Beware of Ultron – Review

As part of Givvo, Ultron is being released. The implementation is a little weird.

Ultron is a stand-alone opportunity that was once posted on Givvo’s website:

Until recently, that subdomain was functional. It has now been turned off.

Givvo presently does not have an independent online presence, as far as I can discover. Regardless, we know it’s connected to Givvo.

“Change the reality that 99 percent of individuals never win in life?” claims Givvo.

GIVVO’s fundamental concept arose from a simple wish: to fulfill everyone’s innermost wants while also improving the planet.

Givvo bills itself as a fundraising platform for “humanitarian groups” that aren’t named.

GIVVO generates funds for one of the licensed Humanitarian Organizations through the “Donations Campaign.”

We will reveal how this group utilized given funds once the campaign is completed.

Givvo is a crowdfunding platform with a contribution backend. You gain “donation points” for purchasing things on their marketplace. Donation points are allocated to initiatives that have been planned ahead of time.

Givvo, I suppose, is just funneling what would otherwise be consumer cashback into charitable donations.

A referral money possibility is attached to Givvo:

Givvo’s website now had 2.8 million visitors according to Alexa. This isn’t a lot of money.

There are no facts about who owns Givvo and, by extension, Ultron.

Givvo’s website states that the campaign is being managed through the UK shell firm Prizer22 LTD under the “campaign guidelines” section.

A MLM firm based in the United Kingdom, or claiming to be based in the United Kingdom, is a red sign.

The cost of forming a company in the United Kingdom is quite low, and it is practically uncontrolled. Furthermore , the UK’s leading financial regulator, the FCA does not actively monitor securities fraud associated with MLM.

As a result, the United Kingdom is a popular destination for fraudsters trying to set up, operate, and advertise fictitious businesses.

Incorporation in the United Kingdom or registration with the Financial Conduct Authority has no bearing on MLM due diligence.

From Slovakia and Slovenia, Givvo’s official Facebook page is run. This corresponds to the company’s ecommerce platform, which works in euros.

Give posted an event video to their YouTube account in September 2021:

Matej Cifra, a Slovakian YouTuber, is the man in the video. Cifra is the owner of the Sajfa YouTube channel.

I couldn’t find out how engaged Cifra is with Givvo of Ultron.

Tobias Sukenik, who I can guarantee is significantly involved with Givvo, was introduced to me by Cifra.

Sukenik co-founded TBF International, a CBD multilevel marketing organization, in 2019. Kannaway purchased TBF International in 2020.

Michal Kyselica and Michal Prazenica Kyselica are listed as TBF International’s other co-founders in the BusinessForHome article mentioned above, but Michal Prazenica Kyselica appears to have moved on…

Updated on March 25, 2022 – Michal Kyselica has contacted us to establish that he has no connection to Ultron or Givvo.

…yet Michal Prazenica lists himself as the CEO of Givvo on LinkedIn.

A BehindMLM reader linked Sukenik and Prazenica to the BeReal Estate Ponzi scam in 2018 before they co-founded TBF International.

Another reader (comment #27) had previously linked Sukenik and Prazenica to Givvo, so I realized I might have spared myself some work.

That happened in October of 2021. Because I couldn’t find out more about Givvo’s business approach, I couldn’t write a review.

Another reader just contacted me and asked for a Givvo/Ultron review. I was able to comply this time.

Tobias Sukenik and Michal Prazenica are both located in Dubai, according to their social media profiles.

Because of its limited extradition treaties and lack of regulation of MLM-related securities fraud, Dubai is a refuge for con artists.

BehindMLM believes Dubai to be the world’s MLM fraud capital. Any MLM firm situated in Dubai or with management based there always raises red flags.

The commercial operations of Givvo and Ultron appear to be distributed throughout Dubai, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

As always, if an MLM firm isn’t transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

Ultron’s Creations

Ultron offers no items or services that can be purchased in stores.

Ultron affiliate membership is the only thing affiliates can market.

Ultron’s Reimbursement Scheme

Ultron affiliates buy ULTRON tokens in exchange for promised rewards.

