Beware of Aufin – Review

The Aufin Ponzi scam failed just days after being featured on BehindMLM.

A statement of an Aufin Coin exit scam and an email pleading for further funding was followed by Austin’s demise.

Aufin was merely reviewed by BehindMLM on June 3rd, a few days ago. Early in May, the Ponzi scam got underway.

Affiliates can log in to Austin’s website as of the time of publishing.

The following maintenance statement, however, has blocked withdrawals and continues to do so:

Austin’s administrators immediately sent out an email to investors pleading for more funding after banning withdrawals.

Just before Aufin’s maintenance exit scam, the business unveiled plans for its token/coin, the Aufin Token/Coin (click to enlarge):

The current state of Aufin leaves room for a few potential future outcomes.

The simplest case is that Austin’s website goes down, in which case all is over, our condolences, etc.

In contrast, Aufin starts its Aufin Coin, launches it, and then engages in a shitcoin exit scam.

Withdrawals are now made using Aufin Coin, and affiliates are urged to buy some because of the moon.

Administrators cash out, Aufin Coin dumps, and we’re sorry for your loss. Aufin Coin gets sold on shady public markets.

The delay in maintenance may have been caused by a snag in adding Aufin Coin to the backend. Or maybe the recruiting wasn’t high enough to justify falling for the shitcoin exit scam.

Consider the possibility that Aufin and Metafi Yielders are connected due to the use of similar back-end wallets. Please take note that I have not independently confirmed this.

Recently, Metafi Yielders also failed. This may affect Austin’s decision to abandon its intended shitcoin exit scam.

By June 2022, according to Aufin, over 17,000 affiliate investors had contributed over $15 million. Remember that those are internal reports, so take them with a grain of salt and all that.

In the event of any new information, we’ll keep you informed.

11th June 2022 update The Central Bank of Russia’s impending warning about financial fraud is most likely what caused Aufin to fail.

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