Beware of Family First Life – Review part 2

The planned robocal fraud class-action against Family First Life has been sent to mediation.

A trial date has also been set for 2024.

On May 4th, the court directed the filed class-action to mediation as part of a regular procedure to avoid a trial. The parties will now go through the mediation process.

On October 13th, a mediation hearing to inform the court of the status of the proceedings has been planned.

A case management and scheduling order was issued on May 3rd, setting a jury trial for April 1st, 2024.

Today’s last update is a Motion to Dismiss filed by the defendants Family First Life on April 13th. These don’t always win in MLM cases, but they are part of the legal system.

For the time being, don’t expect any big changes until a possible settlement in the following months.

I’ll keep an eye on the case docket for any further developments.

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