Beware of Meta Bounty Huntersk- Review

I looked at if Meta Bounty Hunters was an iBuumerang offshoot earlier last month.

I can now say with certainty that it is. Holton Buggs and Travis Bott are the masterminds of the Meta Bounty Hunters Ponzi scheme.

The suspicion that Meta Bounty Hunters was an iBuumerang offshoot emerged from the scheme’s promotion by boomerang executives.

Avinash Nagamah, the “Travel Savings Ambassador for Europe” at boomerang.

As a result, Holton Buggs got involved. But it wasn’t until last night’s Meta Bounty Hunters launch event that I was able to confirm that.

There you have it. Naamah is in the first row, right, while OmegaPro’s Mike Sims is in the back row, close to Travis Bott if I’m not incorrect.

UK authorities have clamped down on OMP Money as part of what is thought to be a larger worldwide probe.

Omega Pro is/was utilizing OMP Money, a UK shell business, to launder investment monies.

It’s unclear whether OmegaPro’s regulatory issues motivated Sims to join Meta Bounty Hunters.

Travis Bott has a history of committing securities fraud. Over the years, BehindMLM has linked him to several Ponzi scams

Back to Holton Buggs and Travis Bott, our major players.

In the MLM market, Holton Buggs was most known for his work at Organo Gold. He appears to be hell-bent on rewriting history in favor of crypto-fraud.

Buggs was at the core of an attempt in 2018 to entice Organo Gold distributors to join the Ormeus Global Ponzi scam.

After that plan fell through, Buggs launched boomerang in 2019.

As boomerang’s online traffic began to decline at the end of 2021, Meta Bounty Hunters were born.

Travis Bott initially came to the attention of BehindMLM in mid-2017. Through Ryze AI, we were able to connect Bott to Divvee’s illicit securities fraud offering.

Bott reappeared in late 2017 with Westman, a shell firm utilized by Investview’s Wealth Generators to execute securities fraud.

In 2018, the CFTC subpoenaed Investview and penalized the company $150,000.

Travis Bott launched Onyx Lifestyle on his own a year later.

What remained of Onyx Lifestyle was absorbed by Digital Profit in mid-2021.

In August 2021, Digital Profit crumbled due to a “poor trades” exit scam. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost by investors.

boomerang distributors appear to make up a substantial portion of Meta Bounty Hunter’s promoters.

Meta Bounty Hunters aren’t mentioned on iBuumerang’s social media in an attempt to create the illusion that it isn’t a spinoff.

Meta Bouncers, as reported on BehindMLM, blends Ponzi and pyramid schemes.

This is wrapped up in NFT investment positions with rocket cartoons plagiarized from Disney’s Star Wars franchise.

Meta Bounty Hunters have now sold 6100 NFTs, according to OpenSeas. At $2000 a pop, Buggs and Bott are looking at a fast $12.2 million payoff.

They’ll also get a percentage on every resale of Meta Bounty Hunters.

The current Meta Bounty Hunters floor price is 0.74 ETH ($2800). However, because just 1-2 NFTs are sold every day, this is unlikely to be correct.

The NFT community is riddled with wash trading scams. When it subsides, we’ll be able to get a better idea of how much Meta Bounty Hunters investors lost.

The SEC has not registered Meta Bounty Hunters, Holton Buggs, Travis Bott, or anybody else linked with them.

Updated on May 28th, 2022 – Travis Bott’s Meta Labs Agency includes Meta Bounty Hunters.

Bott starts an NFT Ponzi factory at Meta Labs Agency.

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