Beware of Mined – Review

The Central Bank of Uruguay has issued a securities fraud notice to Mined (BCU).

Uruguay’s leading financial regulator is the BCU.

According to the BCA’s warning issued on June 13th,

The company is known as Academia “MINED” or “MINED Academy,” which offers its services through networks, is not registered with the Uruguayan Central Bank, and does not even have permission to function from the Financial Services Superintendence.

In other countries, this is the equivalent of a securities fraud warning.

Mined Academy is a subsidiary of the Mined MLM firm.

Daniel Cueva Rodriguez started Mined in the middle of 2021. Mined Academy offers forex instruction in conjunction with a pyramid recruiting.

Mined Academy is based on Rodriguez’s prior venture, IM Mastery Academy.

I didn’t find anything that may be considered securities fraud when examining Mining Academy. The Central Bank’s warning might be based on questionable income claims made by Mining Academy to advertise itself.

Securities fraud alerts are frequently seen about MLM Ponzi schemes. The laws governing investments might range somewhat from one country to the next.

Mexico (40 percent), Peru (22 percent), Argentina (13 percent), and El Salvador are the major sources of traffic to Mined Academy’s website, according to SimilarWeb (6 percent ).

Mined Academy isn’t registered with any of these nations’ financial regulators.

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