Beware of Bob Shaffer – Review

A reader who had information on a business opportunity offered by Bob Schafer contacted me earlier this month.

Updated on April 6, 2022, Schafer also goes by the name “Bob Shaffer,” a reader informed me in the comments.

Bob Shaffer and his wife Jan operate their con out of a little house in rural New York.

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In March 2019, a proposal for the unnamed project was published on YouTube.

My study revealed that Schafer’s method has been promoted since at least 2018.

Schafer’s plan has several titles to elude authorities and stay hidden.

Here are a few of the names I discovered being used over time:

Leveraged Innovative System

Code 15K Money 10K Wealth

Bob’s 3D Wealth Machine Delivers High-Profit Cashflow As 7K Money Prospers

Warrior to Riches

Large Income System

Established Passive Business

Year’s First Abundance

Quick Start Side Business

There are undoubtedly more.

The reason there are so many names is that Schafer switches them out occasionally. Additionally, recruits come up with names to use in marketing the program.

The key players in Schafer’s plan are:

Coach Bob Oscar Christian Kinney is also known as Bob Schafer, Coach Christian Marc Wilson, and “The Army Dude.”

The four levels at which people can join Bob Schafer’s pyramid scheme are as follows:

$3000 for gold plus a $247 admin fee

Platinum: $7000 plus a $447 admin charge.

$14,00 for a diamond plus a $647 admin cost

Ultra Royal: $21,000 plus an $847 administrative charge

Each buy-in comes with free access to a digital product library.

The following commissions are awarded for each buy-in tier:

Earn $1500 for bringing in a Gold-rank affiliate.

Earn $3500 for bringing in a Platinum rank affiliate.

get $7000 for bringing in a Diamond rank affiliate.

Earn $10,500 for bringing in an Ultra Royal tier affiliate.

The caveat is that you may only advance to the tier that you purchased.

For instance, suppose you join Platinum and find an affiliate at Ultra Royal.

You receive up to $3500 in commission from the Platinum tier. Upline receives the $7000 that is left.

The remaining $7000 is then paid to a Diamond or Ultra Royal grade affiliate via the system.

The first upline Ultra Royal will receive $3500 if a Diamond is discovered first ($7000 less the $3500 given to you).

If an Ultra Royal is discovered, the remaining $7000 is paid in full.

When an associate on the Ultra Royal tier gets compensated, nothing is ever passed up.

The nameless pyramid scheme by Bob Schafer is an MLM opportunity because of its pass-up element.

I’ve witnessed promotions when new hires are “upgraded” by one tier from the level they join at.

Additionally, I’ve seen new hires in the Ultra Royal category offered a commission that is 25% greater than the industry average of 50%.

For example, you would receive $5250 for a Platinum class hire rather than $3500.

Participants in Schafer’s program send buy-in money to one another based on promotional films.

The business opportunity offered by Bob Schafer is ultimately a pyramid scam.

Retail clients are not targeted for sales or marketing. Paying a buy-in fee entitles you to earnings from both direct and indirect recruitment.

As with many MLM pyramid scams, as recruiting slows down, commissions, both direct and pass-up commissions, will as well.

It will be over once enough people quit promoting.

In pyramid scams, it is mathematically certain that most participants lose money.

Bob Schafer and those who invested early are the ones who profit.

In addition to pass-ups to their positions at the top of the pyramid, they also get admin fees and a minimum 25 percent share of all buy-ins.

This occurs at the cost of every other subscriber.

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