Beware of Dragon Global Finance & EQT Bank- Review

Dragon Global Finance may be renamed EQT Bank.

The move looks to be in the works, with EQT Bank now simply providing login capability.

On February 24th, readers of BehindMLM alerted me about EQT Bank.

On February 16th, 2022, Anthony Norman, the proprietor of the Dragon Global Finance Ponzi scam, established EQT Group PLC in the United Kingdom.

EQT Group PLC is a fictitious entity. EQT Group PLC isn’t of interest in and of itself because we’ve covered UK shell company fraud extensively.

It does, however, correspond to EQT Bank, which was just established under the site “”

As previously stated, EQT Bank’s website is now experiencing “technical issues.”

With a little digging, we discover that EQT Bank’s website is a WordPress front-end.

If Dragon Global Finance’s backend hasn’t previously been connected, the login link redirects to a non-WordPress subdomain.

So, what exactly is EQT Bank?

The domain was acquired for a few hundred dollars in January 2022.

The Dragon Global Finance website redirects to the non-functional EQT Bank domain.

This modification took effect on January 29th, shortly after Norman bought the EQT Bank domain.

EQT Bank’s website terms and conditions also include Dragon Global Finance:

This leads us to Mbakey Export and Finance Limited, an FCA-registered firm that appears to have been the source of Norman’s financial deception at one point.

As a result, we find ourselves in yet another Anthony Norman shell business rabbit hole.

In January 2015, Mbakey Export and Finance Limited was registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Makey Export and Finance Limited is linked to Mbakey Sowe and Ndey Yassin Sowe’s UK shell firm of the same name.

Makey Export and Finance Limited is just registered with the FCA, which means they filled out some papers and received a rubber stamp.

In January 2020, Mbakey Export and Finance Limited was acquired by Dragon Global Solutions.

Dragon Global Solutions is a British shell company that has been registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) until August 2021.

Dragon Global Finance is linked to Premier Payment Solutions Limited as well as Mbakey Export and Finance Limited.

Premier Payment Solutions Limited is another FCA-registered firm with a UK shell company.

Premier Payment Solutions was known as Gambia Express Limited until September 2019.

Again, I want to highlight that these nuances are unlikely to be crucial, given the prevalence of fraud in UK firms and the FCA itself.

Should it ever come to that, I’ve supplied the above material like a paper trail for regulators in a competent jurisdiction to follow.

Meanwhile, EQT Bank will be Dragon Global Finance’s replacement. It’s unclear whether this is a pure clone or a modified Ponzi.

Norman founded EQT Bank to hide behind EQT Partners to make due diligence more onerous.

EQT is a multibillion-dollar private equity business headquartered in Stockholm. It has nothing to do with EQT Bank or Anthony Norman.

Nonetheless, Norman’s intention to disguise his new Ponzi scheme under EQT Partners is clear.

On or around December 2021, Dragon Finance Global is thought to have gone bankrupt.

It’s unclear if Norman will continue with the EQT Bank revamp or rebrand.

Update March 2, 2022: BehindMLM has confirmed that EQT Bank is a relaunch of Dragon Global Finance.

EQT Bank and Universal Pickle have both failed as of April 30th, 2022.

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