Beware of OmegaPro – Review Part 5

Ponzi schemes sometimes attempt to gain credibility through association since they are unable to rely on the veracity of their fraudulent business concepts.

The fundamental concept is to link your fraud to individuals or businesses that appear trustworthy. To draw attention away from fraud, this is done.

The phrase “but surely X wouldn’t be involved if Y was a hoax” is also used in marketing.

OmegaPro’s recent Global Convention was an excellent illustration of this.

Steven Seagal, a well-known advocate for MLM fraud, was present at OmegaPro’s event.

OmegaPro is located in Dubai if you’re wondering what’s going on with the Sheiks.

This is not a coincidence; there are benefits to working from the MLM fraud capital of the globe. Even more so if you make exceptions for the proper individuals.

Seagal doesn’t seem to be there for anything other than to impress OmegaPro investors.

Or, in the words of OmegaPro, Seagal’s picture op “gave us even more enthusiasm to perform what we do best.”

The third MLM Ponzi scam in which Seagal has become involved is OmegaPro.

As a brand ambassador for the Bitcoin Ponzi scam in 2018, Seagal made an appearance.

Last year, US authorities brought criminal charges against the creator of Bitcoin. 2020 saw Seagal pay $330,448 to resolve SEC-filed allegations of Bitcoin fraud.

Seagal appeared to endorse Skyway Capital a year after he represented Bitcoin.

Among other things, Seagal ranted about Illuminati aliens during his participation in a Skyway Capital promotional video.

A well-established MLM Ponzi scam in Russia is called Skyway Capital.

Eric Worre is another person at OmegaPro’s event who ought to be smarter.

Worre came up on stage and delivered an “inspiring lecture on Network Marketing,” in contrast to Seagal’s apathetic demeanor.

He exhorted us to use more force and gave us advice on how to be successful in this industry.

Network Marketing Pro is administered by Worre.

Network Marketing Pro has been improving the caliber of the network marketing industry for more than ten years.

We’re not sure how speaking at Ponzi scheme gatherings in governments that encourage scams fits into that story.

At BehindMLM, we constantly discredit efforts at legitimacy through associations. Who you pay to appear everywhere doesn’t matter if your business strategy is fundamentally flawed.

OmegaPro is a straightforward “crypto trading” Ponzi scam with a 200 percent ROI. Co-owners Andreas Szakacs, Mike Sims, and Dilawar Singh are in charge of running the con.

In Colombia, Spain, France, Peru, Belgium, and Chile, regulatory fraud alerts have been issued against OmegaPro.

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