Beware of Our Gas Club – Review

Our Gas Club’s website does not explicitly give information about the company’s ownership or executives.

To do so, go to the “webinars” section of the website, where Troy Mason is listed as the company’s President and CEO.

Mason was initially discovered by BehindMLM in 2013 while working for Gas Club of America.

The Gas Club of America was a basic matrix-based pyramid scam with penny auctions thrown in for good measure.

Penny auctions were popular at the time, thanks in part to the popularity of the now-defunct Zeek Rewards Ponzi scam.

Zlicense (2015) and ZBlackCard (2015) are two other MLM enterprises founded by Troy Mason (2018).

Mason described his story at an Our Gas Club corporate webcast on April 8, 2022;

Okay, I noticed a pattern that I’d seen previously.

As a result, I’d like to make it crystal plain to you. When I first saw this pattern, it was about 2008, I believe, and I noted that gas prices were beginning to rise.

“Waitaminute, hold on,” I said after watching it for a minute. This is going to be a rerun of 2008.”

So, almost four months ago, we began planning for what is currently taking place.

The domain name for our Gas Club’s website was registered on March 2nd, 2022.

I searched since I figured there was a good chance Mason had launched more gas schemes between 2008 and 2022, and I came across Ztegrity.

Take note of the video’s release date: November 4th, 2021. This jibes with Mason’s allegation of “four months ago” above.

This is when things start to get interesting. Ztegrity was a forex opportunity before being reinvented as the predecessor of Our Gas Club.

Mason and Ztegrity were sued by the CFTC for fraud in June 2021.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission stated today that it has launched a civil enforcement action against Troy Mason of Houston, Texas, and his Texas-based firm, ZTegrity, Inc., alleging fraudulent solicitation and failing to register with the CFTC as required by the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA).

According to the lawsuit, the defendants utilized numerous websites and social media platforms to falsely sell their forex trading pool as a version of a savings account that gave a higher rate with similar little or no risk from at least October 2019 until the present.

The defendants dubbed their forex trading pool “The Black Club” and “The Forex Savings Club,” claiming on their website that 411 people had contributed over $460,000.

The complaint also claims that the defendants enticed participants to join their forex trading pool by falsely claiming to “guarantee” that the funds they contributed to their individual “Forex Savings Accounts” would be repaid, and by falsely offering participants “with a 100 percent certainty” portions of the “substantial profit[s]” to be generated by trading forex with the pooled funds.

I opened the docket for the case. The CFTC filed an emergency application for an ex parte statutory restraining order on June 9th.

Mason was barred from withdrawing, transferring, removing, dissipating, or disposing of any monies, assets, or other property received in connection with (the) unlawful operation of the Forex Savings Club after the motion was granted on June 10th.

Mason was also forbidden from deleting evidence relating to Ztegrity.

The CFTC moved for a preliminary injunction on July 2nd, which would replace the statutory restraining order that had previously been obtained.

On July 13th, a preliminary injunction was issued against Mason and Ztegrity.

A trial has been set for February or March 2023, as of September 1st. On September 23rd, Mason responded to the CFTC’s case.

After the CFTC struck down Mason’s FX scam, Ztegrity put together a late 2021 gas offering.

Ztegrity’s gas service is essentially a relaunch of Gas Club of America, while Our Gas Club is a rebranding/reboot of Ztegrity.

The renaming is most likely an effort to dissociate the company from the CFTC’s Ztegrity fraud case.

Continue reading for a thorough examination of Our Gas Club’s multilevel marketing potential.

The Products of Our Gas Club

Our Gas Cub promotes a $19.95 app-based discount scheme.

There are no details on the platform supplied.

The Compensation Plan of Our Gas Club

The compensation model for our Gas Club is based on the recruitment of $89.95 per month fee-paying affiliates.

Commissions are paid at two levels (unilevel) of recruitment:

• $25 per month for level 1; $15 per month for level 2

Commissions are paid every month as long as the $89.95 charge is paid by the recruited affiliates.

Become a Member of Our Gas Club

To join the $19.95 app-based savings platform, our Gas Cub associates must first sign up.

After that, affiliate membership costs $79.95 per month.

Our Gas Membership Program Conclusion

Our Gas Club’s “gas” component is merely marketing for what is a conventional pyramid scheme.

Our Gas Club’s revenues are “more than enough to cover the cost of most people’s monthly gas use,” according to the hoax.

I wrote this about the Gas Club of America in 2013; I have no idea what any of this has to do with “gas.”

Our Gas Club is in the same boat. The message is simple: “assist afford rising gas expenses.” This is accomplished through an unsustainable pyramid structure, which is not officially stated.

Our Gas Club associates pay $19.95 to join the discount platform. Whatever the third-party commission is, Troy Mason is making a tidy profit.

Then you pay $79.95 per month for “Platinum Membership,” which also serves as associate membership.

Continue to pay this charge and persuade others to do the same to earn money.

Our Gas Club does supply marketing materials to help promote the program, however, this does not modify the company model’s pyramid structure.

MLM firms that do not have significant retail sales, according to the FTC, are pyramid scams.

The discount platform might be considered a retail service. While it is possible, it has nothing to do with the MLM opportunity offered by Our Gas Club.

Our Gas Club pays out 100% of its commissions based on recruiting.

In terms of the FTC, Our Gas Club is most certainly breaking the law:

This is certainly an income claim that would be considered deceptive. If the FTC looks into it, I believe Troy Mason is the only individual in Our Gas Club who comes close to making six figures a year.

Running a pyramid scheme is, without a doubt, a violation of the FTC Act.

When affiliate recruitment dries up, as it does with many MLM pyramid systems, commissions will dry up as well.

When those above them quit getting paid, downlines will stop paying $79.95 a month. They cease paying their fees, and before you realize it, you’ve sparked an irrevocable collapse.

MLM pyramid schemes are mathematically guaranteed to lose money for the vast majority of members.

I’ve added the CFTC’s Ztegrity complaint to BehindMLM’s case docket calendar since Ztegrity was the forerunner of Our Gas Club and Mason is operating both schemes.

As we continue to investigate the matter, we will provide updates.

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