni-level team leg.

Three-fold Bonus 

Vidafy affiliates earn a $120 Triple Bonus for recruiting three Kit 250 Entrepreneur and Kit 500 Pro tier affiliates individually. 

Added Value 

A $250 Pro Bonus is awarded to a Vidafy affiliate who qualifies for Entrepreneur Pro within 30 days of signing up. 

Triple Wellness Benefits 

The Wellness Triple Bonus is a retailer’s auto-ship incentive. 

A Vidafy affiliate must meet the following requirements to be eligible for the Wellness Triple Bonus: 

  • Refer and keep at least three retail customers on monthly auto-ship;
  • Create and keep 300 PV in retail auto-ship volume each month. 

If the qualifications mentioned above are satisfied, the affiliate will receive 100 PV of Vidafy product each month. 

It should be noted that the delivery cost for the 100 PV worth of merchandise is not included in the Wellness Triple Bonus. 

GPS Pooling 

Vidafy deducts 10% of new affiliate membership costs and invests them in the GPS Pool. 

The GPS Pool is given out monthly to Senior Entrepreneur and higher-level Vidafy affiliates: 

  • Senior Entrepreneurs are entitled to one share;
  • Master Entrepreneurs are entitled to two shares; 
  • Four shares are awarded to Premier Business Professionals;
  • Six shares are given to elite business professionals; 
  • Diamond executives are entitled to 10 shares; 

Vidafy invests one percent of the company’s total sales volume in the Diamond Pool. 

Diamond Executives get an equal share of the Diamond Pool every three months. 

Bonus for Rank Achievement 

Vidafy offers a one-time Rank Achievement Bonus to affiliates that qualify at Senior Entrepreneur or higher: 

  • Qualify as a Senior Entrepreneur and receive $500;
  • Qualify as a Master Entrepreneur and receive $1000;
  • Qualify as a Premier Business Pro and receive $2500;
  • Qualify as an Elite Business Pro and receive $5000;
  • Qualify as a Diamond Executive and receive $10,000;
  • Qualify as a Double Diamond Executive and receive $25,000;
  • Qualify as a Triple Diamond Executive and receive $50,000 (paid out in two quarters); 
  • Qualify at Vidafy Legend and get $100,000 (divided across four quarters).

Before the Rank Achievement Bonus is paid out, new ranks must be qualified for at least twice a rolling three-month period.

Vidafy Lifestyle Benefit 

The Vidafy Lifestyle Benefit is a monthly bonus given to affiliates that reach the level of Master Entrepreneur or above. 

  • Qualify as a Master Entrepreneur and receive $250 per month;
  • Qualify as a Premier Business Pro and receive $500 per month;
  • Qualify as an Elite Business Pro and receive $1000 per month;
  • Qualify as a Diamond Executive and receive $2000 per month;
  • Qualify as a Double Diamond and receive $3000 per month;
  • Qualify as a Triple Diamond and receive $4000 per month;
  • Qualify as a Vidafy Legend and receive $5000 per month; 

It should be noted that Vidafy Lifestyle Bonus rankings must be qualified for at least three times in a six-month period. 

Life-Changing Journey 

Vidafy provides its associates with a “Life Conversion Trip.” The trip’s details are not provided. 

To be eligible for a Life Converted Trip, a Vidafy associate must maintain Entrepreneur status or above and earn a minimum of $15,000 in cumulative earnings. 

There is no time restriction for becoming eligible for a Life Converted Trip.

Joining Vidafy

To become a Vidafy affiliate, you need to buy a “startup kit.” 

  • It costs $135 for a Kit 100 Personal;
  • Entrepreneur Kit 250 costs $290; 
  • Kit 500 Pro costs $545. 

Aside from obtaining more Vidafy items, the more an affiliate spends when they sign up, the greater they’re earning potential.

Final Thoughts

If there was ever a problem with curcumin absorption, it doesn’t appear to be an issue outside Vidafy’s marketing. 

It doesn’t appear to have affected India, where people have been eating curcumin in turmeric for thousands of years. 

When the bioavailability promotion is removed, Vidafy’s curcumin supplement costs two to three times as much as the majority of other curcumin supplements. 

Maxx Labs, a competitor brand on Amazon, likewise touts “excellent absorption”: 

“BioPerine, a black pepper extract that boosts absorption and increases bioavailability, allowing it to flow into your circulation easily, is included in our liposomal liquid turmeric curcumin supplement drops.” 

Maxx Labs’ supplement costs $20 for a 60 ml bottle shipping, which sounds quite close to Vidafy’s promises. 

That is only one brand discovered after a fast search. If you’re serious about curcumin supplements, you’ll want to spend more time comparing shopping. 

The fundamental issue is that Vidafy’s proposition appears to be unviable for sale. 

This brings us to Vidafy’s pay structure, which is well suited for auto-ship recruiting. 

According to Vidafy’s official compensation documents, the first step in operating a profitable Vidafy business is to sign up, preferably at Kit 500 Pro: 

The ambiguity stems from the fact that retail sales are feasible and even rewarded through the Wellness Triple Bonus (assuming you can refer retail auto-ship clients), but there are no particular prerequisites. 

On the other hand, recruitment is essential if you wish to get past the Vidafy remuneration tier of “sign up.” 

Of course, this is not a coincidence. Affiliate auto-ship recruiting was a reoccurring issue in BehindMLM’s Unicity International, Xango, and Kyani evaluations. 

Determining whether your potential Vidafy upline is running a pyramid scheme is quite simple. 

If they’re higher than the first Entrepreneur rank, you can bet they’ve had to recruit and manage three affiliates. 

Request proof of four active retail customers to compare with their own. Three is just about the limit. 

I’m referring to clients who place an order at least once a month. 

If these clients do not exist, that affiliate has placed a high priority on recruiting. They manage their Vidafy business like a pyramid scheme, and you will be expected to do the same. 

It’s all connected to Vidafy’s items and the omitted retail price. 

This is a huge red flag for your business if you aren’t telling your customers the prices of your items. It might potentially be a violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act. 

Proceed with care.

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