Beware of HyperPay – Review

HyperPay, the payment processor affiliated with Hyperverse, is denying any involvement in the Ponzi scam.

An unusual announcement was made a few days ago on Twitter;

We’ve recently heard some misinformation concerning HyperPay and Hyperverse.

So let us state unequivocally that HyperPay has nothing to do with Hyperverse, and that no cooperation has been formed as of yet.

Over the years, HyperPay has served as the internal processor for HyperTech’s many Ponzi schemes.

In our 2020 HyperCapital analysis, BehindMLM first documented HyperPay.

HyperCapital was relaunched as HyperFund after it failed. After HyperFund went bankrupt, it was relaunched as Hyperverse.

Throughout all three HyperTech Ponzi scams, HyperPay has been a constant.

Because owner Ryan Xu conducts his Ponzi scheme through a slew of shell businesses, HyperPay is the only one with its own Twitter account.

I suppose having a lot of trademarks on marketing materials makes it simpler to deceive dumb investors.

Ongoing withdrawal issues might be one reason HyperPay is claiming it has nothing to do with Hyperverse.

Hyperverse was last checked in in early March. They’d recently released a new 400 percent ROI plan at the time, while still refusing withdrawal requests.

Over the last month, a few selective withdrawals have gone through, but most investors are discovering that once their plans expire, they will be unable to payout.

On the bright side, HyperPay is still one of the few HyperTech components that communicate openly. Ryan Xu has been on the run since late 2021 and hasn’t been seen since.

Sam Lee has likewise vanished, and Hyperverse Boris CEO Steven Lewis is now little more than a Twitter bot.

The bulk of top Hyperverse earners has discreetly moved on, except Kalpesh Patel.

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