Beware of DagCoin – Review

The debut of DagCoin’s Success Factory in the United States has been revealed.

Here’s what we know thus far…

Kevin Mullens’ “Success Factory USA” promotional material was our source for this piece.

Mullens appears to have begun his multilevel marketing career with Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. Mullens met Trey Knight there.

In 2013, the FTC shut down FTHM, stating that it was a pyramid scam.

Mullens went on to promote Zija after FTHM. As of 2019, Mullens was still advertising Zija.

Mullens reunited with Trey Knight in late 2020 to promote his new CBD firm, Navan Global.

Knight was charged with wire fraud in mid-2021, bringing Navan Global to a standstill.

Mullens is thought to have joined DagCoin following that.

Mullens has kept his role in the Ponzi scam discreet, presumably anticipating the debut of Success Factory USA.

According to advertising materials supplied by BehindMLM from Success Factory USA;

Kevin is acquainted with the CEO of the Alpharetta, Georgia-based USA office.

The headquarters of the company are in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Kevin worked as a consultant for around a year and a half. Business is presently conducted in 180 nations, but never in the United States.

Igor Alberts (right), a former OneCoin top earner, is the CEO of Success Factory in the Netherlands.

The CEO of Success Factory USA, who is probably situated in the United States, has yet to be revealed.

Dagcoin is accused of soliciting $270 million in investment through Success Factory last year. This is an increase from the $220 million budgeted for 2020.

The United States is now in pre-launch mode, with a debut date set for February. In March, the game will have a hard launch in the United States.

Only 25 persons were in the system for the USA pre-launch two days before Kevin phoned me.

The promise of controlling three salary jobs entices US people to join Success Factory.

Joining as an Affiliate costs $50, with a monthly fee of $79 for one Business Center.

Joining as an Affiliate costs $125 upfront, then $79 per month for three business centers.

A Referral Code is used to sign up.

If they have MLM expertise and want to grow a team, I strongly advise them to ADD an extra revenue center, making it three instead of one.

This also binds them to the firm in March, when it goes live.

Instead of $50, they’ve agreed to $125. The Affiliate Fee for 1 Income Center is $50. The cost of three Income Centers is $125.

Of course, this is typical of a pyramid scam, which Success Factory is.

Factory of Success The Ponzi’s promotion relies primarily on BusinessForHome, which gave it an AAA+ rating.

Because of the ‘high assurance that the net advantage the business opportunity offers is large for a distributor,’ Business For Home has given Success Factory the highest grade, AAA+.

This ranking demonstrates that we are on course to achieve one of our most ambitious goals: to be fundamentally among the top ten most successful direct selling firms in the world.

Ted Nuyten is the owner of BusinessForHome.

For years, Nuyten has admired Igor Alberts’ Ponzi schemes.

Nuyten used to feature in OneCoin promotional videos as part of BusinessForHome’s marketing concept.

Following the disappearance of entrepreneur Ruja Ignatova in late 2017, BusinessForHome secretly discontinued the OneCoin program.

In essence, the OneCoin/OneLife coverage provided by BusinessForHome…

again and Success Factory has taken its position.

OneCoin, DagCoin, Igor Alberts, BusinessForHome, and Ted Nuyten’s actual business link has never been revealed.

It’s also unknown how much Nuyten was paid to promote OneCoin and DagCoin over the years.

Executives from OneCoin have been charged in the United States. They have either been found guilty or have pleaded guilty, and they are currently awaiting punishment.

Top OneCoin net-winners, such as Igor Alberts, and business associates, such as Ted Nuyten, have gone unpunished.

While it’s doubtful that either will visit the United States to promote again, the fact that DagCoin is seeking investment from US people – while OneCoin’s sentencing dates are still pending – is an interesting development.

Success Factory USA is likely to be revealed at Dagcoin’s forthcoming Dubai event this weekend.

Keep an eye on this space as we continue to follow DagCoin’s Success Factory Ponzi expansion into the United States.

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