Beware of OnPassive & Crowd1 – Review

Bhutan’s Office of Consumer Protection has identified OnPassive and Crowd1 to be pyramid scams.

The OCP is part of Bhutan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and is “charged with promoting and protecting consumers’ economic interests and safety.”

According to the Office of Consumer Protection’s OnPassive and Crowd1 warnings, the general public is advised not to participate in any manner or form with the following commercial entities: I Crowd1 and (ii) OnPassive.

It has been discovered that their business operations are pyramid scams.

In addition, the commercial entities are violating the Consumer Protection Act of Bhutan 2012 and the Consumer Protection Rules and Regulations 2015 through false representation, misleading marketing, and violation of consumer rights.

OnPassive was evaluated by BehindMLM in January of this year. We also decided OnPassive was a pyramid scam based on its matrix-based business strategy.

OnPassive costs $97 to become an O-Founder with the promise of commissions on affiliate recruiting.

OnPassive is approaching the end of its four-year prelaunch period. Owner Ash Mufareh and his team of developers in India are the only ones who have profited from the firm.

Crowd1 is a Ponzi scam that has been operating since the year 2019.

Since then, Crowd1 has been resurrected by a slew of marketing ruses. Virtual shares in a UK shell corporation and an NFT game that no one wants are the current ruses.

Jonas Werner, a Swedish national, runs Crowd1.

Werner moved to Dubai from Sweden last year. Due to restricted extradition treaties and a lack of enforcement of MLM-related securities fraud, Dubai provides a haven for fraudsters.

BehindMLM believes Dubai to be the world’s MLM fraud capital.

Bhutan is the seventeenth country to adopt anti-Crowd1 regulatory action.

Nepal, Russia, Peru, New Zealand, Mauritius, South Africa, the Philippines, Norway, Namibia, Paraguay, Gabon, Vietnam, Cote d’Ivoire, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have all issued identical scam alerts.

Bhutan’s OCP has ordered OnPassive and Crowd1’s promoters to “stop operations with immediate effect.”

Continued marketing of OnPassive and Crowd1 in Bhutan will be “death [sic] with by the country’s current laws.”

The OCP issued a warning in August 2021. Thanks to a tip from The Recovering Hunbot, I recently became aware of it.

Bhutanese media appears to have only recently picked up on the OCP’s warning, and they are unsure what the story is.

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