Trujivan Review: Trojan Horse Tycoon69 with Magic Plastic Discs 

Trujivan (pronounced “true-jivan”) is an MLM company that sells magic plastic discs and nutritional supplements. 

On its website, the corporation lists a corporate suite location in Las Vegas. Further investigation finds that this address belongs to a UPS shop. 

It is unclear whether Trujivan has any tangible links to Nevada. 

Trujivan is led by co-founders Stefan Hostettler (CEO) and Jerry Yerke (President). 

Hostettler and Yerke, according to their social media profiles, are based in Switzerland and California, respectively. 

According to Trujivan’s marketing materials, the company was founded in the United States. In November, the firm intends to expand throughout Europe. 

By inference, Hostettler will presumably be in charge of Trujivan’s European activities. Yerke will oversee operations in the United States. 

BehindMLM initially identified Stefan Hostettler as the face of the Tycoon69 Ponzi scam. 

Tycoon69 began operations in 2019. Swiss officials clamped down on the Ponzi scam in July 2020, resulting in its demise. 

A few months later, Austrian authorities issued a Tycoon69 securities fraud warning. 

Tycoon69 maintains a website, although the firm is dormant. 

Jerry Yerke has been working in multilevel marketing for more than a decade. 

Yerke promoted Lyoness and subsequently Dubli in the early 2010s. He was named Chief Network Officer of Dubli in 2015. 

Yerke served in that capacity until at least the middle of 2018. He joined Jeunesse as Director of Business Development in August 2019.

Shane Morand is also worth mentioning, even though he isn’t featured anywhere on Trujivan’s website. 

Morand has joined Trujivan as Strategic Advisor and Sales Leader, according to a news statement released on September 17th. 

Morand is one of Organo Gold’s co-founders. Morand departed Organo Gold discreetly after its brief Ponzi scheme romance in 2018. 

I don’t know when he quit, but Morand was still fronting Organo Gold in 2019. 

Stay tuned for a thorough examination of Trujivan’s MLM structure.

Trujivan’s Goods 

Trujivan’s most well-known product is a line of plastic discs.

  • “Keeping your family insulated from EMF is crucial for general health,” reads the description of TruEMF Defense; 
  • TruREST – “TruREST discs do not put you to sleep; they help you to effortlessly slip into deeper phases of sleep, so you wake up feeling more refreshed”; 
  • TruRELIEF – “without medications or chemicals, gain relief from mild discomfort linked with headaches (including migraines), back pain, wrist pain, knee pain, menstrual cramps, and other small ailments”; 
  • TruEnergy – “naturally improve your energy without the adverse effects.” 

Trujivan also sells two dietary supplements:

  • TruCORE- “Repairing leaky gut also helps with immunity, inflammation, and cleaner, better skin”;
  • TruMIND- an “anti-aging for the brain” supplement;

Trujivan does offer an online store, but buyers must first register an account to see price information.

Trujivan’s Compensation Structure 

Trujivan’s website does not include a copy of their compensation plan. Instead, buyers are given hazy descriptions. 

Trujivan does offer a compensation marketing video, yet it only covers a portion of the commissions/bonuses handed out. 

Based on the scant information Trujivan gives, I’ve done my best to compile the following analysis. 

Trujivan Affiliate Positions 

Trujivan’s pay structure includes seven affiliate ranks. 

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria: 

  • Affiliate: join up as a Trujivan affiliate;
  • Bronze: no qualification criteria provided;
  • Silver: no qualification criteria provided; 
  • Gold: no qualification criteria provided; 
  • Platinum: no qualification criteria provided; 
  • Pearl: no qualification criteria provided;
  • Emerald: no qualification criteria provided;
  • White Diamond: no qualification criteria provided;
  • Crown Rank: no qualification criteria provided.

Commissions on Recurring Sales 

Trujivan uses a binary compensation mechanism to pay residual commissions. 

In a binary compensation system, an affiliate is placed at the top of a binary team divided into two sides. 

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. The binary team’s second level is created by dividing the initial two slots into two more positions each (4 positions in total). 

As needed, subsequent levels of the binary team are constructed, with each successive level containing twice as many spots as the preceding one. 

Each week, Trujivan totals new sales volume (BV) on both sides of the binary team.

Affiliates get $10 for every 100 BV matched on both sides of the binary team. 

Unprecedented volume continues into the following week.

Matching Bonus

Trujivan provides a Matching Bonus through a one-level compensation system. 

In a uni-level compensation system, an affiliate is put at the head of a uni-level team, with every individually recruited affiliate placed right under them.

If any level 1 affiliates bring in new members, they are assigned to the original affiliate’s uni-level team at level 2. 

If any level 2 affiliates bring in new members, they are promoted to level 3.

Trujivan sets a limit of seven team levels for the Matching Bonus. 

The Matching Bonus is calculated as a percentage of residual commissions received at each of the seven tiers, based on rank: 

  • Affiliates with a Bronze or Silver ranking receive a 20% match on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates);
  • Affiliates with a Gold or Platinum ranking receive a 20% match on level 1 and a 15% match on level 2; 
  • Affiliates with a Pearl ranking get a 20% match on level 1, 15% on level 2, and 10% on level 3; 
  • Emerald-ranked affiliates receive a 20% match on level 1, a 15% match on level 2, a 10% match on level 3, and a 5% match on level 4;
  • Affiliates with a White Diamond ranking get a 20% match on level 1, 15% on level 2, 10% on level 3, and 5% on levels 4 and 5;
  • Affiliates with a Black Diamond ranking get a 20% match on level one, a 15% match on level two, a 10% match on level three, and a 5% match on levels four through six;
  • Affiliates with a Crown Rank get a 20% match on level one, a 15% match on level two, a 10% match on level three, and a 5% match on levels four through seven. 

