Beware of Zallevo – Review

Zallevo is an MLM company that specializes in nutritional supplements. On its website, the business lists its corporate address as being in Utah.

On its website, Zallevo doesn’t disclose any ownership or business details. You must consult the Zallevo’s marketing materials to learn such information.

This discloses that the founder and CEO of Zallevo is listed as Brandon Broadwater.

Broadwater promotes himself on Twitter as

creator of the MPW Movement, HealthSync Global, a multi-billion dollar real estate firm, and more than a dozen other prosperous endeavors.

In September 2020, HealthSync Global changed their name to Zallevo.

Founder and CEO Brandon Broadwater declared, “We’ve done something we can all be proud of.”

People at Zallevo “will experience results with our cutting-edge formulations, discover a fulfilling business opportunity, develop their legacy, and become a part of a purpose-driven community that is achieving something greater than themselves,” the company’s website states.

I was unable to locate a specific justification for HealthSync Global’s rebranding.

Broadwater states on LinkedIn that HealthSync Global was launched in January 2015.

In May 2019, the business staged a “Global Official Launch.” Uncertain about the narrative there.

Prior to 2015, Broadwater doesn’t seem to have left a trace online.

For a thorough analysis of Zallevo’s MLM potential, keep reading.

Products by Zallevo

Zallevo sells a variety of dietary supplements with a focus on fitness and wellness.

Collagen 300 costs $109.95 for a 4.23 oz bag and “helps skin, hair, and nails through collagen and elastin production but supports joints, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage” (120g)

A 33.33 oz package of Ultra 30 Whey (Chocolate, Vanilla), which is described as “grass-Fed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate,” costs $67.95. (945 g)

A 34.92 oz packet of Ultra 30 Plant (Chocolate, Vanilla), a “plant-based full spectrum meal,” costs $67.95 at retail (990 g)

A 3.9-ounce packet of vibe, an “all-natural energy boost,” costs $42.95 at retail (111 g)

Burn Mode, which promises to help “strong weight reduction and cell regeneration,” costs $45.95 for a 3.9-ounce bag (111 g)

Fortitude 85 costs $51.95 for 120 vegetable capsules and bills itself as “a natural and effective approach to enhance your body’s capacity to manage physical, emotional, and environmental stress.”

Give your gut what it needs to thrive with Biome Sync Daily, which costs $63.95 for a container of 30 pills.

Give your body what it needs to flourish with Biome Sync Trim, which has a suggested retail price of $74.95 for a bottle of 30 capsules.

For an extra $14.95, a Zallevo shaker bottle is offered.

Additionally, Zallevo groups its items into “collections”:

These are priced from $230 to $1200.

Compensation Schedule for Zallevo

Retail customer autos commissions are emphasized in Zallevo’s pay strategy.

Additionally, base retail commissions are paid out, and a uni-level team determines residual commissions.

There are also accessible additional performance- and rank-based incentives.

Zallevo Affiliate Ranks

Within Zallevo’s pay structure, there are twelve affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualifying standards:

Mentor: Join Zallevo as an affiliate, producing and maintaining 200 PV and 500 GV each month (max 250 GV from any one uni-level leg)

Create and maintain 300 PV and 800 GV each month with Premier Mentor (max 400 GV from any one uni-level leg)

Elite Mentor: 400 PV and 1200 GV per month generated and maintained (max 600 GV from any one uni-level leg)

Silver Leader: 500 PV and 2000 GV every month (maximum of 1000 GV from any one uni-level leg), and two Mentors must be hired and maintained.

Maintain 500 PV each month, create and maintain 3500 GV each month (maximum of 1750 GV from any one uni-level leg), and hire and retain two Elite Mentors to qualify as a Gold Leader.

Maintain 500 PV per month, produce and maintain 7000 GV per month (maximum 3500 GV from any one uni-level leg), and retain two Silver Leaders to become a Platinum Leader.

Maintaining 500 PV per month, producing and maintaining 15,000 GV per month (maximum of 7500 GV from any one uni-level leg), and maintaining three Gold Leaders are the requirements for Servant Leader 1 Star.

Maintaining 500 PV per month, 30,000 GV each month (maximum 15,000 GV from any one uni-level leg), and maintaining two Gold Leaders and one Platinum Leader are all requirements for the rank of Servant Leader 2 Star.

Servant Leader Maintaining a 3 Star status requires 500 PV per month, 60,000 GV per month (with a maximum of 30,000 GV from any one uni-level leg), and the recruitment and maintenance of three Platinum Leaders.

