Beware of Ultron: Review

Ultron will be launched as part of Givvo. It’s a little strange how they went about it.

For the first time, Ultron is being offered as a separate opportunity on Givvo’s website:

That subdomain was functioning until recently. It’s been turned off for good now.

It appears that Givvo does not currently have a separate website. Whatever the case, we know that Givvo is involved.

To put it another way, Givvo says it can “change the fact that 99.5 % of people never win in life.”

An unknown “humanitarian organization” is listed as a recipient of donations on Givvo.

Through its “Donations Campaign,” GIVVO raises money for one of the approved Humanitarian Organizations it has partnered with. You may earn “donation points” by shopping on their marketplace and donating some of your earnings. Pre-planned projects receive donation points.

So, it’s possible that Givvo is simply redirecting consumer rebates toward charitable donations.

With Givvo, you have the potential to earn money through referrals.

Givvo’s Alexa traffic now stands at 2.8 million visitors. This doesn’t amount to much.

Neither Givvo nor Ultron’s owners are mentioned in the documentation.

In the “campaign guidelines” section of Givvo’s website, Prizer22 LTD is listed as the campaign’s company.

An MLM firm situated in the United Kingdom is a red flag.

Incorporation is incredibly inexpensive and practically unregulated in the UK. MLM-related securities fraud is not vigorously investigated by the FCA- the primary financial regulator in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, the United Kingdom is a popular choice for fraudsters looking to set a shop, run a business, or engage in fictitious marketing.

Givvo’s official Facebook profile is run out of Slovakia and Slovenia, respectively. This is in line with the eCommerce platform of the corporation, which runs in euros.

In September 2021, Givvo uploaded an event video to their YouTube channel:

The man in the video is a Slovakian YouTuber named Matej Cifra. Cifra owns Sajfa’s YouTube channel.

Cifra’s ties to Ultron’s Givvo aren’t clear to me.

Cifra connected me to Tobias Sukenik, who I’m sure is a big part of Givvo.

TBF International, a CBD MLM company, was co-founded by Sukenik in 2019. In the year 2020, Kannaway acquired TBF International.

Michal Kyselica and Michal Prazenica are TBF International’s other co-founders.

Prior to co-founding TBF International, Sukenik and Prazenica were tied to the BeReal Estate Ponzi scheme in 2018.

As it turns out, our reader had previously connected Sukenik and Prazenica to Givvo, thus I was able to save some time.

That occurred in the month of October of the year 2021. I couldn’t write a review of Givvo since the specifics of their business model weren’t made public.

It appears that another reader has contacted me to request a review on Givvo/Ultron. I was able to assist this time.

According to their social media accounts, Tobias Sukenik and Michal Prazenica are both based in Dubai.

A haven for scammers, Dubai has no regulations on MLM-related securities fraud and only a limited number of extradition treaties.

It’s our opinion that Dubai is the MLM scam capital in the world. Any MLM company or management with a Dubai office raises red flags.

The headquarters of Givvo and Ultron appears to be located in Dubai, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Products by Ultron

None of Ultron’s products or services are for sale.

Affiliates are only allowed to promote Ultron memberships.

Monetary Rewards

Ultron’s affiliates purchase ULTRON tokens in anticipation of the promised rewards.

Affiliates may purchase Ultron tokens for EUR 500, EUR 1500, and EUR 5000 for one penny apiece.

A 20 % bonus is included in all package purchases.

ULTRON tokens must be deposited with the company where they were acquired to earn the advertised returns.

Ultron’s Allies’ Ranks

Ultron’s compensation plan includes fifteen places for affiliates.

The following is a list of them, along with their qualifications:

Become an Ultron token partner and make an investment;

Active Partner – Earn EUR 100 in lower binary team side volume as an active partner;

Create 2500 EUR worth of weaker binary team side volume for the supervisor.

A master’s goal is to accumulate 5,000 Euros in inferior binary team side volume.

The Team Manager can produce a weaker binary team side volume for 15,000 EUR and the President Manager for 40,000 EUR.

