Beware of Baccarat Staking – Review Part 2

Baccarat Staking has come to a halt. The company’s website returns a “connection rejected” message at the time of posting.

On social media, owner Michael Sander does not appear to have acknowledged the catastrophe. He’s instead promoting Baccarat Academy.

The domain registration for Baccarat Academy’s website was last updated on February 19th, 2022. The webpage has remained unchanged for several years.

Sander is attempting to resurrect Baccarat Staking as a money-making potential in the wake of its demise.

It’s unclear whether this revival will include an MLM opportunity.

Sander (right), posing as “Michi Sander,” solicited $500 or more in investment with the promise of “daily wins” at Baccarat Staking.

Sander (right) pocketed up to 80% of the profits he allegedly made through gambling.

Baccarat Staking was run by Sanders out of Las Vegas. Baccarat Staking and Sanders were never registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

It is unknown how many Baccarat Staking victims there are or how much money they have lost.

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