Beware of EvoRich – Review

EvoRich established cooperation with Bobcoin only days after creator Andrey Khovratov was arrested in Russia last month.

EvoRich affiliate investors are now being directed towards Bobcoin, which has effectively turned into an exit scam offramp.

Bobcoin was created by Bob Eco Ltd to create a powerful, elegant, and emission-free electric motorbike.

So, how does this relate to cryptocurrency?

Nothing. It was only an excuse to make money by launching a shitcoin last year. As a result, we have bobcoin (BOBC).

BOBC began publicly trading in March 2022, after insiders were packed in over the previous year.

BOBC followed the traditional public shitcoin pump and dump pattern…

…until Khovratov’s arrest and the switch to EvoRich. BOBC is now being supported by desperate EvoRich investors.

After April 3rd, you can see early BOBC investors cashing out many times in the chart above.

Bob Ultra is the CEO of Bobcoin and Bob Eco Ltd.

Ultree is situated in Dubai, the world’s MLM fraud capital. Bobcoin Eco Ltd is a Hong Kong shell corporation, according to its website.

Khovratov was detained at an airport, therefore he was probably aware of his impending arrest. At the very least, he was aware that he and EvoRich were being investigated.

For that purpose, efforts to incorporate Bobcoin into the EvoRich Ponzi scam started in mid-March, according to the official schedule.

According to a Bobcoin “announcement” dated March 26th, “Dear Evorich Member,

We have the honor to deliver you the excellent news Mr Andrej Khovratov said last Saturday, March 19, 2022, during the closed meeting; Mr. Khovratov privately invested in Bob Eco by acquiring BOBC Tokens in March 2021. He purchased one million tokens for $0.30 each.

This indicates that the preloading of Bobcoin insider tokens occurred far before the public debut in early 2022. The public website domain (“bobcoin. eco”) for Bobcoin was only registered on January 26th, 2022.

Through an incomplete address in the Netherlands, Charity Socks BV is identified as the owner.

Bob Ultee appears to be the founder of Charitable Socks BV, an unsuccessful charity venture.

The website for Charity Socks has been taken down. The company’s official FaceBook page’s most recent post is from February 2021, around the time bobcoin was reportedly established.

Charity Socks BV looks to be little more than a Dutch shell corporation today.

It’s unknown how much money invested in bobcoin may be laundered through Charity Socks BV.

The development of the Bob project proceeded well, even above everyone’s expectations. Within a short amount of time, the value of Bobcoin Token increased to about $ 11.00.

BOBC’s ATH on CoinMarketCap is $3.89, so it must have been quite brief.

Mr. Khovratov asked Bob Eco and STO-CAP management whether he could distribute his investment (Bobcoins) among his members by putting his investment into the WCRU Global Investment Portfolio.

He is allowed to do so since the coins are his. All Evorich members are invited to join the STO-CAP as consumers, members, or investors!

In the next weeks, all Evorich members will get an email from the STO-CAP containing their login and password. Your Bobcoins will appear in your wallet after you log in.

At a 2550:1 conversion rate, WCRU, EvoRich’s worthless Ponzi points, are being changed to BOBC.

To avoid dumping on exchanges, all Bobcoins on the STO-CAP are subjected to a defrosting schedule throughout the initial months and the release year.

Bobcoin’s in-house crypto wallets are known as STO-CAP. It effectively serves as the organization’s back office.

Unfortunately, EvoRich investors that switch to Bobcoin will have to wait while insiders payout.

If fresh naive investors aren’t recruited quickly enough, they’ll be left with another worthless token.

Bobcoin is EvoRich and Khovratov’s exit scam when viewed from a distance.

Khovratov has been placed under house arrest until May 10th. What happens after that is unknown.

Either Russian authorities will make an example of him, or palms will be greased and he will eventually pop up in Dubai or another criminal haven.

The present Russian sanctions may cause any plans to be significantly delayed.

