Beware of Monarch – Review

The site of Monarch is a little vague: Monarch is completely free to join and allows you to start earning weekly revenue right now.

We receive a bit more information farther down the page:

Kent Kruusmaa created Monarch OÜ in Estonia in October of 2020.

Company Monarch is the current and future authorized distributor of United Crypto cards, as well as other United Solutions ecosystem goods.

“Crypto specialist & investor” is how Ken Kruusmaa characterizes himself.

Kruusma began his professional career in 2011 as the CEO of a cleaning firm, according to his LinkedIn page.

He became a member of the Wellstar pyramid scam in 2015. After Wellstar Kruusmaa’s infamous OneCoin Ponzi scam, he moved on to cryptocurrency fraud.

After OneCoin’s bankruptcy in early 2017, Kruusmaa was part of Igor Alberts’ downline that switched to DagCoin.

Kruusmaa was recorded generating EUR 140,000 per month through the DagCoin Ponzi and its linked Success Factory marketing arm.

That didn’t last long, as Kruusmaa joined United Token as Head of Marketing later that year.

On United Token’s website, Kruusmaa is listed as the company’s founder and CEO.

Kent Kruusmaa, an Estonian, is the United’s founder.

Kent is the Founder/Co-Founder of EliteX Exchange, Ex Utility Token, Ucube Crowdfunding Platform, Monarch, and U-land Marketplace as of now.

I’d never heard of Ucube or U-land, but I had heard about EliteX back in November, and I wanted to make a note of a Ponzi scheme being operated through Erik Nurm’s Coinswap Space fraud platform.

Kent Kruusmaa, a former OneCoin and DagCoin Ponzi schemer, runs EliteX Exchange.

Invest in ex token and gain a 250 percent staking bonus, or a 240 percent bonus if you “farm” with CoinSwap Space’s css crap token.

Referral commissions are not MLM; you earn $5 USDT for each affiliate investor you bring on board.

One of the crooks behind the TronCase Ponzi scheme is Erik Norm. He went on to create his CoinSwap Space blockchain bro factory after TronCase failed.

Martin Karus was Erik Norm’s Troncase accomplice. Last month, Karus made an appearance on a Monarch webinar held by promoter Fallon Neeme (click to enlarge):

Nurm and Karus, the Troncase con artists, are rumored to be collaborating with Kaaruusma.

Through Nurm’s CoinSpace Space platform, Kaaruusma is creating his crypto fraud factory. Monarch is the most recent addition.

The monarch was debuted in November of last year, at the same time as EliteX:

Continue reading for a thorough examination of Monarch’s multilevel marketing potential.

The Products of Monarch

Monarch offers no items or services that can be purchased in stores.

Monarch affiliate membership is the sole product that affiliates may promote.

Compensation Plan for Monarch

Affiliates of Monarch invest in unified tokens (UTED).

• United Standard 18 – EUR 18, affiliate membership with no UTED tokens

• United Standard 50 – For EUR 50, you will receive EUR 60 in UTED tokens (locked for 12 months)

• United Silver 250 EUR – Get 375 EUR worth of UTED tokens for EUR 250 (locked for 12 months)

• United Silver 1000 – EUR 1000 entitles you to EUR 1500 in UTED tokens (locked for 12 months)

• United Silver 2500 EUR – Get EUR 3750 worth of UTED tokens for EUR 2500 (locked for 12 months)

• United Gold 1000 – EUR 1000 entitles you to EUR 2200 in UTED tokens (locked for 24 months)

• United Gold 2500 EUR – Get EUR 2500 worth of UTED tokens for EUR 2500 (locked for 24 months)

• United Gold 7500 – Get EUR 7500 worth of UTED tokens for EUR 7500 (locked for 24 months)

• Maxx Limited – for EUR 10,000, you get EUR 30,000 in UTED tokens (released weekly over 156 weeks)

On its website, Monarch does not list a price for purchasing UTED tokens.

Given Monarch’s ability to produce UTED on demand, it’s unclear if UTED is offered at market pricing or a lower internal price.

Monarch’s MLM division pays out on investments made by affiliates who are recruited directly or indirectly.

Affiliate Ranks at Monarch

Monarch’s compensation scheme is divided into twelve levels.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

1. Become a Monarch associate by signing up.

2. Silver – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 2000 BV.

3. Platinum – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 10,000 BV.

4. Topaz – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 20,000 BV

5. Sapphire – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 40,000 BV.

6. Ruby – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 80,000 BV

7. Emerald – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 160,000 BV.

8. Diamond – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 320,000 BV.

9. Blue Diamond – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 640,000 BV.

10. Black Diamond – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 1,200,000 BV.

11. Crown Diamond – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 2,400,000 BV.

12. Ambassador – create and maintain a monthly binary team volume of 5,000,000 BV

The term “Business Volume” refers to the amount of money invested by affiliates who have been recruited.

• United Standard 18 recruitment yields 18 BV; United Standard 50 recruitment yields 50 BV; United Silver 250 recruitment yields 250 BV; United Silver 1000 recruitment yields 1100 BV; United Silver 2500 recruitment yields 3000 BV; United Gold 1000 recruitment yields 1300 BV; United Gold 2500 recruitment yields 3250 BV; United Gold 7500 recruitment yields 10,000 BV; Maxx Limited recruitment yields 10,000 BV

It’s worth noting that the monthly binary team BV needs must be distributed evenly between the two sides (50 percent /50 percent).

Limits on Weekly Commissions

Monarch places a cap on the number of weekly commissions that may be earned dependent on rank:

• Silver ranked affiliates can earn up to EUR 200 per week • Platinum ranked affiliates can earn up to EUR 1000 per week • Topaz ranked affiliates can earn up to EUR 5000 per week • Sapphire ranked affiliates can earn up to EUR 10,000 per week • Ruby ranked affiliates can earn up to EUR 15,000 per week • Emerald ranked affiliates can earn up to EUR 20,000 per week

Commissions for Referrals

Monarch pays a 5% referral fee on assets invested by affiliates who were personally recruited.