Create a total of 75,000 EUR in weaker binary team side volume for the Regional Manager.

executive director of a weaker binary team – produce 200,000 EUR in lower volume

Create 200,000 EUR in weaker binary team side volume using Diamond Director.

Create a total side volume of 1,000,000 EUR in weaker binary teams as a Double Diamond Director.

If you want to be a global president, you need to build a total of 15,000,000 EUR in weaker binary team volumes, which you may do by becoming the vice president of the weaker binary team.

It takes 30,000,000 EUR in inferior binary team side volume for the Star President to create 30,000,000 EUR in inferior binary team side volume for the Legend to accumulate 50,000,000 EUR.

Recommendation Fees

Individually recruited Ultron affiliates pay a 10% commission on token bundle purchases to Ultron affiliates.

Recurring Sales Commissions

Ultron uses a binary compensation system to pay commissions on residuals.

At the end of each week, Ultron adds up all of the new investment volume on both sides of the binary.

There is a weekly cap on commissions depending on rank:

Active Partners can earn up to EUR 3000 per month; 

Team Managers can earn up to EUR 5000 per month; 

President Managers can earn up to EUR 7500 per month;

Executive directors can earn up to EUR 12,000, while Regional Managers can earn up to 10,000 euros.

Up to EUR 20,000 is attainable for Diamond Directors, and up to EUR 30,000 for Double Diamond Directors.

Binary teams are matched against each other, and the volume is flushed.

If there is any extra material, it will be used in the next week.

New Employees Get a Bonus

It’s possible to get a refund on your first Ultron subscription if you bring in five new members within 30 days of joining up.

It is vital to remember that the packages purchased by affiliates must be the same or greater than those purchased by the eligible affiliate.

Bonus Pools for Leaders

A Leaders Bonus Pool is funded by 5% of Ultron’s corporate income.

Each of the Leaders Bonus Pool’s four sections is broken into an equal number of smaller sections.

Ultron affiliates can claim a share of the smaller Leader Bonus Pools depending on their level.

If you meet the qualifications, you will get EUR 500 for team manager, EUR 1200 for president manager, EUR 2500 for regional manager, EUR 6000 for executive director.

In order to become an Ultron affiliate member, you must acquire an Ultron token bundle for at least one of the following amounts: €500, €1500, or EUR 5000.

Earning potential increases linearly with the amount of money an affiliate invests in their package.


Givvo’s own cryptocurrency was introduced in a marketing video released in late October.

Ultron shows that Givvo goes all-in on crypto-bro tactics like pyramid recruiting and stock fraud.

Ultron’s plans to become a “crypto dude” have yet to come to fruition.

The swindle is about to begin. The Ultron affiliates join up, invest in Ultron tokens, park those tokens (staking) with the business, and receive a passive return on their investment.

Invested Ultron returns are paid with subsequently invested money because Ultron has no external revenue stream (the eCommerce business failed, so that’s gone).

It’s almost probable that Ultron will come up with a ruse to explain this away. However, this is pointless without the submission to the appropriate authorities of audited financial records.

Ultron’s MLM side is rewarded for recruiting affiliates who also invest in the company. Due to Ultron’s lack of retail, this amounts to pyramid recruiting.

Not only is Givvo run by fraudsters in Dubai, but it also uses a UK shell company for banking.

Wish you luck in keeping your money from them once Ultron fails.

“Ethereum virtual machine compliant protocol” is referred to in Ultron’s marketing brochure in anticipation of the upcoming departure fraud.”

Assuming that’s what they’re saying, it’s just another way of claiming that Ultron is an ERC20 token. To set them up, it just takes about five minutes.

At the time of this writing, Ultron seemed to be unavailable for trading. If this is the case, these two actors may be leaving as part of Ultron’s departure strategy.

In the end, Ultron affiliates will be left with tokens that they can no longer utilize.

If Ultron is ultimately dumped on dodgy exchanges, administrators will escape with their invested money, leaving affiliates in a sell-off race to the basement..

Logic dictates that most people who participate in a Ponzi scheme will lose money, regardless of the strategy used by Ultron’s administrators.

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