Beware of LogicBitInvest – Review

Futures Trade’s con artists are back with LogicBitInvest, a new Ponzi scheme.

Every 60 days, LogicBitInvest advertises a 2000 percent return. You’re already aware…

The Ponzi’s perpetrators sought to explain the Ponzi’s downfall in an email sent to Futures Trade affiliate investors.

Recent modifications to the withdrawal mechanism resulted in a hack attempt, in which the website domain was hacked, causing the server’s activities to be disturbed and it to be unable to process withdrawals.

All monies have been safely locked, encrypted, and backed up in our offline database.

What truly happened was that BehindMLM informed Boris CEO Dylan Clayton that we were aware of his identity. This resulted in an exit fraud a few hours later.

“Regulators” was the initial Futures Trade exit-scam deception. “We’ve been hacked!” has now been added.

In any case, Dylan Clayton appears to have vanished. And whoever recruited him to be the face of Futures Trade is still selling LogicBitInvest.

Futures Trade victims have been notified that their back office monopoly money account in LogicBitInvest would be restored.

The catch is that they must also pay another $100.

To approve the money transfer, proceed to account activation after you’ve registered.

Make a minimum commitment of $100 (USD) on your first investment plan on the affiliate website to get started.

After activation, go to the request for user tracking link to track and verify the user account using the encrypted backup that was uploaded to the root server.

On December 10th, 2021, LogicBitInvest’s website domain was privately registered.

LogicBitInvest provides a UK incorporation certificate for “BitcoinTower Limited” in an attempt to seem official.

Aside from the fact that a UK shell company is worthless, BitcoinTower Limited is unlikely to be associated with LogicBitInvest.

BitcoinTower Limited was dissolved in March 2021, according to UK company documents.

LogicBitInvest offers three investment programs on the business side:

Invest $10 to $600 and get 10% a day for the rest of your life.

After 30 days, invest $100 to $1000 and earn 700 percent; after 60 days, invest $500 to $5000 and receive 2000 percent.

Commissions on invested monies are paid down two levels of recruiting (unilevel) by LogicBitInvest:

5% on the first level (personally recruited affiliates)

1% on the second level

The LogicBitInvest website’s FaceBook page link leads to a page that has previously been removed.

Surprisingly, the main social media links on LogicBitInvest’s website connect to dead BitCoin Tower accounts:

This indicates that the person in charge of LogicBitInvest was also behind Bitcoin Tower.

This sparked my interest in BitCoin Tower. I discovered a Ponzi scheme in 2019 that uses the same website template as LogicBitInvest:

This describes the certificate for a defunct UK shell corporation. The LogicBitInvest con artists have only changed the logo.

The bulk of LogicBitInvest investors will lose money to serial Ponzi fraudsters whether or not a Boris CEO appears on camera.

Updated on April 30th, 2022 – A reader shared an email from “Biotxu,” which also directed victims to LogicBitInvest.

Dear Biotxu partners and firm investors: We recognize the worries and inconvenience that the company’s recent actions have caused, and we truly regret it.

— A hack attempt occurred after recent improvements to the withdrawal mechanism, resulting in the firm canceling all transactions at the same time and safely protecting cash.

-All monies have been successfully encrypted and safeguarded. All due to the company’s technological expertise.

– To process criticism, the Biotxu website and all corporate links on the website have been shuttered and deactivated for internal usage.

-Backup money was successfully sent to the logicbitinvest affiliate website. Proceed to the affiliate website for recovery and withdrawals.

I removed the complete URL addresses from the website links as the only adjustment I made.

Biotxu bills itself as a “bitcoin doubling” service (read: 200 percent ROI Ponzi scheme). It appears to be another failed effort from the same con artists.

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