Beware of Kripto Future – Review

The scammers behind the defunct Kripto Future Ponzi scheme are promoting a new version.

“Kritpto Future 2.0” is the working title for the relaunch. The launch date has been set for less than 24 hours.

Kripto Future 2.0 is being released from “,” as opposed to the original website domain (“”), which is still active.

On February 9th, 2022, Kripto Future’s V2 domain was privately registered.

The website for Kripto Future V2 is currently merely a parked WordPress template. Before the wide public introduction, scammers are being preloaded into the Ponzi scheme.

The moment has come for world leaders to take a stand.

Our website will be available to the general public in 48 hours, but global leaders will be able to take advantage of it sooner.

Kripto Future is a typical Boris CEO Ponzi scheme, allegedly conducted by Russian con artists.

Boris CEO of Kripto Future was a person dressed up as “Jeffer Ribera.”

Scammers from Kripto Future set up Ribera in Dubai, the world’s MLM fraud capital.

The Ponzi scam fell less than a month after the Russian Central Bank issued a warning about Kripto Future fraud.

Ribera disappeared for a while, only to reappearance in February 2022 for the V2 relaunch.

A series of investor communications preceded the introduction of Kripto Future V2.

The initial reboot rollout was set for early March, according to these conversations. The date has been moved back many times, most recently to March 22nd.

On Telegram, the Kripto Future V2 team is coordinating.

The hackneyed “illness” ploy has been thrown out to explain Ribera’s departure after Kripto Future collapsed:

The failure of Kripto Future is referred to as “a setback” in an undated email sent “straight from the CEO.”

I also want to bring to your attention total awareness that the firm that experienced a temporary setback has recovered with the determination to not go back or fall short. The officiating was completely integrated.

The impact of previous uprisings has resulted in the ultimate consolidation and solidity of our position today. And I’d like to inform you that the firm has established itself in the capital market and continues to set new records.

The firm has undergone significant innovation, and its technology is currently among the best in the mining and trading industries. It’s truly a matter of willpower.

Hiring an English translation to help with the distorted Russian was too much.

BehindMLM will post a Krypto Future V2 review if it hasn’t already collapsed by the time it appears.

Ponzi reboots usually don’t endure as long as their predecessors. Unfortunately, the MLM crypto sector is populated by some of the world’s most inept individuals.

Update 4 May 2022: BehindMLM has checked in on Kripto Future V2 to see how things are progressing. Spoiler alert: not very well.

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