Maintaining 500 PV every month, producing 120,000 GV per month (with a maximum of 60,000 GV from any one uni-level leg), and hiring and keeping three Platinum leaders and one Servant Leader are all requirements for the rank of Servant Leader 4 Star. 1 Star

Maintain 500 PV per month, generate and maintain 240,000 GV per month (max 120,000 GV from any one uni-level leg), and hire and keep two Servant Leader 2 Stars and three Platinum Leaders. Valiant Servant Leader maintains 500 PV per month, generates and maintains 600,000 GV per month (max 300,000 GV from any one uni-level leg), and hires and keeps two Servant Leader 3 Stars and three Platinum Leaders.

Personal Volume is abbreviated as PV. PV stands for “sales volume,” which includes both affiliate purchases and retail buys.

Group Volume is referred to as GV. PV is produced by an affiliate and their downline is known as GV.

Commissions for Retail

On both single orders and auto ships, Zallevo pays retail commissions.

According to rank, single order retail commissions range from 4 to 10 percent:

Mentors are paid a retail single-order commission rate of 4%.

Premier Mentors get a retail single-order commission rate of 6%.

Elite Mentors get a retail single-order commission rate of 8%.

Retail single-order commission for Silver Leaders is set at 9%.

Retail single-order commission rates are 10% for Gold Leaders and higher.

Depending on the overall monthly retail autoship volume, retail auto-ship orders are paid between 10 and 25 percent:

Produce 200 PV in monthly retail autoship volume and earn a 10% commission on that volume. Produce 500 PV in monthly retail autoship volume and earn a 15% commission on that volume. Produce 1000 PV in monthly retail autoship volume and earn a 20% commission on that volume. Produce 1500 PV in monthly retail autoship volume and earn a 25% commission on that volume.

Recurring Commissions

Zallevo uses a uni-level compensation system to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is put at the head of a unilevel team in a unilevel pay system, and each affiliate they recruited is positioned immediately under them (level 1):

New affiliates brought on by any level 1 affiliates are added to the original affiliate’s unilevel team at level 2.

If any level 2 affiliates bring on new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on down a theoretically endless number of levels.

Zallevo sets a limit of seven paying uni-level team levels.

Based on rank, residual commissions are paid on the sales volume produced throughout these seven levels:

On level 1, mentors are paid 4%. (personally recruited affiliates)

Premier Mentors earn 6 percent on level 1

Elite Mentors are paid 8% at level 1 and 3% at level 2.

Silver Leaders are paid 9% at level 1 and 4% at level 2.

Level 1 Gold Leaders earn 10%, Level 2 Gold Leaders earn 5%, and Level 3 Gold Leaders earn 3%.

Platinum Leaders are paid 10% on level 1, 70% on level 2, 40% on level 3, and 20% on level 4.

Earnings for Servant Leader 1 Stars are 10% on level 1, 7% on level 2, 5% on level 3, 3% on level 4, and 2% on level 5.

Earnings for Servant Leader 2 Stars are 10% on Level 1, 70% on Level 2, 50% on Level 3, 40% on Level 4, 30% on Level 5, and 20% on Level 6.

Earnings for Servant Leaders with three stars and above are as follows: 10% on level 1, 7% on level 2, 5% on level 3, 4% on levels four and five, and 3% on levels six and seven.

Bonus Infinite

A Zallevo affiliate can earn money once their uni-level team reaches level 8 thanks to the Infinity Bonus.

A 0.5 percent Infinity Bonus is received for Servant Leader 4 Stars.

A 0.75 percent Infinity Bonus is awarded to Servant Leader 5 Stars.

A 1% Infinity Bonus is given to valiant servant leaders.

On all unilevel team sales volume produced at level 8 and higher, the Infinity Bonus is awarded.

Instant Bonus

The Fast Start Bonus adds an extra 10% to the first purchases placed by affiliates that have been signed up and newly recommended retail autoship clients.

The Fast Start Bonus is based on qualified sales volume produced by the Unilever team’s levels 1 and 2.

Examine Match Bonus

The Check Match Benefit is a generational bonus that is given as a portion of both the Infinity and Fast Start Bonuses and residual commissions.

When a Platinum Leader or above is detected in the leg, Zallevo defines a generation inside the Unilever team.

The first generation for that leg comes to a close with this rated affiliate, and the second generation starts right after.

They stop the second generation for that leg if a second Platinum Leader is discovered farther down the leg. After them, the third generation starts.

In the absence of such an affiliate, the second generation extends the whole length of the leg.

The Check Match Bonus compensated a match on up to six generations every uni-level team leg using this generational structure:

Up to one generation per uni-level leg, Servant Leader 1 Stars are eligible for a 5% Check Match Bonus.

On up to two generations of each unilevel leg, Servant Leader 2 Stars receive a 10% Check Match Bonus.

