Beware of The Generation Zoe – Review

With Maximiliano Batista’s arrest in Argentina, the Generation Zoe tale continues.

After his political justifications for persecution fell hollow, founder Leonardo Corsitorto resorted to religion.

Batista is the second-in-command of Generation Zoe. Batista, who was wanted by Argentine authorities, was hiding out in Europe.

Authorities raided Batista’s daughter’s home last week. As a result, Batista’s lawyer said that he will return to Argentina to surrender.

Batista arrived in Buenos Aires around 12 hours ago and was instantly detained.

Argentine officials are also looking for Generation Zoe’s creator, Leonardo Cositorto.

Cositorto said he was being hunted for political reasons when it was discovered he was hiding in Colombia.

I’m free to go; it was a request from the prosecutor, who is aware of the issue and wields a powerful hand; but, I’m now approaching places in Colombia since the problem here is political; they took some images of me during a political performance.

Cositorto would subsequently campaign for a Colombian senatorial candidate (and Generation Zoe investor), although he had no overt political affiliations at the time.

In any case, religion appears to have taken the place of that justification.

Cositorto pretended to be an “evangelical preacher” in a March 20th webinar, according to Informacion.

“God can give us ten times more than what we have,” Cositorto reminded viewers (most of whom would be Generation Zoe investors), adding that “Jehovah is your partner.”

Rather than the basic math that ensures the failure of any Ponzi scheme, Generation Zoe’s demise is instead attributed to “the devil.”

“You have already entered another dimension and a new life, stay there, live by faith, without hesitation, he who doubts is inconstant, may your peace or happiness not decline; prosperity comes from above,” he says to his “brothers, leaders, ministers,” warning them about the betrayals that have occurred within their community, and later ensuring that those who “stay on the side of darkness” will “transfer” to those who “stay on the side of light.”

“Devil liar, manipulator, controller, who manages the hidden powers here on Earth, who pits brothers against one another, who puts leprosy in our lives (…) and now wants to destroy our identity as a believer because if you stop believing, you can annul the blessing, distort your image and likeness of God,” declares the Argentine, who once again blames his predicament on the “brutal attack that they have been doing from different places in this case towards me

What a coincidence that they pull us out on television and put biblical teachings in the backdrop, mingling it with the alleged swindle that they claim.

All to unjustly remove, expel, and discredit Christianity and men of faith.”

God will “reconstruct and position us,” according to Cositorto, and “many will have to keep their tongues shut and know that God is backing this organization, these individuals, and this team.”

“This afternoon, God tells you that he is going to alter everything, that he is going to honor his word, that he is going to restore you, and that he is going to restore everything the Devil took from you and us.”

Cositorto created the clone Ponzi scam Sunrise Coach after Generation Zoe failed.

Sunrise Coach has been soliciting investments, but no withdrawal requests have been paid yet.

It’s unknown why Colombian officials have yet to apprehend Costitorto.

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