Beware of GSPartners – Review Part 3

GS Chain is one of the pieces of the new Meta Certificates Ponzi puzzle created by GSPartners.

GSPartners has been allocating LSC shares depending on affiliate investment amounts for some time. They are currently distributed as a recruiting reward.

The fact that GS Chain is a UK firm in and of itself says nothing noteworthy. Companies House regularly approves fraud.

On the other hand, GS Chain is also listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The trick Josip Heit used to trick the LSE into listing his shell business is noteworthy even if it is by no means proof of validity.

Nitsa Nakos, a Canadian GSPartners promoter, claims that GSPartners affiliates used to receive LSC shares based on how much money they invested.

In a recent adjustment, GSC shares are now distributed to affiliates depending on investor recruiting.

GS Chain was first formed under the name International Tech & Fintech PLC to avoid regulatory scrutiny. Josip Heit put out £1,049,900 to get things started. On paper, though, his hired stockholders paid for this.

A UK virtual office address was used to incorporate International Tech & Fintech PLC.

Through the same virtual address, Leon Filipovic (right) was named as the only Director of the business.

Filipovic is not just any Heit that was chosen at random.

From 2016 to 2018, he served as the CFO and head of compliance at IFLS Corporate Services Ltd. From 2018 to 2019, Mr. Filipovic was in charge of the Pameroy Group’s blockchain technology education program and the creation of trading software. He most recently served as BL Enceladus Ltd.’s chief of software development from 2019 to 2021.

The Pameroy Group and IFLS Corporate Services are experts at helping people obtain financial licenses in places where regulation is either nonexistent or extremely lenient.

The market leader in the globe for obtaining financial licenses is IFLS Corporate Services Ltd. Clients of IFLS often engage in asset management, forex, brokerage, payment services, cryptocurrency ICO launches, or hedge funds.

The fact that more than 700 financial companies have been successfully created over the past 15 years in places like Seychelles, Vanuatu, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Belize, Panama, and New Zealand should speak volumes about our expertise as compared to that of other service providers.

Comoros, Vanuatu, Marshall Islands, Republic of Georgia, Cook Islands, Seychelles, Belize, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines, Bahamas, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Gibraltar are among the countries where PAMEROY MANAGEMENT LTD conducts business.

With the words “IFLS Corporate Services Ltd: Register 99123” appearing on Pameroy Group’s website, there seems to be a connection between the two businesses.

According to Pameroy, the company “focuses on the European market, particularly the German-speaking countries.” Josip Heit, who is actually from Croatia, spent several years living in Germany before moving to Dubai last year.

Particularly intriguing is Pameroy’s establishment of dummy corporations in Comoros. A fake Mwali banking license held by Gold Standard Bank was documented by BehindMLM in the middle of 2021.

The Union of Comoros includes Mwali. Within the GSPartners Ponzi scam, the German shell business GSB Gold Standard Bank operates.

Pameroy also creates phony corporations in Kazakhstan for business owners looking to offer payment processing services like forex and cryptocurrencies.

An October 2020 news release with the headline “G999: Josip Heit and the GSB Gold Standard in the cosmos of the blockchain financial sector” ties everything together.

One of Germany’s top software, IT, and blockchain companies, GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG (GSB), has introduced a ground-breaking solution that makes cryptocurrency transactions considerably simpler and, most importantly, significantly faster.

The group of companies known as GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG is made up of GSB Gold Standard Pay KB (Sweden), GSB Gold Standard Bank Ltd. (Comoros Union), and GSB Gold Standard Pay Ltd. (Kazakhstan).

The last job listed for Filipovic was at BL Enceladus Ltd. Midway through 2021, they appear to have changed their names to “BL Group” and “BL Corporate Services.” is owned by BL Group and BL Corporate Services, and it offers “offshore financial licenses of every sort.”

Kazakhstan appears once more on the Financial Licenses page of the BL Group:

Perhaps the trend in Filipovic’s job history is starting to become apparent. It should be clear why Heit persuaded Filipovic to front the International Tech & Fintech PLC shell company.

Filipovic is a Croatian representative. There may be additional personal ties because Heit is also from Croatia.

On April 3rd, 2021, International Tech & Fintech PLC was established. International Tech & Fintech PLC swiftly acquired a legal entity identifier and business registration number.

Heit (presumably indirectly) enlisted the help of the UK company First Sentinel to keep his identity off the records.

First Sentinel’s website states

focuses on corporate law, business law, and corporate finance law for SMEs, pre-IPOs, and listed firms.

The ideas Josip Heit had for International Tech & Fintech PLC included that final clause.

The first item on the agenda was to rename International Tech & Fintech PLC to GS Chain PLC. A resolution passed on July 9th made it happen.

On July 14th, First Sentinel Advisory Limited was chosen to serve as PLC’s secretary.

On July 28, GS Chain PLC received a trade certificate.

After successfully establishing Heit’s shell business, Leon Filipovic resigned as Director and Secretary of GS&IB Fintech LTD on September 30 and 29, respectively.

Not that Filipovic cashed out and cut ties, though. He continued to serve as the chairman of GS Chain PLC, and, at least on paper, he holds 28.3 percent of the company’s shares.

Brendan Dominique Another 28.3 percent is owned by André Guerin, the COO of GS Chain. Guerin is a Director/Partner of the German front business GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG owned by Josip Heit.