Monarch pays referral commissions in TRON every week.

Residual Commissions are commissions that are paid regularly.

Monarch uses a binary compensation mechanism to pay residual commissions.

In a binary compensation system, an affiliate is placed at the top of a binary team, which is divided into two sides (left and right):

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. The binary team’s second level is created by dividing the initial two slots into two more positions each (4 positions).

The binary team’s subsequent levels are created as needed, with each new level containing twice as many slots as the preceding level.

Affiliates are recruited both directly and indirectly to fill positions on the binary team. It’s worth noting that a binary team can go as deep as it wants.

Monarch adds up the fresh volume (BV) on both sides of the binary team after each day.

Affiliates are paid 10% of the volume generated on their binary team’s weaker side.

TRON is used to pay residual commissions.

The weaker volume is matched against the stronger side and flushed after it has been paid out.

The stronger binary team’s leftover volume carries over.

Bonus for gaining momentum

Monarch affiliates that meet the requirements for the Momentum Bonus will get a 15% residual commission rate.

New Monarch affiliates must either 1. qualify at Topaz during their first 30 days or 2. qualify at Sapphire within their first 90 days to be eligible for the Momentum Bonus.

Bonuses for Rank Achievement

Monarch offers the following Rank Achievement Bonuses to affiliates that qualify for Platinum and higher:

• qualify at Platinum for an “international event ticket” • qualify at Topaz for three months of “Go Pro by Eric Worre” online subscription • qualify at Sapphire for an iPhone SE

You get a MacBook if you qualify at Ruby

• Earn a “Tony Robbins UPW,” which includes a trip and overnight stay, if you qualify at Emerald.

You get a Rolex Submariner Datejust by qualifying at Diamond

• qualify for an “all-inclusive, 5 star luxury holiday in the Maldives for two people” at Blue Diamond; • qualify for a Tesla Model 3 at Black Diamond;

• Earn a Corvette C8 by qualifying at Crown Diamond.

• Receive $250,000 if you qualify for Ambassador.

It is completely free to join the Monarch Monarch affiliate program.

An X investment in united tokens is required to fully participate in the linked income potential.

Monarch is looking for ethereum, bitcoin, tron, and USD investments.

Conclusion of the Monarch

The official marketing scheme employed by Monarch has little to do with the MLM potential.

Monarch affiliates have the option of selling real estate, United crypto cards, United properties ads, United Token cryptocurrency, or United exchange items.

Platforms work based on referrals and are free to join, which is why we had over 1000 affiliates on our platform within the first month.

In a word, Monarch is an excuse for Kent Kruusmaa’s bigger crypto fraud platform to enroll fools.

United coin was released late last year and saw a minor pump before crashing:

UTED was dumped at roughly 2 cents until mid-February when it started to do the following:

Investing in Monarch, on the other hand, allows Kruusmaa to dump UTED tokens on investors. Unless they deposit EUR 10,000, said investors will be locked out for 12/24 months.

This is to put an end to selling in the hopes that limited external interest and whatever is going on in the chart above will help to boost the price before the deadlines. Of course, if you deposit 10,000 EUR, you will be the first to cash out.

That’s pretty much it. Monarch investors are also exposed to Kruusmaa’s EliteXC exchange, which has been recycled (together with ex-token staking investment and Coin Swap Space’s CSS token).

Because there are no overt rewards paid out through Monarch, making the case for securities fraud is a little murky (via staking or otherwise). What is certain, however, is that no one invests in UTED tokens without the hope of making a profit.

One may claim that locking the tokens creates a single entity, passing the Howey Test. Profit generated from others’ labor is certainly satisfied, as any growth in UTED’s market value is the consequence of others’ investment.

Monarch’s “M-Points” are another problematic feature.

M-Points are earned through investments and commissions. They’re transformed into “Monarch Dex Native Token” once they’ve been bought.

The higher an affiliate’s participation in a pool ostensibly supported by M-DEX transaction fees, the more M-DEX tokens they have.

On December 15, 2022, each member will get m-points, which they may exchange for a monarch dex native token.

On December 15, 2022, the Monarch dex will be issued, and the top 100 members with the greatest m-points will become m-dex stockholders.

Monarch’s MPoints –> M-DEX token scheme, as well as the implicit “buy-in our UTED tokens because of the moon,” point to securities fraud.

There are also no audited financial papers to prove that Monarch is doing as it claims on the backend.

The question of whether Monarch is issuing securities is crucial because the company is incorporated in Estonia. Monarch is not registered in any country to sell securities.

Someone is now advertising Monarch in Pakistan. Pakistan is the sole noteworthy source of the traffic to Monarch’s website, according to Alexa (62 percent ).

Nothing is offered to or sold to retail investors on Monarch’s MLM side, which acts as a pyramid scam.

One thing to keep in mind is that, despite Kruusmaa’s plethora of ship tokens, none of them can be used to sign up for Monarch affiliate membership.

Kruusmaa isn’t interested in his tokens because he knows they’re useless.

Coming from OneCoin and DagCoin, the cynic in me feels EliteX, United Token, Monarch, and others are Kruusmaa, comprehending that only those who manage token schemes become wealthy.

Others may earn by advertising them, as Kruusmaa did with OneCoin and again, but you’re not maximizing profits long-term unless you’re producing tokens on-demand and flogging them.

Regrettably, such earnings originate from unsuspecting investors. Remember that both OneCoin and DagCoin have a history of shittoken bagholders, and don’t be one of them.

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