Affiliates can purchase Ultron tokens for one cent apiece in one of three packages:

• 500 Euros • 1500 Euros • 5000 Euros

All bundles include a 20% bonus in ULTRON tokens.

ULTRON tokens are purchased and parked with the corporation with the prospect of advertised returns.

The return on an affiliate’s Ultron token investment is determined by how long they keep their tokens:

• 0.2 percent per day during the first year; 0.1 percent per day during the second year; 0.05 percent per day during the third year; 0.025 percent per day during the fourth year; 0.012 percent per day during the fifth year

Ultron’s MLM side provides commissions on tokens acquired by affiliates who have been recruited.

Affiliate Ranks for Ultron

Ultron’s pay scheme has fifteen affiliate positions.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

1. Become a partner and invest in Ultron tokens.

2. Active Partner – accumulating EUR 100 in weaker binary team side volume

3. Supervisor – create a total of 2500 EUR in weaker binary team side volume.

4. Master – create a total of 5000 EUR in weaker binary team side volume.

5. Team Manager – create 15,000 EUR in cumulative weaker binary team side volume as a team manager.

6. President Manager – gathered weaker binary team side volume of 40,000 EUR

7. Regional Manager – accumulated weaker binary team side volume of 75,000 EUR

8. Executive Director – create a total of 200,000 EUR in weaker binary team side volume.

9. Diamond Director – accumulating 200,000 EUR in weaker binary team side volume

10. Earn 1,000,000 EUR in aggregated weaker binary team side volume as a Double Diamond Director.

11. Vice President – accumulative weaker binary team side volume of 2,500,000 EUR

12. President – create a total of 6,000,000 EUR in weaker binary team volume.

13. Global President – accumulative weaker binary team side volume of 15,000,000 EUR

14. Star President – gathered weaker binary team side volume of 30,000,000 EUR

15. Legend – create a total of 50,000,000 EUR in weaker binary team side volume.

Commissions for Referrals

Ultron affiliates get a 10% fee on token bundles acquired by affiliates they directly recruited.

Residual Commissions are commissions that are paid regularly.

Ultron distributes residual commissions using a binary compensation scheme, in which an affiliate is placed at the top of a binary team, which is divided into two sides (left and right):

The binary team’s initial level has two slots. The binary team’s second level is created by dividing the initial two slots into two more positions each (4 positions).

The binary team’s subsequent levels are created as needed, with each new level containing twice as many slots as the preceding level.

Affiliates are recruited both directly and indirectly to fill positions on the binary team. It’s worth noting that a binary team can go as deep as it wants.

Ultron keeps track of fresh investment volume on both sides of the binary team after each week.

Affiliates are paid 10% of the investment volume generated by their binary team’s weaker side.

Residual commissions are capped every week based on rank:

• Earn up to EUR 1000 as a partner.

• Active Partners can earn up to EUR 3000 through Masters.

• Team leaders can earn up to EUR 5000 every year.

• President Managers have the potential to earn up to EUR 7500.

• Regional Managers might earn up to EUR 10,000 in their first year.

• Executive Directors have the potential to earn up to EUR 12,000 each year.

• Diamond Directors have the potential to earn up to EUR 20,000.

• Double Diamond Directors can earn up to EUR 30,000, Vice Presidents up to EUR 40,000, and Presidents up to EUR 50,000.

Global Presidents can earn up to EUR 75,000, Star Presidents up to EUR 175,000, and Legends up to EUR 350,000.

After the volume is paid out, it is matched and flushed against the stronger binary team side.

The remainder of the volume is carried over to the next week.

Ultron uses a uni-level compensation system to pay a Matching Bonus.

An affiliate is put at the head of a uni-level team, with every individually recruited affiliate placed right behind them (level 1):

Level 1 affiliates who recruit new affiliates are assigned to the original affiliate’s unilevel team’s level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on, up to a theoretical limit of an unlimited number of levels.

Ultron sets a limit of seven uni-level team levels for the Matching Bonus.

The Matching Bonus is calculated as a proportion of uni-level team affiliates’ leftover commissions.

