Beware of Generation Zoe – Review Part 2

The Dominican Republic is likely to extradite Leonardo Cositorto as soon as next Monday.

The Generation Zoe Ponzi scam is run by Cositorto. He was seized earlier this week on an Interpol warrant.

According to La Nacion, federal agents from the Interpol Department’s Federal Investigation of Fugitives and Extraditions Division, as well as detectives from the Argentine Federal Police’s Anti-Mafia Department, will travel to the Dominican Republic to process the deportation of the suspect, who will arrive in Buenos Aires next Monday.

If you’re wondering why Cositorto’s extradition is moving so quickly compared to Frank Schneider’s, it’s because Cositorto… entered the Dominican Republic illegally, and as a result, he’ll be deported soon without having to go through the extradition procedure.

The Generation Zoe Ponzi scam was started by Cositorto. He is facing criminal allegations in Argentina for fraud and unlawful association.

Stay tuned pending confirmation of Cositorto’s extradition…

Leonardo Cositorto has arrived in Argentina as of April 14th, 2022.

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