Beware of Futures Trade – Review Part 2

Following the publication of BehindMLM’s Futures Trade review, we got a tip concerning CEO Dylan Carnell.

Carnell’s Facebook account sparked my doubts. Although it was just released, the content is minimal and dates back to 2015.

This is characteristic of an account that was nuked or purchased and used for another reason.

Given that Futures Trade only started operations in the latter half of 2021, the account’s name, “DylanFutures,” is also puzzling.

Dylan Carnell has no other online presence save marketing for the futures trade.

It turns out that my original assumptions were correct. Daniel Clayton is Dylan Carnell’s real name, BehindMLM has learned today.

The majority of Clayton’s web profile was erased before he started Futures Trade. He erased even more after learning about our critique.

The supporting documentation listed below was current at the time of publishing. I fully anticipate Clayton to go on another delete frenzy and erase anything he can.

I took screenshots of the most important information. After publishing, the remaining evidence is considered academic. If anything, Clayton’s removal of the cited evidence solidifies his reputation.

Daniel Clayton’s online presence got its start with a Modern Warfare 2 quick scoping YouTube career.

Originally going by “TheCod4Noobs,” Clayton:

I think the year on the profile picture is 2011 or before.

Since then, the “TheCod4Noobs” channel has changed its name to “Binpit420.” Since he’s a young kid with few resources, most of Clayton’s films are merely gaming in their most basic form.

But we can hear Daniel Clayton, Binpit420, and TheCod4Noobs’ voices in two giveaway videos.

On December 7th, 2012, the first video was posted online. On December 11th, 2012, the second video was posted online.

Although I’m not sure exactly when the “TheCod4Noobs” YouTube profile picture was shot, Clayton was your typical adolescent in 2013:

In 2016, Clayton stopped using TheCod4Noobs’ Twitter account. However, it’s still accessible and provide their the following snapshot:

It’s important to remember Clayton’s gaming roots since they provide light on his present gamer bro situation as Dylan Carnell.

It’s not a coincidence that Clayton appears in Futures Trade videos with a Twitch streaming feel.

Unsurprisingly, the Futures Trade video where Clayton exchanged his gaming equipment for a shirt and jacket was removed 24 to 48 hours ago.

About Clayton’s “Binpit420” pseudonym, we discover a Reddit account that was made in February 2020 that matches.

We infer from that that Clayton first became involved in cryptocurrency through mining around 2019 or 2020.

Clayton’s many shitcoin exploits over the following several years weren’t all that successful. Clayton was listed as an IT employee on a now-deleted LinkedIn page as of January 2021:

I mentioned in BehindMLM that Carnell appeared to have departed the UK for Bali, Indonesia, based on his social media activity.

This seems to be an attempt at deception. Although Clayton is in the pictures, they now seem to be from a prior excursion.

Currently, Clayton is firmly located in the UK:

As news of BehindMLM’s Futures Trade review and Dylan Carnell’s non-existence yesterday circulated Clayton, I quickly got three emails:

Without payment or another inducement, BehindMLM does not remove content. I may have responded in that way, but I decided that my reaction would be included in this essay today.

All of this adds up to a player who started mining cryptocurrencies around 2019 or 2020. There is no doubt as to what Daniel Clayton did in addition to mining.

I would argue that he earned some money trading. This should have been simple given that the price of the cryptocurrency has mostly “number gone up” during the previous several years.

At the end of 2021, Clayton contemplated starting his crypto trading Ponzi after likely losing money in one or more MLM crypto Ponzis.

The Futures Trade was introduced. “Numbers increasing. daily 3 percent. I am capable of doing this.

Afterward, the cryptocurrency saw a sharp decline.

Currently, a mainly illiterate crypto bro is holding onto a large sum of money from unsuspecting investors while waiting for the “number to go up” once more.

Daniel, does it seem about right?

Update #2: On January 24, 2022, Daniel Clayton, the proprietor of Futures Trade, pulled out a massive five-part exit fraud that caused the business to fail.

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