Beware of OneCoin – Review

Ruja Ignatova, the inventor of OneCoin, has been placed on Interpol’s red notice wanted list.

Germany is looking for Ignatova, accusing her of “jointly committed exceptionally serious case of fraud (and) money laundering.”

Europol has also issued a wanted poster.

For “any important information leading to” Ignatova’s arrest, Eurpol is offering a reward of EUR 5000.

I assume this is related to the German Bielefeld probe, given the prosecutor’s office in Bielefeld has also issued a similar notification.

Given that OneCoin was a $4 billion Ponzi scam, and Ignatova is said to have made off with 230,000 BTC, a payment of EUR 5000 seems a little inadequate.

OneCoin, on the other hand, debuted in 2014, and Europe is just now beginning to take it seriously.

In a way, yes. Indictments against OneCoin have been filed in Germany and Italy. Igor Alberts, the top OneCoin earner, continues to live freely in the Netherlands. Bulgaria allows OneCoin to operate from its Sofia offices.

Outside of Europe, Ignatova was arrested and charged in the United States in 2017. She is still on the run from the US police.

If Ignatova isn’t dead, she’s thought to be hiding in the United Arab Emirates or Russia. In a contest between the two, I’m betting on the UAE.

It’ll be much simpler to blend in with the other criminals, and the Sheiks won’t bother you.

15th of May, 2022 – In Germany, wanted posters showing Ruja Ignatova have begun to appear.

A reader brought in this shot, which was taken at a train station:

Millions have been defrauded.

Have you discovered anything concerning Ignatova’s whereabouts?

The phone number shown belongs to the Dusseldorf Regional Criminal Intelligence Service.

The coat of arms in the lower-left corner of the image is that of the police forces of North Rhine-Westphalia, whose capital is Dusseldorf.

Melanie, a BehindMLM reader, has been keeping track of German media coverage in the comments section.

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