Beware of Yu Klik – Review

Yu Klik’s website has no information on the company’s ownership or business structure.

On March 21st, 2022, Yu Klik’s website domain (“yuklik. id”) was privately registered.

Yu Klik appears to have debuted on or around April 5th, after the registration of its website domain.

Yu Klik’s website domain is now nothing more than an affiliate login form:

I had identified the website “yunetwork. id” as important when I was putting together my early research notes on Yu Klik.

Although the domain appeared to have been abandoned, it was relaunched as “Arbitgo”:

I’m not sure what tale is being told there.

On social media, Yu Klik supporters are referring to “Mr. Ardiansyah” and “Mr. Samuel” as the company’s Commissioner and CEO, respectively.

This led me to Yu Klik’s April 2022 launch party, where both Ardiansyah and Samuel made appearances (sources 1, 2):

I couldn’t find out anything further about the two after that.

Yu Klik is largely targeted toward Indonesian speakers, as you could have guessed from the usage of Indonesian domains.

Yu Klik has already garnered the attention of Indonesian authorities, even though it has only been operational for a short period.

Yu Klik was incorporated in Indonesia as “PT Smart Multi Trade” on March 21, 2022.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is known as Kominfo.

Yu Klik was placed on the list of prohibited investments by Indonesia’s Financial Services Authority (OJK) in April 2022. (direct link to listing).

At the very least, whoever is in charge of Yu Klik has links to Indonesia. They’re likely based in Indonesia.

As always, if an MLM firm isn’t transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

Products by Yu Klik

Yu Klik does not sell any items or services to the general public.

Yu Klik affiliate membership is the only thing affiliates can market.

A bitcoin trading bot is available as part of a Yu Klik affiliate membership.

Yu Klik says that its bot: • works on the spot crypto market, which is free of price manipulation; • has no daily profit limit; • boasts 99.99 percent trading accuracy; and • runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Compensation Plan for Yu Klik

The Yu Klik marketing material I’m working with uses the Indonesian rupiah due to its Indonesian origins (Rp).

Affiliates can sign up for either a Regular or Premium membership with Yu Klik:

• Rp 150,000 ($10.40 USD) for regular membership; Rp 200,000 ($13.90 USD) for premium membership

There is no explanation for the differences in the memberships.

Yu Klik’s MLM side pays out on two things: 1. affiliate recruiting and 2. downline affiliate trading activity.

Yu Klik affiliates must have an active investment balance to be eligible for MLM commissions.

Affiliate Ranks by Yu Klik

In Yu Klik’s pay model, there are six affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria:

1. Become a Yu Klik affiliate by signing up as a member.

2. Sapphire – ten affiliates must be recruited and 1,500,000 BV must be generated.

3. Topaz – produce 15,000,000 BV by having five Sapphires in your downline from at least five recruitment legs.

4. Ruby – produce 150,000,000 BV by having eight Topazs in your downline from at least four recruitment legs.

5. Emerald – produce 750,000,000 BV by having six Rubys on your downline from at least three recruitment legs.

6. Diamond – have four Emeralds in your downline and create 1,500,000,000 BV from at least two recruitment legs.

BV is created by recruitment:

• Recruiting a Regular affiliate brings in 100,000 BV; Recruiting a Premium affiliate brings in 125,000 BV

Commissions for Recruiting

Yu Klik has a one-level compensation system for recruitment commissions.

An affiliate is put at the head of a uni-level team, with every individually recruited affiliate placed right behind them (level 1):

Level 1 affiliates who recruit new affiliates are assigned to the original affiliate’s unilevel team’s level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on, up to a theoretical limit of an unlimited number of levels.

Yu Klik sets a limit of fifteen uni-level team levels for recruitment commissions.

Rank determines how many tiers recruitment commissions are received on:

• Sapphires earn 15% on level 1, 5% on level 2, and 4% on levels 3 and 4. • Members earn 15% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and 5% on level 2.

• Topazs earn 15% on level one, 5% on level two, 4% on levels three and four, and 3% on levels five and six.

• Rubys earn 15% on level one, 5% on level two, 4% on levels three and four, 3% on levels five and six, and 2% on levels seven and eight.

• Emeralds earn 15% on level one, 5% on level two, 4% on levels three and four, 3% on levels five and six, 2% on levels seven and eight, and 1% on levels nine and ten.

• Diamonds earn 15% on level one, 5% on level two, 4% on levels three and four, 3% on levels five and six, 2% on levels seven and eight, and 1% on levels nine to fifteen.

It’s worth noting that no exact residual recruitment commission rates are given.

Commissions on trading

Yu Klik uses 10% of ostensibly generated trading money to pay trading fees.

Down five tiers of recruiting, trading commissions are paid at a rate of 2%.

This is the same unilevel team that used to pay commissions on recruiting (see above).

Yu Klik Yu Klik affiliate membership costs Rp 150,000 for regular membership and Rp 200,000 for premium membership.

The distinction between the two memberships is unclear.

Yu Klick accepts both Indonesian rupiah and bitcoin and Ethereum equivalents.

Conclusion of Yu Klik

Yu Klik is a Ponzi scam based on an app that targets Indonesia.

Affiliates use an app to join up and pay their fees. They then use the program to invest their money.

When affiliates log into the program and click a button, Yu Klik indicates trading.

Yu Klik con artists claim that this offers a monthly return of 19.3 percent.

The COTP Ponzi scam, which also began in Southeast Asia, is extremely similar.

Yu Klik does not present any evidence that actual trading occurs. Alternatively, any external revenue is being utilized to pay affiliate withdrawals.

Yu Klik is also conducting securities fraud in the nation where it is based, as proven by OJK.

Yu Klik’s MLM side acts as a pyramid scam in addition to securities fraud.

MLM firms conduct securities fraud by not accomplishing what they claim to be doing. That would be trading to create returns in Yu Klik’s instance.

As things stand, fresh investment is Yu Klik’s only source of revenue.

Yu Klik is a Ponzi scam since it uses fresh money to pay returns through its app.

Yu Klik also appears to be collaborating with Digital Exchange, an Indonesian bitcoin exchange.

In Yu Klik Klik’seting, Digital Exchange is referred to as “DEX.”

As with many MLM Ponzi scams, once affiliate recruiting stops, fresh investment stops as well.

This will deprive Yu Klik of ROI revenue, resulting in his eventual demise.

Ponzi schemes are mathematically certain to lose money for the vast majority of participants when they fail.

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