Beware of Generation Zoe – Review Part 3

On its website, Generation Zoe makes no mention of the company’s owners or executives.

The business describes itself as a “Spanish-speaking platform.” According to the project’s website footer, Fidubit in Colombia “invented” Generation Zoe.

It appears that Fidubit SAS is a Colombian corporation.

Dun & Bradstreet reports that Fidubit

is a company that belongs to the Computer Systems Design and Related Services Industry and is based in MEDELLIN, Antioquia, Colombia. In all, FIDUBIT S A S has 3 workers.

Jhooana Tatiana Carvajal Muneton and Adrian Herrera Villota are in charge of Fidubit, which indirectly governs Generation Zoe.

The only information I could discover on these people was on Villota’s defunct Facebook page (right).

Villota seems to have dabbled in independent marketing before joining Fidubit.

Numerous South American agencies have taken notice of Generation Zoe on the regulatory front.

According to Press Coaching, raids on securities fraud have occurred in Paraguay. Generation Zoe is regarded by the National Securities Commission as a “pyramid fraud.”

Authorities in Argentina have also issued a warning on the Generation Zoe securities scam.

I discovered a 24 Hours World story on Generation Zoe’s regulatory issues after reading about it there. Leonardo Cositorto is credited as the organization’s creator.

Cositorto appears to have been promoting himself as a qualified coach before Generation Zoe.

I was unable to determine Cositorto’s MLM background.

Cositoro said that Generation Zoe is completely lawful because it is a private investment in reaction to South American officials’ crackdown on the company.

This is nonsense. It is not private; anybody may join up to become a Generation Zoe associate.

Cositoro also uses the tired argument that because we haven’t crashed yet, we are not a pyramid scheme.

I believe that Generation Zoe is the subject of current regulatory investigations.

Always consider joining and/or giving any money to an MLM firm very carefully if it is not transparent about who owns or runs it.

Creations of Generation Zoe

There are no resaleable goods or services offered by Generation Zoe.

Only the Generation Zoe affiliate membership itself is available for marketing by affiliates.

Compensation Plan for Generation Zoe

The pay information for Generation Zoe is not disclosed on their website.

The analysis that follows was done together using a Spanish-language official Generation Zoe presentation.

Despite the listed Ethereum prices, Generation Zoe has subsequently switched to Tron and Zoe Cash (discussed in the review conclusion below).

Three three-tier two-by-three matrix cyclers are used by Generation Zoe.

Affiliates buy 0.1 ETH cycler positions with an expected 3.94 ETH return.

A 23 cycler inserts two spots immediately beneath an affiliate at the top of a matrix:

The matrix’s initial level is made up of these two locations. By dividing these initial two slots into two more positions each, the second level is produced (four positions).

The third level of the matrix, which has eight positions, is produced in the same way.

Each matrix’s positions are filled by direct and indirect investments totaling 0.1 ETH. These may be from affiliates of Generation Zoe who has been directly or indirectly recruited.

The following are specific payments made during the first cycle of Generation Zoe:

When all fourteen jobs are filled, Tier 1 invests 0.1 ETH in a position and receives 0.12 ETH. Tier 1 also cycles into Tier 2, which receives 0.46 ETH when all fourteen positions are filled, and Tier 3, which receives 0.36 ETH and creates a new Tier 3 post.

For the second and third cycles of Generation Zoe, I just have the overall ROI paid; I don’t have specific tier payouts:

The second cycler of Generation Zoe pays out 39.4 ETH across three levels for a 1 ETH investment.

The third cycle of Generation Zoe involves an investment of 10 ETH and pays off 394 ETH across three stages.

Be aware that all withdrawal requests from Generation Zoe are subject to a 30 percent fee.

affiliating with Zoe Cash Generation The Zoe affiliate program looks to be cost-free.

A least 0.1 ETH cycler stake must be purchased to participate in full in the associated revenue opportunity.

Unknown quantities are equivalent in Tron and Zoe Cash.

Generation Zoe Summary

A straightforward smart-contract Ponzi scam targeting South Americans is called Generation Zoe.

In 2020, Generation Zoe was introduced as an Ethereum Ponzi scam. At some time, it crashed and was restarted on the Tron blockchain.

Also appearing to have fallen apart, Zoe Cash is back for the third reboot.

We can independently confirm this thanks to the blockchain, which shows that the original Ethereum smart contract for Generation Zoe is presently balanced at 0.

The balance of the Tron smart contract owned by Generation Zoe is 4,649.159569 TRX, which is now worth roughly $257.

April 2021 saw the debut of Zoe Cash.

A BEP20 BSC token called Zoe Cash may be created at little to no cost and in around five minutes.

The fact that Leonardo Cositorto has total control over Generation Zoe’s ETH, TRX, and Zoe Cash reboots is the only distinction between them.

The return responsibility is essentially 0% up until withdrawals are completed because Zoe Cash was created out of thin air.

The BSC smart contract for Generation Zoe states that tracking ceased on December 18, 2021.

The public can exchange Zoe Cash. It reached a low of 12 cents on December 18 before progressively increasing over the next few weeks.

It’s hardly worthwhile to waste time attempting to understand what blockchain bro nonsense is going on, save from pointing out that this smacks of manipulation.

A straightforward smart-contract cycler Ponzi is Generation Zoe. Your cryptocurrency is lost if you haven’t removed it from the contract yet.

20th February 2022 update The offices of Generation Zoe have been searched by Argentine police.

Despite an international arrest warrant, Leonardo Cositorto is still at large.

Updated on March 15, 2022. In Colombia, Leonardo Cositorto showed up during a political gathering. He hasn’t been arrested yet by the authorities.

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