Beware of The SEC – Review

Craig Grant has been unable to be located for service in Jamaica by the SEC.

The regulator is now requesting authorization to serve people by email and publication as an option.

Grant was sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in May 2021. Grant received almost $1.3 million as one of BitConnect’s top promoters, according to the regulator.

Craig Grant departed the United States for Jamaica after learning of the SEC’s case against him.

Because Jamaica is not a signatory to the Hague Convention, the SEC has been unable to enlist the help of Jamaican authorities.

Grant’s whereabouts were first traced to a house in Spanish Town.

Even though the person served was around the same age as Grant and shared the same three initials, it proved to be a dead end.

The SEC narrowed down Grant’s whereabouts to Rock Spring, Trelawny Parish, after further efforts to find him.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),

Rock Spring, Trelawny, has a lot of dirt roads and residents who don’t have precise street and home addresses.

Grant continues to elude the SEC despite a process server’s best efforts to canvas Rock Spring.

The SEC asked for authorization to serve Grant by email and publication on February 22nd.

The use of email to serve Grant complies with constitutional ideas of due process while also expediting the administration of justice.

The SEC claims that in this situation, service by publication is appropriate since Grant is unlikely to be aware of the SEC’s action.

Because the Commission gave him a courtesy copy of the Complaint upon filing it, and Grant seems to have departed the United States for Jamaica shortly after, there is a strong possibility that Grant is aware of the litigation.

Furthermore, the filing of this action was extensively publicized.

Furthermore, I can confirm that Grant is a regular reader of BehindMLM.

In the past, Grant has been fast to remove YouTube videos that were cited on BehindMLM. Grant’s Twitter handle is “Dulse Poger,” as we recently discovered.

Grant changed his Twitter username to “Nibiru” within 24 hours of the article becoming life:

Grant is allegedly residing in Jamaica with his wife, according to the SEC’s Jamaican process server.

The agent learned Craig Anthony Grant is married sometime between January 14 and 21, 2022.

Craig Anthony Grant lived in Rock Spring with his wife, according to the agency.

I’m not sure how trustworthy this data is.

Grant married Victoria Misacova in the 2000s, as far as I’m aware.

Grant was met through an internet dating site by Vicky, as she was called.

According to Grant’s account;

I was over heels in love with Vicky, and this was the simplest, if not the only, way for her to secure a visa to join me in Miami.

Vicky had had several chats with me about who I am in the months previous, and she was well aware that I did not believe in marriage. I told her that I had only recently begun generating all of this money and that I planned to travel and party a lot, and that she would not be the only lady in my life.

Grant and Misacova tied the knot in July of 2000. Following that, Grant, Vicky, escorts, and other girlfriends had a tumultuous relationship.

Yuliana Avalos, alias Julie, was one of those girlfriends, whom Grant had met some years before.

Grant had his second and third children in 2002 and 2003, two kids from Vicky and one from Julie.

Vicky and Grant ended their relationship in 2004. I’m not sure if they ever divorced or not.

Grant and Julie have been together since then. They never tied the knot.

Grant abandoned Julie and his kid in Florida when he fled to Jamaica, as the SEC discovered when they sought service.

In early June 2021, the Commission tried service on Grant at his Kissimmee, Florida residence, but was informed by his former girlfriend at that location that he had gone to Jamaica (at an unknown address).

Julie is not only still with Grant, but she’s been to his grandmother’s farm several times and knows exactly where it is.

Grant and Julie are still together since he routinely uploaded phone conversations to Julie and posted them to one of his YouTube accounts after fleeing.

Grant removed the tapes in late 2021, shortly after BehindMLM revealed that he was likely to face criminal charges in the United States.

In any case, Grant is living alone unless Julie has left the US somewhere between December 2021 and now.

His grandma owns the land next door to where he’s living. It’s uncertain whether she’s still alive.

The following are some instances that spring to mind:

Grant and Julie have married and relocated to Jamaica; or

Government documents have been tampered with to make it appear like Grant is living with a spouse when he isn’t.

In any case, the SEC has asked for authorization to serve the public through three Jamaican publications.

If Grant’s application is accepted, the SEC will issue a notification to him.

The Jamaica Observer and The Gleaner, as well as the International New York Times, published it once weekly for four weeks.

Each of these periodicals, according to the Commission, is extensively distributed in Jamaica.

At the time of publishing, no decision had been reached on the SEC’s motion.

17th of March, 2022 – On March 1st, the SEC received approval to serve Grant via publication.

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