Beware of IPCapital – Review

The con artists at Intelligence Prime Capital have taken their departure scam to a new level… by resigning from the firm.

During yesterday’s exit-scam hijinks, the suspected head of Intelligence Prime Capital “Eddie” (right) claimed that the company had been hacked.

According to management, we have a security breach on the system due to a hacker.

Remember how I said the hacker would come to us and ask for money?

They want the corporation to pay them before they stop hacking the system; they even have our user information, and they won’t stop until they are paid.

The firm believes it is the same group of people who are sabotaging the company regularly.

Then, due to this problem, I’d like everyone to cease marketing and putting money into the system right now so that additional people don’t have to face the load.

Only then should you proceed with the promotion, when the technical team has resolved all of the hacking issues so that our leaders have more confidence in the system and our leaders.

Please don’t speak anything out loud, and don’t identify my identity as the source of this knowledge… please, please.

Eddie forwarded the message on WhatsApp, which was then shared in a video by serial Ponzi marketer Mike Lucas.

That report was dropped later in the day for whatever reason.

The report that Eddie and his colleagues Intelligence Prime Capital administrators had dismissed themselves took its place.

Eddie, IPCapital’s marketing director, and his marketing team (which includes all consultants and customer service workers including Jayden, Michelle, Patrick, Ken, Nate, Sharon, and Marcus) are immediately sacked with immediate effect.

Following an examination, we discovered that the team had broken their contractual agreement by spreading harmful rumors that had harmed the company’s reputation.

Their claims are untrue, and we are retaining the right to pursue legal action to protect IPCapital’s integrity and reputation.

Other than Eddie, the remainder of the Intelligence Prime Capital crew fled a few days ago when the US shutdown was announced, according to my understanding.

Intelligence Prime Capital is expected to limp around in the background until completely crumbling in the future. If I had to estimate, it would be next week, but nothing is set in stone.

What is evident is that by resigning, Eddie and his gang of con artists buy themselves time to separate themselves from their victims.

Because Intelligence Prime Capital was not extensively advertised in Singapore, regulators are unlikely to take action. Until recently, the United States was Intelligence Prime Capital’s principal source of fresh investment and recruits.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates securities in the United States. Intelligence Prime Capital, its administrators, and promoters are not registered to sell securities in the United States.

A few weeks ago, Nigeria emerged as a new market to steal money. The Bank of Nigeria occasionally issues warnings, but otherwise remains silent on MLM-related securities fraud.

The IPC Rebels downline organization is managed by Mike Lucas (right) and his companion in crime Mike Donaldson. They are thought to be towards the top of the Intelligence Prime Capital earnings list in the United States.

They declared yesterday that they were leaving the firm by attempting to withdraw their funds from their accounts this weekend. This is likely to be prevalent among US investors, which is why I expect the market to crash next week.

Lucas (right) and Donaldson will lose very little money in back-office monopoly money after making a lot of money via recruitment.

Lucas and Donaldson are funneling victims into the COTP Ponzi scheme in the aftermath of Intelligence Prime Capital’s protracted exit fraud and impending collapse.

Updated March 29th, 2022 – Mike Lucas and Mike Donaldson have removed all of their latest Intelligence Prime Capital videos titled “Mike & Mike.”

As a result, the previously available link to their mentioned video has been removed in this article.

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