For up to three generations of each unilevel leg, Servant Leader 3 Stars receive a 12 percent Check Match Bonus.

On up to four generatioof ns each unilevel leg, Servant Leader 4 Stars receive a 14 percent Check Match Bonus.

Up to five generations each unilevel leg, Servant Leader 5 Stars receive a 15% Check Match Bonus.

Up to six generations per unilevel leg are eligible for a 15% Check Match Bonus for valiant servant leaders.

Fast-Tracking Bonus

A timed bonus with a rank component is the fast advancement bonus.

The month a new affiliate joins plus the next three months make up the Fast Advancement Bonus period.

An associate receives the one-time Fast Advancement Bonus shown below if they reach Mentor, Premier Mentor, or Elite Mentor within the time frame:

a $50 Fast Advancement Bonus at Mentor by meeting the requirements.

Note that a Zallevo associate is only paid on the highest Fast Advancement Bonus tier they qualify for. qualify at Premier Mentor and earn a $100 Fast Advancement Bonus qualify at Elite Mentor and receive a $200 Fast Advancement Bonus.

Arrival Bonus in Platinum

When an associate qualifies at Platinum Leader, they get a $500 Platinum Arrival Bonus.

The first affiliate who is a Platinum Leader or above is additionally rewarded a $500 upline.

Zallevo affiliate membership costs $39.95 per year to join.

Zallevo’s Decision

The name of the firm, HealthSync Global, isn’t very memorable.

I might be wrong, but it seems that Zallevo was chosen as the new name for HealthSync Global because it is more commercial.

Zallevo is described in its marketing materials as

is a combination of the Latin words “Allevo” and “Zenith,” which mean:

1. A person’s period of greatest influence and achievement.

2. To raise oneself; to improve; to elevate.

3. To help people reach their full potential.

This takes us to Zallevo’s weakest area: its goods. Whether Zallevo is any more fascinating than HealthSync Global is debatable.

Nothing truly caught my attention. You may get supplements for weight reduction, general health, and protein powder.

Brandon Broadwater quotes from Zallevo’s marketing materials as follows:

The master formulas from Zallevo are specially created to produce outstanding outcomes.

But is it sufficient to convince me to just buy from Zallevo?

The markets for protein powder and dietary supplements are fiercely competitive. A bland product, in my opinion, is insufficient. You need to have a competitive advantage, whether it be in pricing or the formulation itself.

And with Zallevo, I don’t see that when it comes to the items.

Speaking to Broadwater, it would be a good idea to include company information on Zallevo’s website. Make this information easier to find; Zallevo’s off-site marketing materials are doing too much of the work.

Moving on to the pay structure, Zallevo emphasizes retail autoship volume while not having any limitations for retail volume.

Although you must meet certain requirements, the residual 30% incentive on retail autoship volume is nice.

Additionally, Zallevo supports retail autoship with product credits that are intended to be applied to an affiliate’s auto-ship order:

Get Three Qualified VIPs and Receive Free Products! You get up to $150 in Monthly Product Credit.

Within two months of the month in which the credit was earned, Three & Free must be redeemed as a product credit.

I did notice a peculiarity in Zallevo’s concept of PV.

Personal Volume (PV) is the number of personal purchases made by a Wellness Partner during a commission month.

This implies that retail volume (apart from autoship) is irrelevant. If true, that’d be unfortunate.

Zallevo refers to retail autoship as “VIP Volume,” which I have chosen to disregard to make things straightforward. Although it is part of the rank qualifying requirements, I have merely clubbed it with PV.

Zallevo’s minimum monthly demand of 200 PV is a little high. And each rank merely rises as a result.

The good news is that Zallevo affiliates can readily determine how their potential upline is conducting their firm because of the high PV criteria.

At 200 PV You would need 200 PV or at least 100 PV in monthly retail volume to get things going.

It would be considered a pyramid scam if your potential Zallevo affiliate only recruited people who purchased 200 PV of product each month.

In light of this, I believe that Zallevo’s bundle packs should also be improved.

You are capable of achieving your health objectives. Sharing it with a companion will make it more enjoyable.

Everything you and your partner will need to improve your Zallevo experience and accomplish your shared objectives is included in the Ultimate Duo Collection.

The $1200 pack is the Ultimate Duo Collection.

Nobody has the right to purchase $1200 worth of vitamins all at once, not even for two individuals.

I would advise evaluating what is available if you are interested in Zallevo’s products. both in terms of the cost and the components.

To get a sense of Zallevo’s items as an affiliate (as a retail consumer), consider purchasing one of the more affordable collections. Then, decide where to go from there.

It doesn’t cost much to become a Zallevo associate but beware of pressure to buy one of the more costly collection packages.

Lucky you!

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