Beware of GSPartners – Review

Ponzi tokens with the touch of a button, exit schemes claiming “technical problem,” “we were hacked!” and Boris CEO factories… By default, the MLM crypto niche is set to be fairly foolish.

MLM crypto frauds like GSPartners, on the other hand, take it to a whole new level.

GSPartners gave up on manipulating G999’s trading value in January, according to BehindMLM.

As a result, daily trade volume has plummeted to $60,000, and G999 is currently selling for 0.0037 cents.

If you look at the daily chart, you can see G999 jumping up and down, indicating that there is still some mild manipulation going on.

G999’s Lydian World NFT Ponzi offshoot includes the LYS token. LYS is a BEP20 MLM Ponzi token that can be set up in under two minutes.

The manipulation bots had recently been transferred from G999 to LYS.

The chart above shows the last four hours of LYS on Bitex Live. Someone has set a goal of $1800. The only movement is a series of sharp up-and-down swings, similar to what we witnessed with G999.

Zoom out and you’ll find that LYS had a $950 launch goal parameter in late December. On December 30th, it was promptly increased to $1060 and remained there for a month.

The bots were turned off on January 31st, causing LYS to plummet to $1.40. This most likely represents LYS’s current public trading value.

GSPartners reactivated the trading bots on February 3rd, this time with a goal of $1030.

There has been some volatility as affiliates at the top of the Ponzi payout, but the average of $1820 has remained consistent since around February 22nd.

The quoted market cap of LYS on Lydian World’s website is particularly hilarious in this manipulation:

The market capitalization of LYS was $1.6 trillion at the time of publishing.

To put it in context, the total market capitalization of all tracked cryptocurrencies is present $1.75 trillion.

There are 1684 LYS bagholders, according to reports. You can probably predict what would happen if a couple of them attempted to cash out.

The fact that GSPartners has 377,409 Lydian World signups just adds to the hilarity.

As I write this, 75 individuals are utilizing Lydian World out of a total of 100.

We can learn that 99.9999 percent of LYS is kept in one wallet by going to BSCScan.

The sum of that wallet is 888 million LYS. You probably have a good idea who it belongs to.

To put things in perspective, the second-largest wallet balance is only 181 LYS tokens.

To sum it up:

1. LYS’ market value is 1.6 trillion dollars owing to trade manipulation.

2. LYS is said to be dispersed among 1684 wallets.

3. According to GSPartners, there are 377,409 Lydian World accounts, resulting in a wallet-to-user ratio of 0.4 percent.

4. One wallet has 99.9999 percent of LYS.

At the best of times, the MLM crypto niche is quite foolish, as I have stated. The collapsing Ponzi scheme of GSPartners, on the other hand, is borderline imbecilic.

At the time of publishing, Alexa ranked the United States as Lydian World’s only significant source of traffic (85.9 percent ).

The SEC has not registered GSPartners, Lydian World, owner Josip Heit, or any promoters.

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