Beware of GoFounders & OnPassive – Review

“Ash Mufareh still blocking OnPassive launch after 2.5 years,” a BehindMLM article titled “Ash Mufareh still stalling OnPassive launch after 2.5 years” was published in December 2020.

We’ve been together for three and a half years now, and… OnPassive is yet to be released.

So, what has Ash Mufareh, the company’s creator, been doing since our 2020 update?

O-Founders has taken the place of GoFounders.

That’s pretty much all there is to it.

While the word has been around for a while, the O-Founder’s rebranding appears to have occurred in November 2021.

GoFounders was OnPassive’s first marketing arm, back when it was all smoke and mirrors.

Of course, OnPassive is still all smoke and mirrors, but this was back when Mufareh didn’t have a marketing strategy in place.

Today, a visit to redirects to “” The domain was created in May 2021, although it was last updated on November 4th of that year.

O-Founders’ website is now an affiliate login form with connections to OnPassive’s social media accounts:

Aside from that, Mufareh and the guys continue to promise a “never quite there” debut.

Ringleader Mike Ellis brags about “the global premiere of OnPassive” in a video posted to his OnPassive Nation YouTube page on January 25th.

[00:08] And the timelines are growing shorter, shorter, shorter right now.

[1:27] This is a really exciting time for OnPassive – and for what we’ll be doing as founding members.

This pitch hasn’t altered much in the last four years.

According to Alexa, the majority of traffic to O-Founders’ website comes from the United States (29 percent), India (29 percent), and Canada (29 percent) (7 percent ).

India (53 percent), the United States (24 percent), and Bangladesh are the top three countries that visit OnPassive’s website (8 percent ).

These fraudsters are recruiting OnPassive and O-Founders victims as of January 2022:

The list was compiled by The Recovering Hunt, who has spent the last few months immersed in OnPassive.

The latest video from The Recovering Hunbot has footage from an OnPassive “founder’s only roundtable.”

Despite owning and controlling the firm, Mufareh is listed on the webinar as a “special guest.”

Here’s Mufareh’s take on OnPassive’s current state as of January 31st, approaching three and a half years of delays:

[16:02] Okay, where are we at this point in the journey?

Better than we had anticipated. We didn’t realize how high it was. We were surprised by how quickly and how quickly we were surprised by how quickly we were surprised by how quickly we were surprised by how quickly we were surprised by

Mufareh goes on and on about why OnPassive hasn’t yet launched. It’s an excellent example of talking for a long time without saying anything.

Mufareh said crypto trading and mining was a new feature of OnPassive that I hadn’t heard of before.

In April 2021, Mufareh began selling GOF tokens to OnPassive affiliates. After BehindMLM reported on the plan, he promptly abandoned it.

Re-adding crypto to OnPassive will most likely postpone things for another year or two.

Mufareh is thought to have amassed millions in membership fees from GoFounders, OnPassive, and O-Founders.

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