Beware of Metafi Yielders – Review

Metafi Yielders has imposed withdrawal limitations, only days after expecting investors to roll over backoffice sums into a new 4.2 percent a day plan.

Compounding is available up to 28 percent for the 4.2 percent package alone.

Complaints concerning the changes have been prohibited, and those who do so risk being fired.

There is a lot of criticism, as Conspirator CEO Michel Daher stated in a mobile phone video released earlier today. So, especially me, we’ve tried a lot of things. I went out and attempted to explain each step… and it doesn’t appear to register.

As a result, there’s some resentment among the group. People are becoming more pessimistic and spreading hatred among the group.

If we discover out, we’ll block you, so bank yourself. We don’t want folks like that in our groups, therefore you’ll have to contact me for a refund.

You’ll also be barred from all Metafi Yielders-related activities. From now till we conclude our adventure in 10, twenty, or thirty years.

Please quit the group if you can’t be courteous. Please take your money and go somewhere else where you will be treated with contempt.

I’ve yet to see an explanation for how Metafi Yielders isn’t engaging in securities fraud.

US residents are thought to be the primary source of investor income now going into Metafi Yielders.

The SEC has not registered Metafi Yielders, Michel Daher, or whoever is truly operating the firm.

Instead, Daher proposes the absurd concept of “transitional licensing,” which does not exist. Either you’re registered to sell securities in the jurisdictions where you solicit investment, or you’re not.

Because it’s a Ponzi scam, Metafi Yielders isn’t.

“We just started this yesterday,” Daher says. This is odd, given that he’s been harping on licensing for the past few weeks.

Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia are among the countries mentioned.

Because ASIC and the FCA are generally inactive when it comes to policing MLM-related securities fraud, Australia and the United Kingdom are useless.

Because each province has its financial regulator, Canada may be intriguing. But, like in the UK and Australia, I believe we’ll soon see a useless FINTRAC license appear.

The trend here is that these are all useless registrations that have been utilized by Ponzi fraudsters in the past. It’s all a bunch of nonsense.

Nothing beats registering with the SEC and filing the legally needed audited financial reports if you’re looking for investment from US residents.

Securities compliance cannot be backdated, thus this must be done before soliciting investment.

Investors in Metafi Yielders have also seen the following changes:

Affiliates who want to cash out before the contract’s 30/42-day maturity period will now be charged a 25% withdrawal fee.

The minimum withdrawal has been raised to $40. This is for “protection, safety, and reserves,” according to Daher.

Anyone who has missed withdrawals or made mistakes due to not reading the instructions on the page

All of these changes and problems have resulted in an avalanche of help requests. Daher also stated that tickets will henceforth be answered within 24 to 48 hours.

You’re placing too much strain on the support staff. They’re starting to feel a little crowded.

We continue to hire more and more workers, and the company’s profitability has begun to suffer as a result.

Daher wraps off by talking about the new 4.2 percent a day plan and the upcoming introduction of new techniques to keep more money in the system.

The 4.2 percent bundle has everyone’s attention. Yes, we’re attempting to improve our income, which is why we’ve done it at this point.

We’re attempting to grow our holdings since we’re preparing to introduce new features to the system that will necessitate greater liquidity and holdings.

Even though it appears to be a cash grab, Daher claims it isn’t.

So it’s not a cash grab, it’s not a ploy to hold you hostage—we’d love for you to stay with us at Metafi Yielders, but you may take your money and leave. That is just OK.

Here’s 4.2 percent each day in your back office, but employing support employees would bankrupt the business, so no.

17th of May, 2022 – Metafi Yielders is disintegrating. Withdrawal limits have been announced by the Ponzi scam.

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