I’ll quickly highlight Alan Austin, the newly hired CEO of GS Chain who is a US citizen.

Austin is an investor in GSPartners, which is not surprising:

Austin is a veteran Ponzi promoter from the Karatbars period of Harald Seiz:

Naturally, Josip Heit started his MLM crypto Ponzi fraud at Karatbars International.

Sanjay Nath, a Director/Partner in yet another of Josip Heit’s shell firms, GSB Gold Standard PLC, joins Austin on the executive board of GS Chain:

2.25 percent of the shares of GS Chain are owned by Nath (right). Each of Nath’s children owns 0.25 percent of the company.

GSPartners affiliates are allegedly given GS Chain shares as compensation for their investments, however, none of them are included in GS Chain’s financial reports.

UK accounting company Haysmacintyre LLP was the crew that approved of all of this garbage.

Shell business filings for GS Chain PLC ceased on December 19, 2021. We consult the prospectus of GS Chain for additional details.

Here is the front company for GS Chain;

The Company’s goals are to locate business prospects in the technology industry, do the appropriate due diligence, and then consummate an acquisition.

While the Directors will take into account a wide range of technology sectors, they will initially concentrate on those that they believe will offer the most opportunity, including the use of technologies in real estate, banking, finance, fintech, telecommunications, automotive, and blockchain industries.

But of course, being a shell corporation established only to commit securities fraud in support of GSParner’s Ponzi scam;

Other than for its intended listing, the Company has not yet started operating.

The Company does not currently operate any businesses and has not yet found a suitable candidate for an acquisition.

There are presently no plans, agreements, or understandings with any potential target companies or businesses about the acquisition and the company has no active businesses.

Without completing an Acquisition, the Company won’t make any money from operations.

That’s not likely to change until Heit has GS Chain “acquire” one of his other shell firms, or the other way around. The two companies GSPartners and Lydian World are the centers of the investment scam activity.

The trick was in place, and GS Chain submitted their application for a public listing with the London Stock Exchange being unaware.

On May 13, 2022, at 8:00 a.m., it is anticipated that the Admission will go into effect and that trading in Ordinary Shares will begin.

On the website of the London Stock Exchange, it is possible to verify that GS Chain shares were issued on May 13.

Funny enough, as of May 30th, the shares have increased from 3.63 GBP to 5.45 GBP without any commercial activities or income.

Funny enough, every share of GS Chain that was listed was traded “off-book.”

The following disclosures from GS Chain’s perspective are extremely important because the majority of GSPartners investors are US citizens and the firm gives top investors and now top recruits shares of GS Chain.

The US Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), the securities laws of any state or other US jurisdiction, as well as the relevant securities laws of Australia, Canada, Japan, or the Republic of South Africa, have not been and will not be used to register the Ordinary Shares.

Except in certain circumstances, the Ordinary Shares may not be offered, sold, resold, transferred, or distributed, directly or indirectly, within, into, in, or to, or for the account or benefit of, persons in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, the Republic of South Africa, or any other jurisdiction where such offer or sale would violate such jurisdiction’s applicable securities laws.

What use is it to say that if you’re going to go ahead and do the contrary, whether using virtual shares or another method?

Here are the most recent website data from SimilarWeb for the websites of GSPartners and Lydian World, respectively:

It is impossible for anyone from the US or South Africa to not possess shares of GS Chain. We’ll again depend on claims made by GS Partners promoter Nitsa Nakos a few weeks ago as there won’t be any direct paper evidence of that for the LSE to locate;

The members of GS Partners have the chance to obtain given shares as a result of the unique ties that Gold Standard Chain Company and GS Partners have (Editor: in that they are both owned by Josip Heit).

Now, in the initial wave, we were given shares to use for product acquisition (editor’s note: investment) and sales initiatives (Editor: recruiting investors).

Now that we are in the second wave and have officially gone public, we will be rewarded for our sales efforts with shares (Editor: recruiting investors).

Shares issued for the purchase of products won’t be issued anymore.

You just need to glance at GS Chain’s prospectus to see why Heit is making such an effort to conceal distributing GS Chain shares to US citizens, who, once more, make up the bulk of GSPartners affiliate investors;

The US Securities Exchange Commission, any state securities commission in the US, or any other US regulatory body has not authorized or disapproved the Ordinary Shares, and none of the aforementioned entities has commented on or endorsed this Document.

In the United States, it is illegal to make any claims to the contrary.

The UK authority in charge of assessing GS Chain’s listing application releases itself from any liability, as they frequently do with securities fraud.

It should be noted that the UK Listing Authority will not have the authority to (and will not) monitor the company’s compliance with any of the listing rules that the company has indicated in this document that it intends to follow voluntarily, nor will it be able to impose sanctions if the company fails to do so.

The FCA has authority…

However, where the statements about compliance in this document are misleading, false, or deceptive, the FCA would be able to impose sanctions for non-compliance.

However, most of them are hopeless. Heit had a rationale for using the UK to issue shares falsely.

As things stand, every single individual and business on this list is somehow involved in the scam being carried out by GSPartners, Lydian World, and GS Chain:

Whether in the UK or the US, an investigative authority will decide how complicit someone is. Heit resides mostly in Dubai where he operates GSPartners.

The world’s MLM crime capital in Dubai. There is virtually little likelihood that the authorities will take any action.

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