Beware of Hyperverse – Review Part 2

As part of continuous efforts to lower withdrawal liability, Hyperverse has enabled dogecoin pools.

On January 27, Hyperverse added its first dogecoin pool. Investors in the Hyperverse can use the pool to trade HVT for a stake in 4 million DOGE.

The pool has 487,664 HVT as of yesterday. The price of DOGE is 14.2 cents at the moment.

As a result, each HVT share costs $1.17.

The current market price for HVT is $6.88. As a result, Hyperverse’s HVT withdrawal obligation is reduced by 82.9%.

Investors in the Hyperverse are prepared to accept any price for their HVT because withdrawal limitations have continued following HyperFund’s demise in December.

By providing comparable withdrawal liability reductions in BTC, penalizing investors who don’t recruit with non-withdrawable GNX tokens or outright prohibiting withdrawals, Hyperverse has taken advantage of this desperation.

Hello User

Account notice of risk

Abnormality makes up your account asset! HyperVerse has halted your bonus income payments and temporarily restricted the transfer and withdrawal of funds due to the possibility of number theft.

To continue your regular capital transactions and ensure fund security, please complete the identity authentication as soon as you can.

This halts the back office’s daily monopoly money ROI accrual as well as withdrawals.

Last year, the proprietors of Hyperverse, Ryan Xu and Sam Lee, escaped to Dubai. They haven’t been seen in months and are on the run from Australian liquidators.

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