Meanwhile, local media in the Netherlands are raising unpleasant issues.

According to Bob Eco’s website, 3271 mopeds and motorbikes have been supplied, a figure that has been constant since November.

Another 81,000 units are reportedly on the way. According to Ultee, meticulous preparation is required since mopeds and motorbikes must be driven within three months after manufacturing or the battery would be damaged.

He would also have to deal with issues with customs clearance because there is no good code accessible at African customs.

That might explain why the number of mopeds on the road has been constant since November.

The quote goes on to mention bobcoin’s undisclosed market cap, which Ultee attributed to “the algorithms.” Of course, this is absurd.

Ultee sued Quote for their earlier coverage of bobcoin.

He got the judge on his side on two occasions. The judge decided that we incorrectly stated in the article in question that Ultee had produced nil or a few mopeds.

We also made the mistake of assuming that Unitar, a UN subsidiary, had never heard of Ultee or his group.

Although we have filed an appeal against this decision, our April edition contains a correction.

On some aspects, though, we were correct. The court, for example, does not consider it illegal that we drew the comparison to OneCoin, where investors lost money and were upset.

OneCoin, of course, does not require an introduction. The fact that bobcoin is linked to a Russian Ponzi scam further adds to the suspicions of fraud.

Remember that according to Bobcoin, Khovratov was an early investor who purchased in March 2021, a year before anything was made public.

The future implications of the bobcoin switch for EvoRich are unknown. WCRU has died…

…with Bob Ultee and Bobcoin positioned as the EvoRich investment base’s new custodians.

Bobcoin’s journey has only just begun. We launched the coin on various exchanges around 2-3 weeks ago, and more will be added in the next weeks.

Bobcoin is presently selling between $1.50 and $2.00 on the open market. The price is likely to drop to $10-20 before summer and $50.00 by the end of the year.

As far as I can tell, Bobcoin does not have an MLM structure, at least not directly.

As a result, our coverage will most likely come to an end here, pending the outcome of Khovratov’s criminal case in Russia.

If Khovratov makes it out of Russia, one of two things will happen 1. Khovratov will be reintegrated into Bobcoin and start running the show; or 2. Khovratov will vanish to enjoy what he’s taken over the years through Skyway and EvoRich.

There are huge language obstacles here, but I’ll keep track of what occurs.

6th of May, 2022 – Bob Ultree’s relationship with EvoRich was the missing element in this story.

Andrey Khovratov was heavily involved in Bobcoin, according to the news announcement. The situation was reversed.

Ultee admits to being an EvoRich affiliate investor in a Bobcoin video put in by a reader:

[22:06] So I first met Andrey in Moscow, um, Dubai. My other residence.

So I was meeting Andrey at the time, and I also have a duty with EvoRich, and there is also a charity component in EvoRich since I was already engaging in EvoRich. And he (Khovratov) was paying attention to me because of that investment.

Ultee goes on to say that he pitched his Bobcoin concept to Khovratov but was turned down.

Khovratov allegedly told Ultee

It may be too young, or it could be too quick. Because the path you’re on could not be the one we’re on.

What we can deduce from this is that Bobcoin has a known Ponzi investor spinning out their shitcoin scam.

Ultee also says that he supplied lawyers with bobcoin to get legal opinions about the firm early on.

[24:10] As a result, we spent a long time selecting a suitable jurisdiction.

Hong Kong is a favorable jurisdiction for cryptocurrency. Where bitcoin is warmly welcomed and opportunities abound.

What makes it impossible? The SEC in the United States, which is one of the most difficult authorities, is the most difficult. As a result, we won’t begin there.

Ultee is correct. It is far easier to perpetrate securities fraud from Dubai via a Hong Kong shell company than it is from within the United States.

The problem isn’t where EvoRich, Bobcoin, and Ultee are committing securities from; it’s that they’re committing securities at all.

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