Beware of EQT Bank: Review

It has been confirmed that EQT Bank is the defunct Dragon Global Finance Ponzi scheme relaunch.

Anthony Norman, the company’s owner, is not establishing EQT Bank through the usual spate of UK shell companies. Instead, he’s shifted his focus to cryptocurrencies.

It is unknown if the unraveling of Dragon Global Finance’s phony FCA registrations led to the Ponzi’s demise.

In any case, Norman is launching the EQT Bank Ponzi through Universal Pickle this time.

Universal Pickle is a shitcoin project that will be released in late 2021. It’s unknown whether Norman is actively involved in Universal Pickle.

Universal Pickle looks to be planning to conduct securities fraud in the “partnership announcement”:

“Universal Pickle will establish a public company called Universal Pickle PLC.

This firm will begin trading on stock markets on March 1st. You may now purchase the presale by clicking on this link. 1 dollar Equals 1 share.”

This alone clearly shows that Norman is the mastermind of Universal Pickle.

It’s the same old UK shell corporation game, but with a crypto shitcoin frontend.

A link to a Jotform form is also included in the collaboration announcement:

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