Beware of OneCoin – Review Part 3

The former recruiting director for OneCoin in Uganda has been detained.

On January 30, John Mwambusya was taken into custody by the Criminal Investigations Department.

Mwambusya is charged with robbing more than a thousand Ugandans of $850,000.

Mwambusya (right) allegedly used Crypto Bridge African Limited to manage his OneCoin company, according to Ugandan officials.

It looks that Mwambusya, also known as Mwangutsya, joined OneCoin in late 2017, around the time creator Ruja Ignatova vanished.

Prior to their disappearance in 2020, Mwangutsya and a group of OneLife “leaders” pushed OneCoin throughout Uganda.

Mwambusya was about to flee to the neighboring country of Rwanda when the CID caught up with him and detained him.

according to The Observer;

To aid in Mwangutsya’s prosecution for acquiring money under pretense, police are now pleading with the victims of this alleged fraud to come forward and provide their testimony to the CID headquarters.

Even though the police want to bring charges against the main suspect, Twine adds that it will be challenging for the investigators to retrieve the vast quantities of money that were stolen two years ago.

Following investor concerns submitted in May 2020, it appears that Ugandan authorities have started looking into OneCoin and Mwambusya.

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