Beware of Acua Wellington – Review

Affiliates of Karatbars International reported receiving an email from AcuaWellington back in April.

The Karatbars group of firms’ “all receivables and obligations” had been “taken over,” according to AcuaWellington.

Further investigation suggests that Acura Wellington is probably a recovery fraud. nevertheless, not your standard fraud.

Here is the email AcuaWellington issued to Karatbars affiliates on April 28th, as provided by BehindMLM reader Noel;

Greetings, Sir or Madam.

As you may already be aware, we have assumed responsibility for the Karatbars group of companies’ debts and liabilities.

Our records indicate that you could have outstanding debts for a variety of services.

We respectfully request that you submit your claim through our website due to the unique nature of the business and the legal requirements.

To ensure that any disputes are resolved by the Know Your Client philosophy, kindly fill out all the sections. By May 15, 2022, your data should be received. Late contributions can be disqualified. Data protection applies to all information.

After May 15, 2022, we will contact you without your asking. Your information will be verified by standard banking procedures. You fully consent to this check by submitting your data.

Please be aware that English is the only language available for conversation.

Sincere regards

Risk Management by Acura Wellington

Acura Wellington’s requirement that affiliates provide personal information is one of the first obvious warning signs.

This is a portion of a more recent follow-up email that an affiliate got;

We are now working on the fundamental gathering of all claims and requests.

Please remember that the Know Your Client concept will be the sole criteria we use to handle data.

Those who choose not to take part in this system will permanently forfeit their claims.

The Facebook page for Karatbars International’s headquarters was deleted in late 2020.

The owner of Karatbars International, Harald Seiz, has kept his opinions on Acura Wellington private.

What about Aqua Wellington?

The website “” belongs to Acura Wellington. 2019 saw the initial registration of this domain. On January 23, 2022, the most recent incomplete registration was updated.

The present website went online sometime after the current proprietors, in my opinion, obtained ownership of the domain.

Acura Wellington’s “funds are among the most successful in the world” despite the company being just a few months old.

Naturally, no information about the ownership of the firm is given.

Acura Wellington does list its corporate address in New York City on its website. This relates to Acura Wellington’s claims about the SEC, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

The Wayback Machine reveals that Germans founded Acura Wellington;

Given that Harald Seiz is German and Karatbars International is/was a German corporation, this is noteworthy.

The SEC representations can be seen on Acura Wellington’s website as follows:

AcuaWellington is owned by investors. You own the funds that own AcuaWellington as an investor-owner.

The money market funds, bond funds, balanced funds, and stock funds all beat the average for their peer groups for the ten years that concluded on December 31, 2020. For various periods, the outcomes will differ. The comparison only included mutual funds and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) with a minimum 10-year track record.

AcuaWellingtons can buy businesses of any kind and float them at any moment without following the standard IPO procedure. AcuaWellington may also establish a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) for this purpose, which is governed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). With the use of a SPAC, money may be gathered to pay for a merger or acquisition within a given time limit.

A SPAC is a publicly listed business that is registered with the SEC, allowing the general public to purchase its stock before the merger or acquisition.

This is a bunch of financial jargon that has nothing to do with Karatbars International or Acura Wellington.

Our unique ownership structure, customer-focused culture, and adherence to ethical ideals all serve as indicators of our responsibility.

Ownership of AcuaWellington is divided between fund shareholders and its private funds.

The SEC has not issued an SEC registration to Acura Wellington. This is a warning sign for a corporation that claims to be established in the US and keeps talking about its shareholders.

Acura Wellington is simply a shitcoin refill Ponzi scam, with nothing to do with “private money” or shareholders.

AcuaCoin appears to be an ERC-20 garbage coin. These are inexpensive to set up and take a few minutes.

Acua Wellington claims that AcuaCoin is “hedged by exclusively business assets” and is tied to ethereum.

For obvious reasons, I have my doubts about a firm that is just a few months old and is being operated by unidentified individuals possessing many, if any, substantial corporate assets.

There isn’t currently a business opportunity connected to Acua Wellington. That will likely happen after they realize they have as many ID documents as they can acquire via KYC.

As mentioned above, Acua Wellington has established a deadline of July 15th for affiliates to provide ID papers to them.

In my opinion, Karatbars International was not auctioned off. Since KBC’s demise in 2019, Acua Wellington, who is of German descent, and Seiz have been working to launch a new Karatbars shitcoin.

Unknown individuals are behind the Karatbars Ponzi reload fraud known as Acua Wellington. Anyone providing identification documents to it is doing so to an unidentified third party because it is not headquartered in the United States.

The fact that Harald Seiz has disappeared and avoided speaking publicly about Acua Wellington actually tells it all. This is not how reputable companies conduct themselves.

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