The number of tiers on which an Ultron affiliate gets the Matching Bonus is based on their rank:

• On level 1, Masters and Team Managers get a 10% match (personally recruited affiliates)

• On levels 1 and 2, project managers receive a 10% match; on levels 1 to 3, regional managers receive a 10% match.

• Executive Directors receive a 10% match on levels 1–4; Diamond Directors receive a 10% match on levels 1–5.

• On levels 1 to 6, Double Diamond Directors receive a 10% match.

• On levels 1 to 7, vice presidents and above receive a 10% match.

Bonus for Recruiting

An Ultron affiliate receives a return on their first package purchase if they acquire five affiliates who purchase a package within 30 days of joining up.

Affiliates must purchase packages that are equal to or greater than those purchased by eligible affiliates.

Bonus Pools for Leaders

Ultron puts 5% of the company’s sales into a bonus pool for the top executives.

The Leaders Bonus Pool is divided into four smaller pools of similar size.

Ultron affiliates are eligible for a portion of the smaller Leader Bonus Pools according to their rank:

• Managers are eligible for a portion of a Manager Leader Bonus Pool.

• Presidents earn a share of a President Leader Bonus Pool, whereas directors receive a part of a Director Leader Bonus Pool.

• Legends are eligible for a portion of the Legend Leader Bonus Pool Rank Achievement Bonus.

Ultron offers the following one-time Rank Achievement Bonuses to affiliates that qualify at Team Manager or higher:

• qualify as a Team Manager for EUR 500; • qualify as a President Manager for EUR 1200; • qualify as a Regional Manager for EUR 2500; • qualify as an Executive Director for EUR 6000

• qualify as a Diamond Director for EUR 15,000; qualify as a Double Diamond Director for EUR 30,000; qualify as a Vice President for EUR 75,000; qualify as a President for EUR 200,000; qualify as a Global President for EUR 500,000; qualify as a Star President for EUR 1,000,000; qualify as a Legend for EUR 2,500,000

Ultron affiliate membership is related to the purchase of an Ultron token bundle worth €500, €1500, or EUR 5000.

The more money an affiliate spends on their package, the more money they may make.

Ultron’s Finale

Give has its cryptocurrency component, according to a marketing film from last October:

Givvo goes full crypto bro with pyramid recruiting and securities fraud in Ultron.

Ultron’s crypto bro ambitions have yet to be realized, which is quite unsurprising.

Investment fraud is already in the works. Ultron affiliates sign up, invest in Ultron tokens, stake their tokens with the firm, and earn a passive income.

This is a securities offering that must be registered with the appropriate financial regulators.

Ultron has no external revenue stream (the eCommerce platform failed, so that’s out), thus returns on invested Ultron are paid with monies that were later invested.

Ultron will undoubtedly come up with some phony compliance to justify his actions. This is worthless without audited financial records submitted with authorities.

Ultron’s MLM side makes money by recruiting affiliates who also invest. Due to the lack of retail in Ultron’s MLM potential, pyramid recruiting is the only option.

There are two levels of fraud, a UK shell business for banking, and don’t forget that Givvo is controlled by criminals in Dubai.

When Ultron eventually fails, good luck getting your money back from them.

Ultron’s marketing literature claims that it’s an “Ethereum virtual machine compliant protocol,” hinting at the impending exit scam

That’s just a convoluted way of saying Ultron is an ERC20 shittoken, in my opinion. These are simple to put up and cost little to nothing.

For reference, on February 9th, the domain “Ultron. foundation” was privately registered. This appears to be the point at which Givvo’s Ultron relaunch was launched.

Ultron does not appear to be publically tradeable at the time of publishing. If that remains the case, Tobias Sukenik and Michal Prazenica will depart stage left during Ultron’s exit scam.

Ultron affiliates will be left with tokens they can’t accomplish anything with.

Admins will run off with invested monies if Ultron is finally dumped on shady exchanges, leaving affiliates in a sell-off race to the bottom.

Whatever path Ultron’s administrators take, logic assures that the vast majority of Ponzi scheme members will lose money.

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