Beware of PetronPay – Review

The SEC has placed PetronPay, or what’s left of it, on the PAUSE list.

The SEC maintains the PAUSE list, which names businesses soliciting investors who fraudulently claim to be registered, licensed, and/or situated in the United States.

PetronPay began in 2020 as a Ponzi scam with a 300 percent “oil barrels” concept.

Boris CEO “Johnny Grant” was in charge of the con:

PetronPay went bankrupt in mid-2021 after a PETRON token exit scheme was launched.

The domain “” was used to create PetronPay. As a result of the Ponzi scheme’s demise, the domain was disabled.

The domain “” was privately registered on April 14th, 2021. This looks to be a sloppy clone of the original PetronPay website.

The PetronPay relaunch website’s social networking icons go to a separate website building suite.

The investment programs available on the relaunched PetronPay website are identical to the original. The MLM opportunity associated is likewise the same.

PetronPay’s relaunch includes a US company address on their website in a bid to seem respectable.

This location belongs to PetronCorp, a separate specialty lubricant producer.

It’s unknown whether the relaunched website is maintained by PetronPay’s original owner or by opportunistic crooks.

PetronPay’s reboot, in my opinion, is the work of recovery fraudsters.

In any case, the SEC has taken notice of PetronPay’s relaunch.

The soliciting entities are not always registered in the United States, as they claim or suggest.

The SEC is releasing information it has gathered while investigating these complaints to alert the public about these businesses.

Apart from appearing to operate from there, PetronPay has no genuine links to the United States, as far as I’m aware.

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