Beware of Xelius – Review

On its website, Xelius makes no mention of who owns or operates the firm.

Xelius describes itself as a “private innovation business established in Hong Kong” in the “about” section of its website.

A Hong Kong incorporation certificate for Xelius Innovation Limited, allegedly formed in January 2021, is presented for that purpose.

Basic incorporation anywhere is worthless in the context of MLM due diligence.

In December 2020, Xelius’ website domain (“xelius. me”) was initially registered. On October 27th, 2021, the private registration was last updated.

Xelius’ current website, according to the Wayback Machine, became launched on or around January 9th.

On the same day, Alexa records traffic to Xelius’ website for the first time.

This indicates that the present proprietors acquired Xelius’ website domain on or about October 27th.

Xelius’ official YouTube account, which was launched on December 26th, also contributes to this. In December, the firm launched its own Twitter account.

This raises more questions about whether Xelius Innovation Limited has anything to do with Xelius the MLM firm.

The fact that Xelius’ official Android app is being built by “лa-оломи урниа” suggests he has links to Russia and/or Ukraine.

Outside of Xelius’ Google Play app page, this developer does not exist.

According to Alexa, the leading sources of traffic to Xelius’ website are Vietnam (17%), Ukraine (9%), and Egypt (9%).

As always, if an MLM firm isn’t transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

Products by Xelius

Xelius does not provide any items or services for sale.

Affiliates can only promote their Xelius affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan for Xelius

Affiliates of Xelius invest money with the expectation of receiving the promised profits.

• Tesla – invest $100,000 or more and earn 3.5 percent per day • Edison – invest $10 or more and receive 2.2 percent every day

On the investing side of Melius, there don’t appear to be any income limitations.

Melius’ MLM compensation scheme pays out commissions on money invested by affiliates who have been recruited.

Commissions for Referrals

A uni-level compensation scheme is used by Xelius to award referral commissions.

An affiliate is put at the head of a uni-level team, with every individually recruited affiliate placed right behind them (level 1):

Level 1 affiliates who recruit new affiliates are assigned to the original affiliate’s unilevel team’s level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on, up to a theoretical limit of an unlimited number of levels.

Xelius sets the maximum number of paying uni-level team levels at eight.

Referral commissions are calculated as a proportion of monies invested at each of these eight levels:

• level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) – 6% • level 2 – 3% • level 3 – 2% • level 4 – 1% • level 5 – 0.8 % • level 6 – 0.5 % • level 7 – 0.3 % • level 8 – 0.1 %

Representative graded affiliates get somewhat higher referral commission rates: • level 1 – 8% • level 2 – 4% • level 3 – 3% • level 4 – 2% • level 5 – 1% • level 6 – 0.8 % • level 7 – 0.5 % • level 8 – 0.3 %

Representative qualifying criteria are not disclosed by Xelius.

It is completely free to join the Xelius affiliate program.

A minimum investment of $20 is required to fully participate in the associated income opportunity.

Xelius accepts investment in the form of US dollars (Perfect Money) and a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Xelius Conclusion

The artwork on Xelius’ website is all about space.

Jet eco-engines, nuclear engines, pulse detonation engines, nanosatellites, nanosensors, and other “proprietary technology” are mentioned.

Naturally, there isn’t any proof of any of this. It’s all a hoax to draw attention to a Ponzi scam.

Customers’ money is promptly invested in Xelius Innovation Limited’s technical improvements for us to be able to pay our stated profitability to each of our clients as soon as feasible.

The assertion above, which was obtained from Xelius’ website, makes no sense at all.

It takes money to innovate; it does not generate it. At the very least, not directly, and not at a rate of 3.5 percent every day.

Xelius’ marketing promises, on the other hand, aren’t designed to make sense. It’s a charade designed to separate you from your cash.

New investment is now the sole confirmed source of revenue entering Xelius.

Xelius is a Ponzi scam since it uses new investments to pay daily returns.

As with many MLM Ponzi scams, once affiliate recruiting stops, fresh investment stops as well.

This will deprive Xelius of ROI revenue, causing him to go bankrupt.

The crap token path looks to be Xelius’ exit scam. On February 9th, XEL tokens were launched to that end.

We’re happy to let you know that you may now withdraw your XEL tokens to wallets that support the BEP20 network and enable you to import them.

MetaMask, SafePal, and Trust Wallet, in particular, may be used to withdraw the XEL coin.

On the Binance smart chain, XEL is a BEP20 token. BEP20 tokens are easy to set up and cost little to nothing.

Outside of Xelius, there is no interest in XEL. Xelius will utilize the monies invested to acquire back XEL tokens from affiliates through trading.

This works until Xelius’ administrators decide to turn out the lights, leaving affiliates with yet another useless MLM shitcoin in their possession.

Ponzi schemes are mathematically certain to lose money for the vast majority of participants.

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