Hiring Commissions

Trujivan affiliates get a commission on Fast Start Pack affiliate recruiting. 

  • Earn $40 for referring a Silver Pack affiliate; 
  • Bring in a Gold Pack affiliate and you’ll get $100; 
  • Bring in a Founder’s Pack affiliate and you’ll get $150; 

A matching bonus is also granted on recruiting commissions earned by personally recruited affiliates: 

  • A $15 matching incentive is awarded for Silver Pack recruiting; 
  • A $25 matching incentive is awarded for recruiting Gold Pack and Founder’s Pack. 

According to Trujivan’s marketing materials, an affiliate must be “Fast Start Qualified” in order to qualify for recruiting commissions. 

There is no explanation offered, but this implies signing up for a Trujivan Fast Start Pack ($248 to $899).

Star Bonuses

The Star and Star Maker Bonuses are incentives for new players to join the game. 

When two affiliates “buy a Fast Start Pack,” new Trujivan affiliates are eligible for a $25 Star Bonus. 

The Star Maker Bonus is earned by directly recruiting two affiliates who are qualified for the Star Bonus. 

The Star Maker Bonus has a payout of $50. 

Lifestyle Bonus

Trujivan offers a weekly Lifestyle Bonus to ranking affiliates. 

The amount of the Lifestyle Bonus and the level at which it is paid are not published. 

Bonus Pool at a Glance 

Trujivan invests an unspecified proportion of company-wide sales volume in Global Bonus Pools. 

Qualification for the Global Bonus Pool begins at the Ruby rank. Aside from that, no information is available. 

Joining Trujivan’s Team 

Annual participation in the Trujivan affiliate program costs $49 for the basic level. 

Fast Start Packs are also offered as an option: 

  • Silver Pack – $199 plus a one-time yearly cost of $49;
  • Platinum Pack – $499; 
  • Founder’s Pack- $899. 

Fast Start Packs are available in conjunction with a variety of Trujivan products. 

The Gold and Founder’s Packs waive the $49 annual cost for the first year. 

After the first year, affiliates with the Gold and Founder’s Pack must pay $49 yearly. 

Summing Up

Someone establishes a multilevel marketing (MLM) business selling mystical holographic discs every few years. 

BehindMLM has evaluated CieAura (2013), Pet Protector (2016), Aegea (2018), and Nature’s Frequencies over the years (2020). 

All of these firms, along with Trujivan, have one thing in common: their plastic disc products have not been subjected to peer-reviewed investigations. 

As a result, the name “magic plastic discs” was coined. 

When I noticed Trujivan had a Chief Medical Advisor, I assumed it was for their supplements exclusively. 

I was mistaken.

Trujivan’s Chief Medical Advisor is Dr. Atul Gupta. 

Trujivan’s miraculous plastic discs, it appears, employ “special technology.” Trujivan’s website contains no information on this technique. 

Trujivan asserts TruEMF Defense “strengthens your body’s natural resistance to EMF,” “provides a safe digital detox,” and “protects against dangerous radiation.” 

Cool. However, how? Furthermore, where is the verifiable proof that Trujivan’s marketing claims are based? 

In light of this, given the absence of retail price and compensation information, Trujivan may violate the FTC Act. 

I’d be delighted to offer some insight on Trujivan’s nutritional supplements. On the other hand, consumers cannot make an informed choice without retail price. 

My basic rule of thumb is to avoid any MLM organization that is not transparent about retail price, regardless of the circumstances. 

Moving on to Trujivan’s pay structure, the available evidence points to an auto-ship recruiting strategy. 

Trujivan’s auto-ship pitch (SmartShip Rewards) is as follows: 

“the most valuable method for ensuring that you complete the monthly purchase criteria necessary to keep your status as an active Independent Business Associate.” 

Sign up for auto-ship regardless of what you purchase or whether you truly need it to qualify for commissions. 

Oh, and here’s an added incentive: 

“SmartShip is our monthly automated ordering service that includes complimentary shipping. Customers and IBAs get gift cards worth between 5% and 20% of their monthly SmartShip revenue.”

The emphasis then shifts to getting people to sign up for autoship. 

Retail sales aren’t addressed in Trujivan’s remuneration video or on their website.

According to the FTC, a pyramid scheme is an MLM organization that predominantly generates sales volume through affiliate orders. 

The next item I’d want to bring out is Stefan Hostettler’s Tycoon69 Ponzi scam. 

I GREW SKEPTICAL when I observed Hostettler still endorsing Tycoon69 on his own Facebook page. 

When I discovered Trujivan’s payment alternatives, I became even more skeptical. 

“TruJivan offers a choice of payment alternatives to suit your tastes and lifestyle. Payoneer, Direct Deposit, Bitcoin, Global eWallet, Credit Wallet, Precious Metals, and other services are examples.”

We seldom see MLM firms that aren’t Ponzi schemes payout in bitcoin. I can’t even think of one off the top of my head. 

Trujivan looks to be a Trojan horse for what’s left of Tycoon69. 

There’s no use in sugarcoating this. Tycoon69 is/was a Ponzi scam, particularly involving European T69 shitcoin holders.



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