Beware of BitConnect – Review

Someone bought BitConnect’s website name “bitconnect. co” in September 2021.

It’s now been converted into a Ponzi scheme factory, and business is thriving.

An ad for Bitcoin Prime alerted me to the fact that BitConnect’s website name had been repurposed.

Apart from stealing Amazon’s trademark, Bitcoin Prime is a standard $250 per month Ponzi scam. The connection to BitConnect’s former domain drew my attention.

BitConnect went bankrupt in 2018, and the company’s owner was recently indicted and is now on the run from American authorities.

BitConnect’s domain was acquired in September 2021, according to the Wayback Machine.

On September 22nd, 2021, the domain registration was last updated. This seems to be about the period when the present owners bought it.

The current BitConnect website went online in December 2021 or shortly thereafter.

Here’s Bitcoin Prime’s entry, which is essentially an ad for the fraud as you can see:

The new BitConnect website turns out to be nothing more than a fake directory run by the proprietor.

Bitconnect is a renowned publication that examines Bitcoin Robots trading platforms.

Many Crypto traders are seeking strategies to optimize their trading and boost their chances of profit as the Crypto trading trend continues to rise.

Furthermore, some investors are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency trading and are eager to invest in Bitcoin Robots, which are fully automated systems that aim to maximize profit. BitConnect takes a look at the most popular Bitcoin Robots available.

One of the most popular ruses used by crypto Ponzis is trading bots.

As I write this, BitConnect has fifty-four fraud reviews.

Each of them gushes over the evaluated opportunity and gives it a near-five-star rating.

It’s hardly unexpected, given that the domain’s owner hopes you’ll join up to lose money in them.

In terms of the website itself, BitConnect is currently a simple WordPress site built with Elementor. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Surprisingly, traffic to BitConnect’s repurposed name has gradually climbed since coming life:

To be honest, if you didn’t know what BitConnect was, you must have been living under a rock.

That raises the question of who these reviews are aimed at.

They are, without a doubt, some of the most stupid people on the globe. Perfect for luring people into con games and emptying their wallets.

So, which country has the disgrace of harboring the world’s stupidest people?

Pakistan is presently the sole noteworthy source of the traffic to BitConnect’s website, according to Alexa.

Pakistan is responsible for 66% of BitConnect’s traffic. The other saps come from who knows where.

The sole lead I’ve found so far comes from an SEO campaign that someone has been promoting on the internet for the past month.

Going through them lead me to “BitConnect Magazine’s” newly formed Blogger profile.

The associated Blogspot blog defaults to Vietnamese if you click through.

It’s not clear, but the new owner of BitConnect’s domain is almost certainly from Pakistan or Vietnam.

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