Beware of Parkour – Review

Parkour’s website has no information regarding who owns or controls the firm.

On February 21st, 2022, Parkour’s website domain (“parkour. bz”) was privately registered.

Parkour’s website is only a portal to their app at the time of writing.

If we look at the source code of Parkour’s website, we can observe that Chinese is used:

As always, if an MLM firm isn’t transparent about who runs or controls it, consider twice before joining and/or turning over any money.

Products from Parkour

Parkour has no items or services that can be purchased.

Parkour affiliate membership is the sole product that affiliates may promote.

Compensation Plan for Parkour

On the prospect of advertised rewards, parkour affiliates invest in tether (TRON).

• VIP0 – join up, click a few buttons, and you’ll get 60 cents per day (free tier capped at 60 cent ROI total)

• VIP1 – invest 20 USDT and receive 1 USDT per day • VIP2 – invest 50 USDT and receive 2.50 USDT per day • VIP3 – invest 100 USDT and receive 5 USDT per day • VIP4 – invest 200 USDT and receive 10 USDT per day • VIP5 – invest 500 USDT and receive 25 USDT per day • VIP6 – invest 800 USDT and receive 40 USDT per day • VIP7 – invest 2000 USDT and receive 100 USDT per day

After 3 days, your VIP0 membership will expire. The paid investment tiers in Parkour payout for a full year.

Parkour affiliates must log onto the app and click a button to qualify for daily returns.

The more money a Parkour affiliate puts in, the more buttons they’ll have to click every day. The VIP 9 and 10 tiers have a limit of 30 button clicks.

Parkour’s MLM side makes money through recruiting affiliates.

Commissions for Referrals

Down two layers of recruitment, Parkour pays referral commissions (Unilever).

The amount of money a Parkour affiliate has invested determines the referral commission rate:

• Affiliates in the VIP0 category are not eligible for referral commissions.

• Affiliates in the VIP1 tier earn 5% on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and 2% on level 2. • Affiliates in the VIP2 and VIP3 tiers earn 10% on level 1 and 3% on level 2.

• Affiliates in the VIP4 through VIP6 tiers get 15% on level 1 and 5% on level 2.

• Affiliates in the VIP7 tier earn 17 percent on level 1 and 10 percent on level 2. • Affiliates in the VIP8 and VIP9 tier earn 20 percent on level 1 and 10 percent on level 2.

• Affiliates in the VIP10 category earn 25% on level 1 and 15% on level 2.

Parkour affiliate membership is completely free. Free affiliates, on the other hand, can only make 60 cents.

By recruiting three VIP1 to VIP10 investment tier affiliates, free affiliates can qualify for a VIP1 investment position.

Aside from the free upgrade path, complete involvement in Parkour’s revenue prospect necessitates a 20 to 20,000 USDT outlay.

Conclusion of Parkour

Parkour is another software Ponzi scam based on “clicking a button.”

To qualify for daily returns, affiliates must invest tether and “click a button.”

Parkour connects button clicking to social media manipulation (liking posts/videos, commenting, etc. ), implying that this is how it makes money.

It isn’t the case. Parkour’s whole business model revolves around the recycling of invested capital to generate profits.

Parkour’s fraudsters are selling social media manipulation to third parties (while paying their investors to perform the grunt labor), but this has nothing to do with the MLM Ponzi scheme.

Parkour is one of a slew of “click a button” software Ponzis that have shown up in recent months.

So far, BehindMLM has compiled the following information:

• COTP — ostensibly produced trading activity by affiliates pressing a button, which crashed in May 2022.

• EthTRX is a Ponzi based on an app, but without the daily task component.

• Yu Klik – imitates trading activities by pretending to click a button, with an emphasis on Indonesia.

• KKBT – purported to earn crypto mining money by hitting a button, targeted South Africa and India and crashed in early June 2022.

• EasyTask 888 – targets Colombia and suggests that clicking a button is linked to social media manipulation (YouTube likes).

• DF Finance — claimed to click a button to produce “buy data” that was sold to ecommerce platforms, but eventually went out of business in June 2022.

• 86FB – claimed to click a button was related to wagering on football match outcomes, collapsed April 2022 • Shared989 – pretended to hit a button was tied to social media manipulation (YouTube likes), collapsed June 2022

• 0W886 – claimed that hitting a button was linked to betting on the outcome of football matches, but it was shut down in May 2022.

• U91 – pretended that hitting a button was linked to betting on football match outcomes, but it went bankrupt in May 2022. • 365Ball – also pretended that clicking a button was linked to betting on football match outcomes, but it went bankrupt in May 2022. (has collapsed multiple already)

• YLCH Football – claims that pressing a button is linked to betting on the outcome of a football match.

There are a lot more of these frauds out there that I haven’t yet discovered.

The fraudsters behind all of the recent app-based tasks Ponzis appear to be the same.

I believe the organization is based in China or Singapore, based on the use of classical Chinese.

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