Beware of Isagenix – Review

Isagenix is being sued by a former IsaBody Challenge winner who claims the company’s products are dangerous.

Chera Harris, a British Columbia resident, has filed a lawsuit against Isagenix for allegedly marketing her dangerous goods.

Harris was a well-known Vary drastically distributor who in 2019 won the company’s IsaBody Challenge.

Castanet reported, citing court papers;

During her tenure with Isagenix, Harris allegedly enlisted 75 new “associates” and “preferred customers,” earning more than $35,000 in compensation, according to the company.

Harris, I think, departed Isagenix in 2020.

Consumption of Isagenix products between 2017 and 2020, according to Harris, ‘led her to overdose on vitamins and minerals.’

Harris “had a major overall decline in her health as a result of a chronic overdose of vitamins and minerals” from eating and drinking Isagenix meal-replacement products, according to a civil lawsuit filed last year.

Harris alleges she ingested these drugs, which resulted in overdose symptoms such as persistent pain, irregular heart rhythm, insomnia, sadness, and anxiety.

According to the CBC, Harris is suing Isagenix for damages.

It was found that the company was careless and dishonest and that it had broken its duty of care to its clients.

Isagenix, a multilevel marketing corporation established in the United States, requested to have the action delayed or arbitrated in Arizona.

Last Thursday, the B.C. Supreme Court refused Harris’ motion, citing the fact that he had filed as an Isagenix consumer rather than a distributor.

During the relevant period, the plaintiff wore two hats: she was both a customer and an Associate.

This case is being filed in her role as the first, not the second.

She cannot be barred from launching a consumer action because of her status as an Associate, just as she cannot be barred from filing a consumer action because of her status as an Associate.

Harris’ lawsuit will now be heard in Canada, and Isagenix will be obliged to respond.

In Canada, Isagenix has a history of marketing harmful goods to customers.

Several Isagenix products were recalled by Canadian regulators in late 2020.

Isagenix’s products may be harmful owing to over-fortification of vitamins,’ according to an independent regulatory investigation.

Throughout January 2021, more Isagenix items were recalled.

Isagenix has not publicly addressed the Canadian recalls or Harris’ complaint, to the best of my knowledge.

Isagenix was contacted for comment by Castanet, but the firm did not answer.

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