Beware of Mido – Review

Mido Finance has gone bankrupt.

Withdrawals have been halted for a few days, and the company’s social media profiles have been deleted.

Mido Finance withdrawals ceased around the time the crypto market tanked earlier this week, according to what I’ve been able to determine.

Mido Finance has deleted its official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, which coincides with the suspension of withdrawals:

Mido Finance was publishing videos to its official YouTube account when BehindMLM examined the firm last November.

Since then, the corporation has either lost or removed the account, as well as the channel. The marketing films on the Mido Finance website (which is still live) are hosted by Odysee at the time of publishing.

On April 19th, 2022, a video with an actor portraying Mido Finance CEO “Javier Rodriguez” was uploaded.

The actor portraying CMO “Lionel Von Berne” was the sole Mido Finance executive on camera in November (see screenshot above).

Mido Finance’s demise came after a sharp drop in internet traffic between March and April:

According to SimilarWeb, the bulk of Mido Finance investors are thought to be from Germany (31%), France (9%), Argentina (7.2%), South Korea (7%), and the United States (6 percent ).

Total investor losses are unknown pending regulatory action, which is unlikely given that Mido Finance was a Boris CEO Ponzi with links to Dubai.

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