Beware of Crowd1 – Review

The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a press statement alerting customers that the Crowd1 Ponzi scam is still illegal in the Philippines.

The SEC claims that its renewed May 10th investor alert was prompted by numerous reports received by the Commission regarding CROWD1 ASIA PACIFIC, INCcontinued .’s activities/operation in the Philippines despite the Commission’s PERMANENT Cease and Desist Order (CDO) issued on 02 July 2020, the ORDER OF REVOCATION of its Certificate of Registration issued on 09 September 2020, the SEC Advisory issued on 28 April 2020, and the SEC Advisory on Ronnie John Dohin

In this regard, the general public is hereby WARNED and ADVISED to exercise extreme caution when approached by individuals or groups claiming to represent CROWD1 ASIA PACIFIC, INC., and NOT TO INVEST or STOP INVESTING their hard-earned money in CROWD1 ASIA PACIFIC, INC. and any high-yield, high-risk investment scheme.

Ronnie Barrientos is still marketing Crowd1 in the Philippines as of May 2022:

Earlier this week, Barrientos held “packed” Crowd1 marketing events at what seemed to be local McDonald’s restaurants:

Given that the SEC’s initial warning against Barrientos was issued two years ago, it appears that more action beyond warnings is required.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has previously warned that promoters of Crowd1 in the Philippines face fines of 5 million PHP (USD 415,000) or a term of twenty-one years in jail.

The SEC is requesting that anybody solicited by Barrientos or anyone else representing Crowd1 in the Philippines contact them using the information given.

Jonas Werner (right), a Swedish national who moved to Dubai last year, runs Crowd1.

The Ponzi scam recently declared that it was shifting investor losses from virtual shares to crypto fraud via Metaversy.

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