Beware of Driven Trading – Review

Last October, BehindMLM reported on YEP’s request for $1 million from the public to offset $4.2 million in losses in 2020.

I mentioned Driven Trading at the time, but it was strangely absent from YEP’s SEC filings.

A “coming soon” automation component was also being offered to founders:

This is now live, with YEP including securities fraud into their MLM business.

At least, such was the case until lately.

Affiliates in the Advanced and Mastery tiers get access to automated trading with Driven Trading.

• Advanced costs $1000, followed by $150 each month; Mastery costs $2000, followed by $200 per month

A Driven Trading affiliate can use Advanced to automate forex or crypto trading. Mastery enables an affiliate to run two bots at the same time.

The Driven Trading “automation tool,” as promised by YEP,

Takes the power of DRIVEN’s Copy/Paste Trading and amplifies it with an AI AUTOMATION Assistant that assists you in effectively managing trades and risk.

A securities offering is defined by this automation.

We must first choose an investment contract to create a securities offering. An investment contract occurs if there is an “investment of money in a joint venture with a reasonable expectation of rewards to be received from the labor of others,” according to the Howey Test.

1. Driven Trading affiliates invest funds in Driven Trading’s automation service (the “common enterprise”).

2. Affiliates of Driven Trading do so based on a “reasonable prospect of profit.”

3. The revenues are earned via Driven Trading’s automation service, which entails “other people’s work.”

YEP has made five modifications to its virtual shares offering since the company’s SEC registration in October.

1. YEP filed a request on November 16th to extend the offer until December 16th, 2021.

2. YEP “changed their pitch deck and made various adjustments to the offering page” on November 30th.

3. On December 14th, YEP submitted a notice of intent to extend the offer until February 18th, 2022.

4. On February 18th, YEP submitted a notice of intent to extend the offer until March 15th, 2022.

5. YEP “removed their CMO and split from product line “driven” on February 24th, which was a key source of revenue for the firm.


According to YEP’s February 24th report, the business has dropped Driven Trading and, in the process, has likely demolished its financial position. But that’s a tale for another day, pending quarterly and yearly filings.

Who is in charge of Driven Trading now that YEP and CEO Jimmy Ezzell are gone?

Driven Trading is led by CEO Cory Kromray, according to the company’s website.

Driven Trading’s CMO, Livia Fisher-Kane, is the referred terminated CMO in YEP’s February 24th SEC filing.

Cory Kromray is situated in Florida, according to his LinkedIn page. Driven Trading LLC, founded in Florida by Kromray, lists him as having a Wisconsin street address.

Before reinventing himself as a trading bro in December 2021, he was the owner of a “marketing consulting agency/social media management” firm.

Oh, and Kromray is a crypto dude, as evidenced by the fact that he has already implemented an NFT cash grab into Driven Trading:

After confirming that YEP is no longer involved, our focus now shifts to whether Driven Trading has registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Automated forex trading triggers Commodity Trading Advisor registration under the Commodity Exchange Act, therefore they’ll have to register with the CFTC as well.

Neither Driven Trading nor Cory Kromray is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. This indicates that the firm is operating illegally in the United States.

Alexa rates the United States as the top source of the traffic to Driven Trading’s website at the time of writing (43 percent ).

The United Kingdom (35 percent) and Australia (23 percent) are the second and third major sources of traffic, respectively. In other areas, Driven Trading is also not registered to provide securities.

5th April 2022 (update) – Kromray has submitted what looks to be a Wisconsin address in the Driven Trading LLC formation in Florida, although the provided state is “FL.”

Kromray is based in Wisconsin, according to independent confirmation, therefore the Florida registration looks to be a mistake.

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